The 15 Best Rooftop Bars in Paris

A Full Guide to the Top Rooftop Bars in Paris

The number of rooftop bars in Paris is heading skywards. And it’s long overdue Dotted with towering landmarks and neatly hewn boulevards, The City of Light is a stunning sight once you breach the rooftops. Yet you still have to hunt around to find these rare sanctuaries in the sky.

Invariably located above hotels and department stores, cityscape panoramas are reason enough to seek them out. The very best offer a warm welcome and a killer cocktail menu to accompany the views. Powered by a heady mix of skyline vistas and refreshing apéro, we’ve picked out 15 of our favorite rooftop bars in Paris.

Rooftop Bars Paris: Skyline Views & Sunset Cocktails

Ask anyone what they want from a rooftop bar, and the answer is, invariably, ‘views’. The more spectacular, the better. With virtually no skyscrapers and just a handful of towering landmarks, rooftop bars in Paris usually command views that stretch to the horizon. If that’s what you’re looking for, you can’t go wrong with our first five recommendations.

  1. 01

    National on the Top - L'Hôtel National des Arts et Métiers

    Rooftop Bar in 3. Arrondissement
    Rooftop Bar Paris 220926143951001
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    Panoramic vistas and swanky cocktails are on the menu at National on the Top. Perched atop the Hôtel National des Arts et Métiers in vibrant Le Marais, the views from this intimate space skim along the roofs of the colorful quartier below. Open from 4pm to midnight, and with no meals (just “daily snacks”) or mocktails on offer, the tiny terrace with immense views is ideal for a leisurely nightcap. If you were to arrive with an appetite, there is a decent Trattoria downstairs.

    The rewarding views, punctuated by the Eiffel Tower, are complemented by a short drink menu replete with top-shelf favorites and top-shelf prices. If you can’t bag a spot on the roof straightway, head downstairs to the splendid L’Herbarium bar. There you’ll find a much longer and thoughtfully curated drinks menu, including signature cocktails with herbal “fragrances” like Les fleurs sucrees and Sparkling rose velvet.” National on the Top is a serene space with stunning views and a killer drinks menu. Be prepared to join a line. Since opening in 2017, the bar has quickly gone from hidden gem to thriving hotspot.

    • Nearest Métro: Réaumur – Sébastopol (3, 4), Arts et Métiers (3, 11)
  2. 02

    Le Cabanon Perché at Terrass'' Hotel

    Rooftop Bar in 18. Arrondissement
    Photo by Jeremy Pritchard
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    A single, quirky quotation mark suggests a hip and contemporary venue. In fact, Le Cabanon Perché above the Terrass” Hotel is a sophisticated bar with breathtaking 7th-floor vistas. Way out in the 18th arrondissement, the unbroken views of the Eiffel Tower at night are exceptional. Tables blessed with superior views are highly sought after, but sunset views can be enjoyed from anywhere in the spacious bar. Reservations are not required.

    Signature cocktails are made with Citadelle botanical gins and the whisky selection is long. Several fruity mocktails are available, along with a selection of sharing plates — charcuterie, fromage, and other appetizers. Styled like a surf shack, Le Cabanon Perché temporarily transports you away from the urban hustle. Looking out over boho Montmartre and the majestic Basilica Sacré-Cœur, it also happens to be one of the best-located rooftop bars in Paris.

    • Nearest Métro: Blanche (2)
  3. 03

    Le Perchoir – BHV Marais

    Rooftop Bar in 4. Arrondissement
    Rooftop bars in Paris, 220926152752001
    Photo by Le Perchoir
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    Located above the venerable BHV (Bazar de l’Hôtel de Ville) department store, Le Perchoir (The Perch) is one of the better-known rooftop bars in Paris. Once again, it’s the jaw-dropping panorama that attracts crowds. Dating back to 1856, the BHV is housed in a handsome Second Empire building. The bar has a decidedly more modern feel, allied to stylish and seasonally changing décor. Even sans belles vues, Le Perchoir would be a fine place to unwind. But positioned seven floors up, the rich cityscape unfurls beneath. Directly opposite is the magnificent city hall, Hôtel de Ville de Paris. Notre-Dame and the Eiffel Tower augment the compelling perspective.

