The 16 best things to do in Paris in February 2024

What are the best things to do on Valentines day in Paris?

Love is in the air in the French capital. Valentine’s Day in February attracts romantics from all over the world, and the French capital comes back to life after a quiet January. Some activities and events in the city bring color into gloomy days made for romance. Check out some of the absolute highlights on our list.

If there is one city that has love, romance and almost schmaltzy effects, it is probably Paris. For many years, the city has been known for its romantic sights and as one of the most visited destinations in the world, it continues to impress its visitors. What you can experience during your city trip or couple’s vacation in Paris in February, we show you in this post!

The best things to do in Paris in February

  1. 01

    The Carnaval de Paris celebrates Mardi Gras

    Street Fair in 20. Arrondissement
    Karneval Paris Mardi Gras
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    Get your carnival masks ready as Paris celebrates Mardi Gras with a carnival procession through the 20th arrondissement. It’s not the biggest in France (that’s in Nice), but Parisians need little excuse to party, and this event crackles with energy and vitality.

    Heading from Place Gambetta to Place de la République, the procession is a cacophony of color and noise led by trumpet bands and relentless drum beats. The carnival is most popularly known as the Promenade du Boeuf Gras. A fattened cow still leads the parade, maintaining a tradition dating from the 13th century.

    Once the parade ends, the party carries in the bars and cafés around République as Parisians mark the end of what was historically a 40-day fast. A signal that winter will soon be over, the carnival is the highlight of February’s social calendar in Paris.

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    The big wintersale starts

    Shopping Tip in Paris
    Close up of woman`s hand holding shopping bags while walking on the street.
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    The good stuff may be long gone, but retail sales are still going at the start of February. Bargains can still be found in department stores and well-known chains, making it worth dropping into famous Parisian stores like Galeries Lafayette or Printemps. You never know, you might find a deal that others missed.

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    Vintage cars at the Paris Expo

    Sports Event in Paris
    Old porsche in paris
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    This immense exhibition is one of the leading things to do in Paris in February. Over 100,000 visitors head to Paris Expo to admire vintage cars restored to their gleaming former glory.

    There are plenty of other activities, with around 450 exhibitions on everything from sourcing spare parts to crafting model miniatures.

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    The rugby competition kicks off (February – March)

    Sports Event in Paris
    Rugby on a petrol blue blanket
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    Rugby is huge in France, and the Six Nations is the pinnacle of European rugby. If you want to watch a game live, there are Six Nations fixtures every February at the Stade de France in Paris.

    With 80,000+ spectators, the atmosphere is intense, especially when France is winning (which they did in 2022, claiming the coveted Grand Slam.) A stadium-wide rendition of La Marseillaise will raise hairs on your arms. If you know rugby, you’ll know the Six Nations is the oldest and most prestigious annual rugby competition. The tournament delivers relentless highs and lows, but the rivalry is always good-natured.

    If you don’t know rugby, the Six Nations pits England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, and Wales against one another in a winner-takes-all series of matches. It is one of the top sporting spectacles in France and one of the most in-demand things to do in Paris in February. It is the ideal way to blow away the February cold and experience one of the great international sporting spectacles.

    Six Nations fixtures change every year. Teams play each other just once, home or away, rotating annually. That can mean anything from one to three matches are played in the French capital in February.

  5. 05

    A romantic river cruise dinner along the Seine

    Cruise in Paris
    Champagne bottle in ice bucket with champagne glass for serving to passenger tourist on luxury catamaran boat sailing in the ocean at summer sunset. Tropical travel vacation sail yacht trip concept
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    A river cruise on the Seine is always in demand, especially on Valentine’s Day. The Ville De Lumière sparkles, champagnes corks pop, a singer sets the mood, and silver service delivers restaurant-grade food to your table. It’s a seductive proposition.

    And a ready answer to the question, how can I do something special for Valentine’s Day?
    There’s a decent choice of cruise companies in Paris. Try the river cruise with a 3-course meal and live music by Paris City Vision, which dials up the romance with a pretty interior and table arrangements.

