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The Picasso Museum Paris has an unrivaled collection of the great artist’s work that allows it to create exclusive exhibitions revealing the full scope of his creativity. Housed in a historic stately home in the vibrant Marais district of Paris, the Picasso Museum Paris strives to offer genuine insight into the artist.  I’ll tell you everything about the museum: how to get there, what you’ll see and why it’s worth a visit.

Kickstarted with a massive donation from the artist’s estate, there are over 5,000 Picasso works in the diverse collection: including celebrated sculptures, early drawings, personal notebooks, and even his own collection of art from contemporary artists. Visitors are presented with extended temporary themed exhibitions that shine a light on his life’s work. It is a museum that appeals to Picasso devotees and anyone with a passing interest in 20th Century art.

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Picasso Museum Paris – What is it?

Unlike most museums and art galleries, the Picasso Museum Paris was constructed after the art collection was created. A 1968 law called dation invited residents to donate valuable art to the state to settle inheritance tax bills. Pablo Picasso, a long-term resident of France, asked his family to use this system upon his death. Consequently, the French state found itself in possession of around 228 paintings, 129 sculptures, and over three thousand drawings and engravings from his estate.

Needing a home for this vast and important collection, the Picasso Museum Paris was founded. After much debate, the museum was built in the stately and historic Hôtel Salé, owned by the City of Paris. Since then, more Picasso art has been purchased or donated, growing the collection by around 1,000 exhibits. Further artworks have also been received by descendants of Pablo Picasso, using the dation tax-relief scheme.

Picasso Museum Paris

In addition to works by Picasso, there are a small number of artworks from celebrated artists that were in Picasso’s personal collection, including his rival Matisse. Following a costly and delayed renovation, the enlarged museum has focused on creating temporary themed exhibitions, drawing upon their exceptional library of Picasso works.

With peerless access to the artist’s personal collection, including some of his earliest and latest pieces, the Picasso Museum Paris builds fascinating and insightful exhibitions, unlike any other Picasso museum.

How to visit Picasso Museum Paris: Tickets & Tours

If you plan to visit Picasso Museum Paris, it is recommended to check if the current exhibitions interest you. In 2022, there are two exhibitions. The long-term Picasso Image exhibition weaves together videos of the artist alongside associated works from the museum’s collection.

A second short-term exhibition — 16 April to 31 December — focuses on works donated by his daughter Maya Ruiz-Picasso in 2021.When there is no short-term exhibition, some floors are closed.

To avoid the line, I recommend you to buy Picasso Museum tickets online in advance.


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Picasso Museum Paris

Picasso Museum Paris

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You can also visit the museum on a guided tour.

Musée Picasso Ticket Prices

Paris Museum Pass holders can visit without a ticket.

Audio guide: €5 (reduced to €4 for Paris Museum Pass holders, EEA residents aged under 26, disabled visitors)

If you’re in Paris on the first Sunday of the month, the Picasso Museum Paris — and many other museums in Paris — offers free entry.

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How to save Money

If you want to visit more than one museum in Paris, the Paris Museum Pass may be worth your while. The pass grants access to 50+ museums for 2-6 days, saving Euros if you cram in enough attractions. Check out the prices and the attractions available here.

Is the visit worth it?

Picasso Museum Paris has an unrivaled Picasso collection, allowing curators to build truly original exhibitions. Picasso himself said he was the “greatest collector of Picassos in the world,” and much of that collection resides at the Picasso Museum Paris.

Housed in an impressive and historic Marais townhouse, visitors are invited to learn more about the man behind the popular image. Expect to see some of his earliest works, like The Barefoot Girl, and some of his most beloved sculptures, like the Bull’s Head.

Visitors may be disappointed that only a selection of his works is on show at any one time. Yet if you appreciate the works of Picasso or 20th-century art, a visit to the Picasso Museum Paris is always engaging and unique.

Picasso Museum Paris History

The story of the Picasso Museum Paris begins in 1973, upon the death of the fabled artist. Following his wishes, much of his vast personal collection was donated to the French government to settle inheritance taxes. With such a significant donation, the state was presented with a problem: where to maintain the collection and, more importantly, display it for public consumption.

Following a hotly contested public consultation, it was decided to create a new museum in the historic Hôtel Salé. Hôtel Salé is a magnificent 17th century townhouse (hôtel particulier) in the Marais district of Paris. Built by a salt tax collector (salé means salted), the building was repurposed several times over its lifetime.

Most notably, Hôtel Salé was once the Embassy of the Republic of Venice and the home of a duke (François de Neufville, Duke of Villeroy). In the 19th century, it became an art school where the legendary French writer Honoré de Balzac studied.

Picasso Museum Paris

In 1964, it was acquired by the City of Paris. Lying empty, it was the ideal home for the new Picasso Museum Paris. It took 9 years (1976 – 1985) to transform the designs of architect Roland Simounet into the new Picasso Museum Paris.

In subsequent years, the museum acquired more works from Picasso’s family. It also acquired around 1,000 pieces through auctions and donations. In 2009, the Picasso Museum Paris closed for expansion and renovation. After reopening five years later, the enlarged displays have been continually arranged in themed exhibitions showcasing the artist’s varied legacy.


Where is Picasso Museum Paris?

In the lively and interesting Marais district.

5 rue de Thorigny
75003 Paris

How do I get to Picasso Museum Paris?

The nearest Metro stations are:
Saint-Paul (line 1)
St. Sebastien-Froissart (line 8)
RER – Châtelet to Les Halles.

Buses stop at:
Saint-Claude (96)
Rue Vieille du Temple (29)
Turenne-Saint-Gilles (29)
Routes 20, 65, 69, 75 also stop nearby.

Do I need to book in advance?

Booking in advance will allow you to skip the line, but you must arrive at your selected time.

How long should I allow to visit Picasso Museum Paris?

2 hours is recommended.

What is there to visit nearby?

Sitting in the historic and spirited Marais district, there is much to see nearby. Highlights include:

  • Centre Pompidou – the distinctive and divisive modern art center (1 km / 0.6 miles)
  • Musée Carnavalet – an absorbing museum exploring the history of Paris (350 m)
  • Île de la Cité – the unmissable island in the Seine River, home to Notre Dame Cathedral, Sainte Chapelle, and linked by Paris’s oldest bridge, the Pont Neuf (1.6 km / 1 mile)

Where to get refreshments?

There is an on-site rooftop cafe with a terrace, Maison Caron. Drinks and snacks can be purchased there while enjoying a stunning view over Hôtel Salé.

Alternatively, you can walk in any direction and find a bewildering choice of cafes, bars, and restaurants. This includes the popular crêperie, Breizh Café (109 Rue Vieille du Temple) and the aptly named Le Café des Musées (49 Rue de Turenne.)

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