    There is an extensive and nuanced drink and cocktail menu to enhance the experience. A handful of snacks like banh mi, plus the ubiquitous charcuterie and fromage-laden planches help soak up the drinks while you soak up the views. Le Perchoir only opens as the sun sets, and the continuously reinvented venue knows what its patrons want. Soaring skyline views over the twinkling City of Light and evenings lubricated with expertly crafted drinks. Look out for Le Perchoir de l’Est (10th arr.) and Le Perchoir Porte de Versailles (15th arr.) for some other rooftop gems from the same operators.

    • Nearest Métro: Hôtel de Ville (1)
  4. 04

    Laho Rooftop

    Rooftop Bar in 12. Arrondissement
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    Parisian sunsets are best enjoyed from above the rooftops. Laho Rooftop is a laidback bar with beanbags and unbroken 360-degree views over the capital. It is an idyllic spot to watch the sun disappear over the horizon. Patience might be required at this popular bar. There is a strict 200-person limit, and reservations are not accepted. Take heart, the bar is popular with good reason.

    In addition to views over the Seine and central Paris, the green and verdant Laho emphasizes comfort and tranquility. Plant-lined wooden decks, artificial lawns, and cushiony seating infuse the bar with an urban garden effect. You get the sense that the design was inspired by the nearby Coulée Verte René- Dumont. Much like the beloved floral walkway, it feels comfortingly detached from city life.

    As with most rooftop bars in Paris, signature cocktails and sharing boards top the menu. Look out for the infrequent DJ-led soirées spéciales (ticket reservations are required.) Check ahead to avoid disappointment, or book yourself in for the party. No waiting required! Open to midnight, Laho Rooftop manages to be both a soothing escape from metropolitan life and one of the best places from which to observe it.

    • Nearest Métro: Austerlitz (5, 10), Gare de Lyon (1, 14)
  5. 05

    Le bar sur le toit – Hôtel Rochechouart

    Rooftop Bar in 9. Arrondissement
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    Le bar sur le toit (‘the bar on the roof’) of Hôtel Rochechouart is a simple affair. An unpretentious terrace lined with potted plants and garden furniture. It also happens to have knockout views over free-spirited Montmartre. Commanding attention is the magnificent Sacré-Cœur Basilica. But you also get 360-degree views that sweep over Paris from this 9th-floor bar.

    Completing the la dolce vita effect is a short menu of Italian-inspired dishes washed down with Italian beers and wines. Cocktails, including alcohol-free options, continue the theme: Week-end à Rome, Luigi’s Negroni, for example. Despite being in short proximity to spirited Pigalle and the can-can dancers of the Moulin Rouge, the rooftop bar at Hôtel Rochechouart remains one of the more modest rooftop bars in Paris. Albeit with resolutely immodest views.

    • Nearest Métro: Pigalle (2, 12)

Rooftop Bars Paris: Hidden Gems

Rooftop bars in Paris are often a seasonal event – when the sun stops shining, many of them quietly lower the parasols and close the bar until next year. It can be hard to get noticed, especially with more and more rooftop bars opening in Paris. That’s why we’re going to highlight some lesser-known gems among the chimneys and skylights of the city. A selection that includes some of the chicest and coolest rooftop bars in Paris.

  1. 01

    Brach Paris

    Rooftop Bar in 16. Arrondissement
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    Brach Paris has transported a slice of the French countryside to the Parisian skyline. The rooftop bar at the 5-star hotel is a lush cocoon in the 16th arrondissement. Nestled in the hotel’s jardin potager (vegetable garden), seats and tables are discretely tucked into verdant, fragrant pockets of tranquility. The Phillippe Starck designed Brach hotel is a designer jewel. With renowned restaurants on lower floors, the cocktail bar amid the fruit trees is a ripe cherry on a decadent dessert.

