The 17 best things to do in Paris in March 2024

What is Paris like in March?

The French capital has a noticeable spring in its step as winter draws to a close and the days become longer. The parks and café terraces stir into life, and outdoor events make a comeback. Meanwhile, sports and art events compete for attention in a busy month. We’ve got them all in our guide, as we take you through all the best things to do in Paris in March.

The best things to do in Paris in March

We start our compilation of things to do in Paris in March with one of the city’s more unusual events:

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    Watch the climax of the Six Nations rugby

    Sports Event in Paris
    Rugby on a petrol blue blanket
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    Rugby is huge in France, and the Six Nations is the pinnacle of European rugby. If you want to watch a game live, there are Six Nations fixtures every February at the Stade de France in Paris.

    With 80,000+ spectators, the atmosphere is intense, especially when France is winning (which they did in 2022, claiming the coveted Grand Slam.) A stadium-wide rendition of La Marseillaise will raise hairs on your arms. If you know rugby, you’ll know the Six Nations is the oldest and most prestigious annual rugby competition. The tournament delivers relentless highs and lows, but the rivalry is always good-natured.

    If you don’t know rugby, the Six Nations pits England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, and Wales against one another in a winner-takes-all series of matches. It is one of the top sporting spectacles in France and one of the most in-demand things to do in Paris in February. It is the ideal way to blow away the February cold and experience one of the great international sporting spectacles.

    Six Nations fixtures change every year. Teams play each other just once, home or away, rotating annually. That can mean anything from one to three matches are played in the French capital in February.

    The next match is France vs Scotland—February 26, 2023.

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    Flower experience at the Queen Elizabeth II Flower Market

    Market in Île de la Cité
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    Flower Market 230323152500001
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    For a fully immersive floral experience, head to the flower market on Île de la Cité. This historic flower market was founded in 1809 and is just minutes from Notre-Dame and Sainte Chapelle. In comparison to the neighboring landmarks, the market is modern. Yet, the partially covered market retains its 19th-century character and is a captivating place to spend time.

    The market is small but bursts with vitality. If you want to introduce some spring colors into your day (or your hotel room), there are few better things to do in Paris in March. And unlike public parks, you can take the flowers home with you.

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    Visit the magical Palace of Versailles for free

    Historic Building in Versailles
    Schloss Versailles
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    Versailles lives up to the hype. It is jaw-droppingly beautiful, from the gardens to every sumptuous royal boudoir. For many visitors to Paris, it is a must-see. But you may not know that the former royal palace is free to visit on the first Sunday of the month, November to March. Free entrance includes access to the entire estate.

    March is the last time you can visit for free. You must reserve your visit, so jump on their website early. If you can get a ticket, you’ll be treated to one of the most unforgettable experiences in Paris without spending a Euro. Until you get to the gift shop…

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    Visit Saut Hermès, the premier equestrian event

    Sports Event in Quartier des Champs-Élysées
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    The prestigious Saut Hermès is a world-class show-jumping event that returns annually to the Grand Palais (Grand Palais Éphémère for 2023.) Organized by the International Equestrian Federation, there are 9 daily events for international horses and riders at the apex of the sport,

    Some events earn the highest classification, so there is no shortage of talent on display. Even if you are unfamiliar with the technicalities, Saut Hermès promises to entertain and amaze.

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    European Artistic Crafts Days

    Holidays in Paris
    Atelier Art
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    The Journées Européennes des Métiers d’Art is a cultural event happening all over Europe, with Paris leading the way. The aim is to bring creators and craftspeople closer to the public to showcase their work and techniques. 

    The program changes annually, but in previous years, artists across Paris have invited visitors into their studios and galleries to learn more. In France, over 1 million visitors are expected to visit local craft studios. If you’re in Paris, check out the program to discover new artists that capture your interest.

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    Enjoy the last seasonal batch of gooey Mont D’or cheese

    Eat & Drink in Paris
    Fromage chaud Mont d
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    Mont D’or cheese is a winter cheese beloved across France. Runny at room temperature, it is made for sharing and dipping. Like a room-temperature fondue, the unpasteurized cheese simply demands a crusty baguette and a convivial atmosphere to enjoy. If you’re looking for a memorable foodie experience in Paris in March, try the decadent, sticky treat that comes ready to eat in a box. 

    You will find the famous cheese in fromageries across the city. You can even find good stuff in the supermarket, which is ideal for an inexpensive picnic. If the weather permits… For a more rounded experience, head to a cave à fromage to enjoy an easygoing lunch with all the trimmings, washed down with fine wines.

    Our tip: Monbleu is a wonderful fromagerie and bar. There’s always a selection of fine cheeses that match the seasons, and the welcome is warm and knowledgeable. Monbleu has two branches in the gastronomic wonderlands of Le Marais and Montmartre, both ideally situated for curious gourmands.

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    Find your perfect drawing at the Drawing Now Fair

    Gallery in 3. Arrondissement
    Pont Alexandre 3 et Grand Palais
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    Art is always in the spotlight in Paris, but the Drawing Now Fair puts a lesser-known art form on center stage. Running since 2007, the top-tier art event keeps growing in stature: the 2022 event displayed over 2,000 works from 350 artists.

    Taking place in the understated Carreau du Temple, the contemporary drawing fair is your chance to learn more about this beautiful art form and discover new artists. 

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    Cinéma du Réel Festival

    Festival in 4. Arrondissement
    Luminous blue neon sign "cinema" on a sunny day, Paris, France.
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    Founded in 1978, the international documentary festival is a vital part of the Parisian arts and culture scene. The event shines a light on documentary filmmaking techniques and eye-opening subject matter, and brilliant documentary makers from around the world submit their films.