  6. 06

    Romanticism is revisited at the Musée de la Vie Romantique

    Museum in Montmartre
    Woman spraying luxury perfume on black background, closeup
    Woman spraying luxury perfume on black background, closeup
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    Unashamedly leaning into February’s Valentine’s theme, a trip to the Museum of Romantic Life sounds like the ultimate ticket. But beware, this compact yet inspiring museum focuses on the art of Romantics during the early 19th century. While one floor showcases romanticism, another floor explores the extraordinary life of George Sand, aka Amantine Lucile Aurore Dupin de Francueil. The immensely accomplished writer and proto-feminist lived a that reads like a Hollywood script. It is fascinating to learn about.

    The chocolate box museum is a delightful place to spend time. It is close to other Parisian highlights in Montmarte and Pigalle, and entrance is free (excluding temporary exhibitions.) If romance is on the cards, it is one of the top things to do in Paris in February.

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    The perfect sport for lovebirds

    Bridge in Quartier Saint-Germain-l’Auxerrois
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    Pont des Arts is world-famous and easily recognized. It’s the one supporting thousands of love padlocks, a traditional way to declare unbreakable love in the capitale de l’Amour. You can no longer attach love locks, as the structure can’t support the weight. But if you’re looking for a romantic spot, the bridge adorned with declarations of love fits the bill. With the Louvre courtyard at one end and the flowing Seine below, it will always be popular with lovebirds.

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    A late winter walk to the Sacré-Cœur

    Religious Site in Quartier de Clignancourt
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    The panoramic views from Montmartre are unrivaled in Paris. Crowning the titular hill is the landmark Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris – free to enter and an impressive sight inside and out.

    Below is Butte Montmartre, the boho village adored by tourists and Parisians. If you’re looking for a brisk yet absorbing walk, a stroll around the Montmartre neighborhood fits like a winter glove.

  9. 09

    Marvel at the interior of Palais Garnier

    Historic Building in Quartier de la Chaussée-d’Antin
    Palais Garnier, Place de l
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    Spring may be around the corner, but it is still chilly in Paris. It’s the ideal time to enjoy some of the most spectacular indoor sights and activities. And few interiors compare to the sheer opulence and grandeur of Palais Garnier.

    The former opera house is an architectural marvel built to stroke the ego and ambition of Napoleon III. The opera house is renowned for its lavishly designed interior, fit for an emperor. It is a mesmerizing sight and a wonderful place to hide away when the rain inevitably arrives.

  10. 10

    Make your own fragrance

    Museum in Paris
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    You can’t beat making your own if you want to impress a loved one with perfume. The Fragonard perfume museum is small and free to visit. Tours whisk you through the history and art of scented fragrances in a city where the biggest names in perfume originated.

    The best experience is signing up for a short workshop with a perfumer who helps you make your own personal fragrance. Workshops are in English and cost €29 per person.

  11. 11

    Head to Little Brittany to celebrate Chandeleur

    Museum in Paris
    Paris pancake
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    France does pancake day differently. While the rest of the world scoffs pancakes on Mardi Gras, the French traditionally ate fatty foods that day. Hence, the name, Fat Tuesday.

    Instead, the French go wild for pancakes on Chandeleur, aka Candlemas, precisely 40 days after Christmas. And it probably doesn’t need saying, but French pancakes are heavenly!

    Galettes and crêpes — savory and sweet — if you go to a proper crêperie, the choice of fillings and toppings is near-infinite. Rue du Montparnasse is where you’ll find the tightest concentration of authentic crêpe restaurants. The northern rail route from Brittany terminates at the nearby station, and it seems Bretons couldn’t wait too long to eat crêpes washed down with sweet cider.

    You get two pancake days for one if you vacation in Paris during February. But let’s be honest, you don’t need an excuse to tuck into Brittany’s most delicious export.

Romance your partner with Paris’s best macarons

Macarons are a Paris delicacy. Dainty, delectable, and luxurious, they are peak Parisian food. They are also the perfect finish to a romantic dinner for Valentine’s.

The best macarons in Paris are from…. Okay, there’s no correct answer: several pâtissiers can justifiably claim to be the city’s finest. But if you had to take two through to the final, it has to be either Pierre Hermé’s creations or the sweet wonders from Maison Ladurée. Or wait, maybe Dalloyau. Actually, you’ll be better off trying them all to decide for yourself!

A romantic dinner for two with views

If you’re planning to take a loved one for dinner in Paris, a restaurant with exceptional views and exquisite cuisine is highly coveted on Valentine’s Day.