    A curious mix of international flavors is available from the mezze menu to ward off hunger. Cocktails created by mixology star Jérémy Bacquet are infused with fittingly herbal flavors. Perhaps it’s the off-the-beaten-path location, but prices are not eyewatering for such a luxurious experience.
    The Eiffel Tower is clearly visible less than a mile away — can it be a rooftop bar in Paris without it? — but you also enjoy 360-degree views sweeping east from western Paris. A unique perspective not found at other rooftop bars in Paris.

    If you’re feeling adventurous, there is a Norwegian bath on the terrace for hire. It could be what your weary feet demand following an invigorating stroll around the nearby Bois de Boulogne. The 16th arrondissement may not top many visitor itineraries, but the botanical bar suspended in the sky is a singular experience, well worth a few additional Métro stops.
    Brach Rooftop Terrace

    • Nearest Métro: Rue de la Pompe or La Muette (9)
  2. 02

    Ilvolo Bar Rooftop

    Rooftop Bar in 15. Arrondissement
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    The Ilvolo Bar sits on a Novotel hotel in unfashionable Montparnasse. It is an unheralded rooftop gem, one that many visitors overlook. The views from Montparnasse are surprisingly rewarding. After all, one local attraction that consistently draws visitors is the viewing platform on the 56th floor of Montparnasse tower. The views at Ilvolo Bar Rooftop don’t reach as far. However, you can kick back and enjoy them with a casual cocktail and enticing antipasti selection.

    More a rooftop bar with a balcony, the views are compelling and the interior snug and agreeable. Visible latticework, of the kind Gustave Eiffel would appreciate, cleverly frame views from the windows. They help create an arresting border when taking photos of his iconic creation. A concise drinks menu, the ever-inescapable signature cocktails, and a cozy (read: weather-proof) lounge await visitors looking for a congenial watering hole in the under-appreciated 15th.

    • Nearest Métro: Vaugirard (12)
  3. 03

    Le Rooftop at The Peninsula Hotel

    Rooftop Bar in 16. Arrondissement
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    “Le Rooftop” is a deceptively prosaic name. Atop the 5-star Peninsula Hotel, this terrace is a sophisticated affair with high-end prices. If you can look past the eyewatering bill, there is plenty to recommend this jewel in the upscale Chaillot district. The slimline terrace stretches out like a plant-lined finger across the roof, enhanced with the kind of stylish touches you’d expect from a first-class hotel. Needless to say, the views are sweeping, with the Eiffel Tower once again hogging the eye line.

    Vegetarian tapas dishes from a renowned kitchen and lavish cocktails top the menu. Flavoring the victuals are herbs and honey harvested from the hotel’s exclusive rooftop garden. Underlining the hotel’s gastronomic credentials, a two Michelin Star restaurant shares the top floor, the acclaimed L’Oiseau Blanc. Casual visitors can skip the restaurant and head straight to the bar, although there is a €30 minimum spend. Don’t worry: a single cocktail will instantly get you over the line. No kidding, this is the most expensive bar on our list! There are more affordable rooftop bars in Paris, but none that marry an epicurean experience with stellar views quite as effectively as Le Rooftop.

    • Nearest Métro: Kléber (6)
  4. 04

    Sequoia Rooftop Bar

    Rooftop Bar in 2. Arrondissement
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    Above one of the Grands Boulevards of Paris is a discrete, sophisticated terrace. One with views that skip across the elegant roofs of Haussmann’s Paris. A 360-degree patio in the heart of Paris with striking views in every direction. The crowning glory is the magnificent Palais Garnier, just a few chimneys away. No other rooftop bars in Paris afford such a compelling perspective over the elegant dome and ornate roof of the imperious landmark.

