The best museums in Paris

Our Guide to the unique museums in Paris

The Louvre is probably the most famous museum in the world. But the museum landscape of Paris has much more to offer! Whether you want to marvel at great art or experience history up close: We show you our ten favorite museums in Paris!

These are the best museums in Paris

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    Museum in Quartier Saint-Germain-l’Auxerrois
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    The Louvre is not only the third most visited sight in Paris, but also one of the world’s most frequented museums. Every day, more than 15,000 people crowd between the over 35,000 works of art on the 60,000 square metres of exhibition space. For most of them, the destination is clear: they follow the specially installed signposts directly to the most famous painting in the world: La Gioconda by Leonardo Da Vinci – better known as the Mona Lisa. In addition to the numerous works of art, the architecture of the Louvre itself is a real visual highlight. The large glass pyramids in the inner courtyard, the largest of which serves as the main entrance to the museum, are popular photo motifs with visitors from all over the world. So anyone who wants to visit the Louvre should definitely secure their tickets in advance.

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    Musée d'Orsay

    Museum in Quartier Saint-Thomas-d'Aquin
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    On the subject of „exceptional museums“ the Musée d’Orsay is of course not far away! Originally built as a railway station for the 1900 World’s Fair, the imposing hall now houses the largest collection of Impressionist art in the world. You can see sculptures, paintings and photographs by masters such as Monet and Renoir. But of course the building itself is also a real highlight and worth exploring anyway!

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    Centre Pompidou

    Museum in Quartier Saint-Merri
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    No, this building is not under (re)construction – it actually looks like it! Since 1977, the Centre Pompidou has polarized with its extravagant appearance. The highlight: the architects relocated essential parts of the building’s technology, such as the girder construction, pipes and escalators, to the facade! Mocked at first, the Centre Pompidou quickly became a magnet for visitors – and is now considered a showcase example for any budding architect. In keeping with its modern façade, the main attraction at the Centre Pompidou is Europe’s largest contemporary art museum. But the building also houses a cinema, theater and some stores. Translated with (free version)

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    Musée de l'Orangerie

    Museum in Quartier Saint-Germain-l’Auxerrois
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    Actually, the impressive building in the Jardin des Tuileries served as a winter garden for the garden’s delicate plants. In the 1920s, however, great art made its way here! Through a donation, eight large water lily paintings by Claude Monet came into the possession of the French state at that time. The meter-long works of art are staged in an oval room with a skylight. In other rooms there are further permanent as well as changing exhibitions, among other things with works of Picasso or Rousseau.

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    Musée du Quai Branly

    Museum in Quartier du Gros-Caillou
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    The museum, built under former president Jacques Chirac, is a real speciality among the big museums of Paris: You will look for the big, European artists here in vain – because the museum is dedicated exclusively to non-European arts! This does not only mean paintings or sculptures, but also everyday objects – for example African masks or Polynesian musical instruments. The building itself – consisting of a lot of glass and planted exterior walls – in the large garden area is also an eye-catcher.

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    Musée Rodin

    Museum in Quartier des Invalides
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    The sculptor Auguste Rodin was one of the most important French artists of the 19th century. The museum dedicated to him in Paris is housed in one of his former residences, an 18th century city palace. It was here that Rodin created many of the works on display, which can be marveled at both in the magnificent palace and in the picturesquely landscaped gardens. In addition, there are works by Monet, Renoir or Van Gogh to see.

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    Picasso Museum Paris - Musée Picasso

    Museum in Quartier des Archives
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    The Picasso Museum in Paris shows hundreds of works by the grand master of modern art: from paintings and sculptures to graphics and photographs. The majority of the works come directly from Picasso’s estate. There are also works by Matisse, Miró and Cézanne to admire. Even though the exhibition is primarily dedicated to his artistic work, references to Picasso’s biography are made in many places. In addition to the works of art, the museum itself is a highlight: it is located in one of the last city palaces of the Marais.

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    Fondation Louis Vuitton

    Museum in Quartier de la Porte-Dauphine
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    In the west of Paris, on the edge of the Bois de Boulogne urban forest, is the Fondation Louis Vuitton, one of the newest and most modern museums in Paris.
    Opened in 2014, the exhibition house is privately owned by the fashion group, but is set to pass into the hands of the city of Paris after a good 50 years. The ultra-modern building in the style of a glass ship offers not only spectacular views of the city forest, of course, but also excellent art: around 300 works by major modern and contemporary artists are on display in the museum.

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    Marie Curie Museum Paris - Musée Curie

    Museum in Quartier Latin
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    The Curie Museum in Paris is all about the radioactivity discovered by Pierre and Marie Curie and the work of the two scientists. It is housed in the building where the Curies once conducted their research around the element they discovered, radium. This is not far from the Paris Pantheon, where the couple has been resting since 1995. In the museum you can see original scientific instruments with which the Curies worked at that time.

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    Musée Édith Piaf

    Museum in Quartier du Père-Lachaise
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    Just a stone’s throw from the Père Lachaise cemetery, you’ll find one of the most extraordinary museums in Paris. The singer Édith Piaf lived in a small apartment in the 20th arrondissement at the beginning of her career. In this same apartment you will find today the Édith Piaf Museum of Paris with an exhibition about the life of the icon, including personal items such as her famous black evening dress. The owner of the apartment, Bernard Marchois, was a good acquaintance of the singer and probably one of her greatest admirers. Thus, he is also the qualified museum guide.

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