    Fittingly situated in the divisive Pompidou contemporary art museum, the festival dishes up a highly diverse program. From searing political critiques to heartfelt insights on obscure topics, the documentaries show a world we rarely see. There are usually 200+ films shown in the cinemas at the Pompidou Public Information Library.

    Check the program: with such a broad range of films, there could be something that will appeal to you.  

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    The first flush of spring in the parks of Paris

    Park in Paris
    park in paris
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    Paris’s parks and public spaces are a delight whenever you visit. But in March, the first shoots of spring appear, and a park walk is the ideal way to see the emerging colors that will brighten any day.  

    Paris owes some of its charms to the trees and flowers that enrich public spaces in the city center. Cherry blossoms (cerisiers), magnolias, daffodils, and tulips help transform the city into a welcome riot of color after the long winter.

    To enjoy the changing scenery, visit hotspots like Champ de Mars (75007) and the Tuileries Gardens (75001.) For more gentle walks, the Jardin du Luxembourg (75006) is always an elegant place to explore and bursts with spring colors.

    One thing is certain, Paris in March is a joy for spring promenades whichever park you visit.

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    Enjoy the sweet delights of Macaron Day

    Holidays in Paris
    macarons in paris
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    Every March, one of Paris’s most delectable delights is honored with a national day. Le Jour du Macaron was introduced in 2005 by Pierre Hermé, one of the great patissiers. The idea is simple: make the dainty treats s a star for the day. 

    Arguably, the day was unnecessary, as macarons sell themselves. The delicate, almondy confections are found all over Paris. Some boutiques, like Hermé and Ladurée, are considered the finest macaron makers in the world.

    On the big day, expect participating pâtisseries to create inventive new flavors while samples are freely handed out to tempt you through the door. As if anyone needed a reason to enjoy one of Paris’s most beloved delicacies!

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    Amazing macaron workshop in Paris

    Eat & Drink in Quartier de la Chaussée-d’Antin
    chef with injector squeezing filling to macarons
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    Macarons are a challenging problem for visitors.

    Why? Because you’ll want to take some home with you. But fresh macarons (i.e., the tastiest) don’t travel well. And even if they did, you’d probably wolf down the irresistible delights long before your plane touched down.

    The solution? Learn how to make them yourself.

    Galeries Lafayette offers introductory classes that are hugely popular. They won’t turn you into a macaron master, but they’ll show the basics and point you in the right direction to start honing your technique.

    Macaron baking can be challenging, but the short English language course makes it seem easy. And at the end, you can take home your creations. If you can resist eating them before you leave…

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    The National cheese day

    Eat & Drink in Paris
    Different cheeses on the counter of a small store at the Aligre Market. Paris, France
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    In March, France celebrates another after-dinner favorite, cheese. With 1,000+ native cheeses, France needs no excuse to enjoy its favorite food. After all, the gastronomic dinner of France is recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. And a cheese course is an integral part of what makes French cuisine remarkable.

    The Journée Nationale du Fromage encourages restaurants across the country to elevate cheese to center stage. This translates to cheese-focused menus in Parisian restaurants. It’s a golden opportunity to sample lesser-known cheese dishes like flamiche and aligot, along with inventive one-off creations. 

    If you love cheese, look around to find menus that showcase just how versatile and varied French cheese is. 

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    St. Patrick’s Day in Paris

    Holidays in Paris
    The company of young people celebrate St. Patrick
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    When you want to celebrate St Patrick’s Day in Paris, head to the Irish bars that proliferate in the city center. In all of them, you are assured of a warm welcome and a night of merriment. So, if you’re looking for spirited things to do in Paris in March, dig out something green to wear and head to one of our favorites on the 17th:

    Galway Irish Pub — loud and lovely for St Patrick’s. Along the Seine left bank, near Place Saint-Michel.
    Little Temple Bar — traditional Irish pub vibes in Saint-Germain-des-Prés.
    Guinness Tavern — Live music and an exuberant atmosphere for fun times.

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    The important Art festivals in Paris

    Gallery in Paris
    Pont Alexandre 3 et Grand Palais
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    We close our guide to the best things to do in Paris in March with the ever-popular contemporary art fair, Art Paris. Divided into exhibitions for established and emerging artists, the event welcomes art galleries from around the world. In 2023, 130 galleries from over 20 countries are expected to display their works in the elegant spaces of Grand Palais (Grand Palais Éphémère for 2023.)

    The much-anticipated Art Paris has grown into one of the leading art events of the year. It is more proof that the City of Light is one of the vital art capitals, where the world’s leading artists can feel right at home.

My conclusion


Is March a good month to visit Paris?

Spring Days are my all-time favorite days in Paris: The main attractions are not packed with tourists, parks are getting greener and beautiful flowers start to blossom on the sidewalks. If you want to discover the true beauty of Paris, springtime is the perfect season to explore all the highlights and do a lot of sightseeing in a much quieter environment than in the summer.


What to pack for Paris in March?

Although March in Paris is already a bit milder and less rainy than February, but still you should not cross the umbrella from the packing list. Comfortable shoes are a must, because the best way to explore the city is actually on foot, with a rented bike or by metro.

What is the weather like in Paris in March?

Even though you can feel the days getting warmer, the weather in Paris in March is cool and can change quickly. Even when agreeable, the days can quickly turn wet and cold. Average highs are 55 °F (13 °C), and it usually rains 15–16 days every March. There is also a very slim chance of snow. Umbrellas and warm clothing are still suitcase essentials, but gloves and scarves can probably stay at home.

What to wear in Paris in March?

Pack your rain jacket and a high quality umbrella, so you are definitely on the safe side with the weather in March in Paris. You can spend the milder March days in a nice restaurant, but you should please be dressed appropriately! So pack a fancier shirt, a simple dress or skirt.

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