    Leafy and refined, the Sequoia is popular with tourists and locals. Unlike many rooftop bars in Paris, reservations are accepted. They are also advisable, especially as the terrace only opens on sunny days, exacerbating demand. Part of the appeal is a punchy (and pricey) cocktail menu. Virgin cocktails are available. As is finger food (mainly tacos) to sponge up the inventive house cocktails. Layer on a DJ and an abundance of pot plants, and it equates to a welcoming inner-city refuge in the sky. You can only order food between midday and 3pm.

    • Nearest Métro: Opéra (3, 7, 8)
  5. 05

    Pley Hôtel Rooftop Bar

    Rooftop Bar in 8. Arrondissement
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    You don’t have to stray far from the Champs-Élysées if you yearn for a tranquil bolt-hole from the hustle and bustle of the famous boulevard. The rooftop bar above the Pley Hôtel is a bright, secluded terrace that somehow manages to fly under the tourist radar in a popular area. Only open for summer, the rooftop bar embraces its moment in the sun with a breezy beach club vibe. While throughout the year, the Pley Hôtel pays homage to the rich heritage of French radio, so expect to hear a few new earworms.

    Sharing plates and (you guessed it) mocktails and cocktails are served alongside unremarkable views of the Eiffel Tower. It’s fair to say the views are ordinary. Still, an easygoing atmosphere and prime location make the bar a welcome addition to the skyline. Worth noting that there’s a downstairs terrace bar should the sunshine fail to appear when you visit.

    • Nearest Métro: Ternes (2) George V (1)

Rooftop Bars Paris: Laidback and Fun

It’s not always about the views with some of the best rooftop bars in Paris. Some terraces serve as convivial open-air spaces designed for good times under the stars. Here’s our selection of exceptional elevated bars where the views are merely an afterthought.

  1. 01

    Rooftop Café Oz

    Rooftop Bar in 13. Arrondissement
    Rooftop bar in Paris, 220926151837001
    Photo by Café Oz Rooftop
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    The Rooftop Café Oz is an oddity on our list. The views are comparatively disappointing, despite sitting directly on the banks of the Seine. Yet, it has quickly established itself as one of the hottest rooftop bars in Paris since opening in 2017. Café Oz compensates for unremarkable views with unbridled hedonistic energy, a hallmark of this Aussie-inspired chain of big, boisterous pubs.

    It’s a venue where DJs pump out big tunes. Where giant screens show sports events or music videos and kaleidoscopic drinks line the kinetic bar. With a crowd- pleasing cocktail menu, not to mention a long list of shots, this is not a place for contemplative moments. Open to the early hours of the morning, Rooftop Café Oz is a Balearic-style party under Parisian skies. The views are inconsequential.

    • Note: A €20 fee (includes a drink) is charged Thursday to Sunday evenings.
    • Nearest Métro: Austerlitz (5, 10)
  2. 02

    Le Bar à Bulles

    Rooftop Bar in 18. Arrondissement
    Photo by Alban Gendrot
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    The Moulin Rouge is one of the best-known nightlife venues in Paris. Less known is the bar perched on the theatre’s roof. Leafy, with splashes of red and a glimpse of the famous moulin (windmill) poking above the terrace, Le Bar à Bulles (Bubble Bar) mixes can-can energy with the gentler charms of a rooftop garden. Once part of the nightclub La Machine du Moulin Rouge, it now operates independently as a tapas and cocktail bar. There are no views to talk of. Instead, the bar serves as a cozy haven in a lively neighborhood.

    The splashy, softly furnished interior bar would be at home in the Moulin Rouge. In contrast, the floral terrace has the air of a secret garden. Locals and tourists head there for the sharing plates, inexpensive cocktails, and their legendary brunches. Opening during the weekend, Le Bar à Bulles strikes a delicate balance between a cultivated rooftop garden and a lively nightspot. A secret sanctuary suspended above Paris’s effervescent red-light district.