You can find restaurants that meet those requirements dotted all over Paris. Head to Montmartre for some of the best. It is a wonderful neighborhood with a natural romantic vibe. Here are three of our absolute favorite restaurants with views in the area:

  1. 01

    L'Oiseau Blanc

    Restaurant in Paris
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    A hotel restaurant with the wow factor. Acclaimed cuisine (two Michelin stars) and stunning skyline views.

  2. 02

    Le Cabanon de la Butte

    Restaurant in Paris
    cityscape Mont Matre , Paris, France
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    Le Cabanon de la Butte invites you to taste its authentic French cuisine: made from fresh, quality and seasonal products, it will awaken your taste buds! Located on the Butte Montmartre, just a step away from the Sacré Coeur, its pretty convivial room offers you a unique view on the roofs of Paris

  3. 03

    Le New York

    Restaurant in Paris
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    You want to an enjoy a traditional Parisian café dishing up French classics and uninterrupted views of the Eiffel Tower? Le New York is the perfect spot to enjoy a relaxed afternoon.

Hide from the cold in a charming and historic Parisian café

Does any image define Paris more than the humble neighborhood café? They’ve been a vital ingredient in Parisian heritage since the late 1600s and still fuel cultural life today.

You’re sure to stop for a café lunch or evening drink, and there are gems in every neighborhood. But some names stand apart and have near-legendary status. Here’s the pick of them, nearly all in the same district:

  1. 01

    Café de la Paix

    Restaurant in Paris
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    With striking views of Palais Garnier, this café is famed for its elegantly romantic interior. This stunningly Café is one of the most visited in the city for a reason: It is one of the oldest and classiest locations you can visit.

    Looking for a place to drink a delicious Coffee and eat a typical Croissant? This is the place to go to!

  2. 02

    Café Les Deux Magots

    Café in Quartier Saint-Germain-des-Prés
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    Meeting place for Simone Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre, patronized by literary greats like Hemingway and Camus, Café Les Deux Magots is one of the best-known cafés in Paris in the 6th arrondissement. You can take a seat in the café once frequented by intellectual heavyweights, which adds to the wonderment.

  3. 03

    Le Procope

    Restaurant in Paris
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    The oldest and most famous café in Paris is now an upscale restaurant. Former patrons include Napoleon Bonaparte and Marie Antoinette. It’s just a few steps from Les Deux Magots, with an entrance opening onto the atmospheric Cour du Commerce Saint-André.

  4. 04

    Café de Flore

    Café in Quartier Saint-Germain-des-Prés
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    One café was not enough to contain the celebrities frequenting Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Almost next door to Café Les Deux Magots is Café de Flore, which rivals its neighbor for illustrious patrons of yesteryear. Even older and just as full of character, this renowned café makes the odd cameo on film and tv. Another must-visit café, even if you’re leaking coffee by this point.

My conclusion


Is January a good month to visit Paris?

If there is one thing, I am pretty sure about: you will have the perfect romantic Valentine’s Day with your date in Paris. It does not matter what you’re going to do: eat delicious crêpes or macarons, spend some time just wandering the city or book a romantic evening on one of the lovely cruises along the Seine, a trip to Paris in February is always a well spend time.


What to wear in Paris in February?

Of course, you can wear anything, but it is quite respectable in Paris to be dressed a bit fancier. Pack smart, because the February in Paris is not warm yet and rather rainy. Equip yourself with a good umbrella, which can be combined with a few outfits.

What is the weather like in Paris in February?

The City of Love would probably elect to move Valentine’s Day to a different month if it could. The weather is often dreary in February. But when the sun does appear, it can be glorious. The city experiences average highs of 48 °F (ca. 9 °C), and lows of 35.6 °F (2 °C.) Rainfall slackens a little, dropping to 13–14 days on average per month. The days also get steadily longer in February. You still need to wrap up warm, but you can feel spring is just around the corner.

What to do in Paris in February?

There are a million things to do in Paris in February, which are perfect for a Valentine’s Day Trip with your loved one. Dine in a fancy restaurant, visit the artsy museums without having to stand in line, or just enjoy some delicious Macarons in a Pâtisserie.

What to pack for Paris in February?

February in Paris is definitely fresh weather-wise, and you should have a good rain jacket with you. You’ll certainly be doing quite a bit of walking in Paris to see all the beautiful sights of the capital, so a comfortable pair of shoes is a must. If you want to dine in one of the delicious restaurants, you should also pack a chic shirt or dress.



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