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Visiting the Eiffel Tower is a must do on any trip to Paris – but it can also get quite complicated. Because to find the right Eiffel Tower ticket for your own ideas, it takes a little preparation. We’ll give you all the info you need to make your Eiffel Tower visit a success.

The Eiffel Tower has around 20,000 visitors a day – that’s more than 7 million a year! Accordingly, it is always crowded around the steel colossus. Those who come without a ticket, or simply ill-prepared, risk long waiting times. We’ll give you an overview of your options!

Ticket info for you

Tipp: Geführter Aufstieg from €34 buy
Ticket bis zur 2. Etage from €39 buy
Ticket bis zur Spitze from €50 buy
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Eiffel Tower Tickets: Options & Prices

From the official side there are four different ticket options for the visit:

  • up to the 2nd floor via the stairs
  • up to the 2nd floor by elevator
  • up to the 2nd floor via the stairs + driveway to the top (3rd floor)
  • up to the 2nd floor by elevator + driveway to the top (3rd floor)

If you want to get to the top, you have to take the liftin any case– the ascent via stairs is no longer possible here. In addition, the option to buy a ticket for the top on the 2nd floor at short notice, which had been popular for many years, was discontinued in 2017. So you have to decide before buying tickets if you want to go to the top or not. For the official tickets the following prices apply:

ab 24 Jahre
von 12 – 24 Jahre
von 4 – 11 Jahre, behinderte Personen
unter 4 Jahre
Treppe bis zur 2. Etage
Treppe bis zur 2. Etage
11,30 €
5,60 €
2,80 €
Aufzug bis zur 2. Etage
Aufzug bis zur 2. Etage
18,10 €
9 €
4,50 €
Treppe bis 2. Etage Aufzug zur Spitze
Treppe bis 2. Etage Aufzug zur Spitze
21,50 €
10,70 €
5,40 €
Aufzug bis zur Spitze
Aufzug bis zur Spitze
28,30 €
14,10 €
7,10 €

Buy official Eiffel Tower tickets online in advance

Due to the large crowds at any time of the day or year, we strongly recommend that you purchase your Eiffel Tower ticket in advance. Since the space under the Eiffel Tower has been protected by a glass wall since 2019 and there are only 2 entrances with strict security checks before you even get near the ticket booths, you’ll save time in two ways:

  • at the security checkpoints in front of the entrances there is a separate queue for ticket holders, which is often shorter
  • after the security check you can go directly past the ticket offices to the elevators

However, besides these advantages, the official Eiffel Tower tickets also have disadvantages:

  • you can buy the online ticket in advance only for rides with the elevator – there is no stair option in the official online store
  • the online ticket for the elevator gives you the time you have to be at the elevator – so you should allow plenty of time for the security checks and in the end you might not save that much time because you will be standing under the tower waiting for your time slot


Our tip: Eiffel Tower tickets & guided tours via third-party suppliers

We therefore recommend booking tickets via licensed third-party providers. Because this gives you a variety of other options! Our favorite here is the guided climb up the stairs! Together with a guide you climb the tower piece by piece, get a lot of information and can enjoy the real Eiffel Tower experience on the steps – and without queuing at the ticket office!

View of Eiffel Tower cash registers


For such tours via third-party providers, there is a common advantage with elevator tickets via third-party providers: You always receiveonly one voucher with which you appear at the designated meeting point, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the entrances. Your contact person will hand out your tickets there, go with you to the tower – and take you through the security check as quickly as possible!

You can save even more time with Eiffel Tower tickets from licensed vendors!

This means: you save an incredible amount of time: on the one hand, because you get through the controls faster, and on the other hand – and this is the crucial point – because you get an exact time when you have to be at the meeting point. This means: No calculating and thinking about how much time you have to plan for the controls to be on time at the lift. For us a clear plus point!

Third party ticket prices and options

Of course, this convenience has its price: the tickets are more expensive than the official ones, guided tours cost more anyway. For the reasons mentioned above, this money is well invested in any case and saves you a lot of stress and time. For a better overview, we have briefly summarized our favorite options for you:


Ausstellung Eiffelturm Paris

Eiffelturm in Paris

Eiffelturm Paris von unten

Eiffelturm aus dem Viertel gesehen

Skip the Line
Skip the Line





Fahrt mit dem Fahrstuhl
Fahrt mit dem Fahrstuhl




1. und 2. Etage
1. und 2. Etage


3. Etage (Spitze)
3. Etage (Spitze)



Our conclusion about the Eiffel Tower tickets

Among the numerous options, there is the right ticket for every budget. Those who want to climb the steel giant at a particularly low price and are not afraid to accept a bit of waiting time can buy a stair ticket to the 2nd floor for just 10 euros.


However, we generally recommend one of the many third-party options – as already mentioned. Although you pay a little more here, the whole thing is incredibly convenient, uncomplicated and time-saving. But no matter what you decide, the visit to the Eiffel Tower will be one of the most unforgettable moments of your trip to Paris!

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