    • Nearest Métro: Pigalle (2, 12)
  3. 03

    Khayma Rooftop at Generator

    Rooftop Bar in 10. Arrondissement
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    The slick and modern Generator Hostel is home to one of the trendiest rooftop bars in Paris. Not far from modish Canal Saint Martin and boho Montmartre, the Khayma Rooftop bar is a popular destination in an area known for its edgy nightlife. The 9th-floor terrace hosts a sleek, modern bar. The showpiece is a canvas roof stretched on poles to resemble the eponymous khayma (Arabic for “tent”). Aside from the creative décor, what distinguishes Khayma Rooftop is a dramatic perspective on the soaring Sacré-Cœur Basilica and Butte Montmartre. An engaging view, ideal for a pre-dinner aperitif.

    A rarity amongst enviably positioned rooftop bars in Paris, the drinks at Khayma Rooftop are inexpensive. Paris prices, but no hidden surcharge for the views. The inexpensive menu is a clue that the bar is in a hostel rather than a fancy hotel. A further clue: the decidedly cosmopolitan atmosphere, with backpackers and locals creating a welcoming melting pot. Remarkably, despite being a spacious hangout with a peppy DJ booth, Khayma Rooftop is closed by 10 pm. Considering the views and warm vibes, closing time might arrive too soon.

    • Nearest Métro: Colonel Fabien (2)
  4. 04

    mk2 Hotel Paradiso

    Rooftop Bar in 12. Arrondissement
    220930192201001, rooftop bars in Paris
    Photo: Romain Ricard
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    The terrace at the Hotel Paradiso stands apart from most rooftop bars in Paris. It is a trendy open space that hosts unique rooftop cinema screenings in the height of summer. The hotel is operated by mk2, a cinema chain, and attached to a cinema complex. The love of movies is imprinted upon the hotel: from suites with movie projectors to private booths in one of the cinema halls. Cinephile enthusiasm spills onto the rooftop, with popcorn and folding chairs lined up for free film screenings on Sundays. No blockbusters — you can view them downstairs — but a diverse selection of films aimed squarely at film buffs.

    Confusingly offering a très moderne snack menu — hot dogs, wasabi taramosalata — alongside decadent top-tier caviar, the bar attracts an intriguing and eclectic crowd. Near Place Nation in the quiet Picpus quartier, few landmarks are visible. Except for the dependable Eiffel Tower, of course. Yet, with live music, cocktails, and a beach club vibe, the Hotel Paradiso rooftop is worth the journey, especially for cinephiles and anyone looking for affable open-air bars.

    • Movie screenings start at 9.30pm every Sunday.
    • Nearest Métro: Reuilly – Diderot (1, 8)
  5. 05

    Station M by Maison Montmartre

    Rooftop Bar in 18. Arrondissement
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    One of the least expensive rooftop bars in Paris sits on Maison Montmartre, a boutique hotel with commanding views over the vibrant quartier and Sacré-Cœur Basilica. The 8th-floor bar is simply furnished yet comfortable. 360-degree views steal top billing, yet Station M stands out for offering “perched pétanque.” Pétanque in the sky is a novel experience, guaranteed to sharpen your game against overthrows.

    Complementing the boules and views are the ineludible cocktails and mocktails too. A familiar list of sharing plates — E.g. charcuterie and fromage planches, croque monsieur — and lunchtime opening make this an ideal stop for an apéritif dinatoire with views. Maison Montmartre is near the Boulevard Périphérique encircling Paris central Far from the tourist crowds, there is usually a free table. That makes Station M a savvy stop for Montmartre explorers seeking more skyline views. Especially if you crave a pastis and round of pétanque!

    • Nearest Métro: Porte de Clignancourt (4), Porte de Saint-Ouen (13)

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