The MOST beautiful Parks in Amsterdam for 2024

From famous landmarks to hidden gems, join me as we explore Amsterdam's most beautiful parks

Hey there, fellow traveler! If you’re venturing to Amsterdam, exploring its parks is a must – it’s a slice of the city that truly captures its soul! However, with so many parks in Amsterdam to choose from, deciding where to go can be a bit overwhelming.

Don’t worry; I’ve got you covered. Join me as we navigate through the best green spaces Amsterdam has to offer.

What is the most famous park in Amsterdam?

When discussing parks in Amsterdam, one name inevitably rises to the top: Vondelpark. As the city’s most renowned green space, Vondelpark is more than just a park – it’s a cultural staple.

In fact, Vondelpark is a popular destination for both locals and tourists who come to jog, stroll, picnic, or simply enjoy the park’s beauty and authentic Amsterdam atmosphere. So, if you only have time for one park in Amsterdam, this should be it!


What are the best Parks in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam’s reputation isn’t just built on its iconic canals and world-class attractions like the Van Gogh Museum. One of its hidden charms is its extensive parks, with each offering something unique, from walking paths to rose gardens and even a petting zoo. So, let’s dive in!

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    Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam

    Park in Plantage
    Historic greenhouse hortus botanicus Amsterdam
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    Nestled in the heart of Amsterdam’s Plantage district, Hortus Botanicus is not just any park – it’s one of the world’s oldest botanical gardens. Established in the 1600s as a medicinal herb sanctuary, it now boasts a diverse collection of over 6,000 plant species.

    A stroll through its pathways offers glimpses of the historic entrance gate from the early 1700s and the renowned Persian ironwood tree. Venture into the tropical greenhouses to encounter exotic plant species and a burst of colorful butterflies in the Tropical Butterfly House.

    For those seeking more insights, the Hortus Botanicus Museum holds a trove of botanical specimens. And if all that wandering builds an appetite, the garden café offers a serene spot to unwind amidst nature’s beauty. Regardless of how you enjoy it, this park is perfect for family outings, dates, or a solo visit.

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    Park in Oud-Oost
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    Head over to Amsterdam’s Oost district, and you’ll find Oosterpark. This green oasis was originally designed as the city’s first large-scale park and offers a sprawling green space ideal for various activities. Whether you’re in the mood for a leisurely walk, a picnic with friends, or simply some quality people-watching, Oosterpark doesn’t disappoint. Moreover, families will appreciate the multiple playgrounds, while history enthusiasts can marvel at the Speaker's Stone and local monuments. If you're lucky, you might even spot wild birds or grey herons taking a break by the numerous ponds. With its nice paths and open spaces, Oosterpark stands as proof of urban planning done right, making it one of the best parks in Amsterdam.

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    Park in Amsterdam Oud-West
    Our highlight
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    Known as the most famous park in Amsterdam, Vondelpark lies in the West district, just a stone’s throw from the Van Gogh Museum. A hive of activity, especially during the summer months, it serves as a melting pot for joggers, families, dog walkers, and even some who are horseback riding.

    With its extensive green lawns, tranquil ponds, and a plethora of winding paths, it’s the quintessential spot for picnics, dates, and even outdoor art exhibitions. Highlights include a sculpture by Picasso, the iconic rose garden, several playgrounds, free open-air concerts, many bars, and more. And whatever you do, don’t forget to stop by if the ice cream parlor opens. As you can see, Vondelpark isn’t just a park; it’s an Amsterdam experience!

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    Park in Amsterdam-Zuid
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    Located on the banks of the Amstel River in Amsterdam Zuid, Amstelpark is an extensive park offering greenery and numerous attractions. Notably, there’s a rhododendron valley showcasing a stunning variety with over 130 types in bloom, and if you keep going, there’s even a Japanese garden. As you wander through, the Belgian cloister and rose gardens beckon, while the Monument Rozenoord stands as a somber reminder of the men who faced execution by German forces during WWII.
    For families, this park has no shortage of activities, from a mini-golf course and delightful petting zoo to a maze and small train ride. And for those keen on local history, the Riekermolen, also known as Rieter windmill, awaits at the park’s southern tip. So, if a mix of relaxation, history, and family fun is on your agenda, Amstelpark should top your list.

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    Westerpark in Amsterdam

    Park in Amsterdam West
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    Tucked away in Amsterdam’s west, Westerpark isn’t like those other open green spaces. This is but a lively blend of culture and relaxation. Once the backbone of the city’s industrial prowess, this park now stands as a testament to rejuvenation and transformation. Whether you’re up for an active day with tennis matches, splashing around in the pool, or kicking a soccer ball, Westerpark has you covered.
    Yet, beyond its recreational allure, it’s the park’s cultural undertones that make it stand out. The Westergasfabriek, formerly an emblem of industrial heritage, now buzzes with creativity, housing art galleries, theaters, and eclectic music venues. Stroll through, and you might catch an art fair or an intriguing film screening or perhaps be tempted by the rich aroma of chocolate from Tony’s Chocolonely.
    For those who fancy open-air events, the hill by the pond becomes a prime spot in summer, where locals and tourists mingle. All in all, Westerpark offers a blend of green relaxation and cultural immersion that’s hard to resist.

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    Frankendael Park

    Park in Watergraafsmeer
    Frankendael Park
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    A short distance south of Oosterpark, Park Frankendael emerges as a blend of history and nature’s charm. It’s a reminder of Amsterdam’s grandeur in the 17th century, standing proud as the city’s only surviving country estate from a time when they dotted the landscape. Here, expansive lawns intersperse with ancient trees, creating a tapestry of green that welcomes visitors.
    But it’s not just the natural allure that captivates; the park’s historical remnants, from ruins to preserved buildings, beckon history enthusiasts. As pathways wind through the park, bridges offer picturesque vantage points, perfect for reflection or a memorable photo.
    And if you time your visit just right, the last Sunday of the month brings the Pure Market – a melange of local produce and crafts. For those keen on culminating their visit with a gourmet experience, both Restaurant Merkelbach and Restaurant De Kas await, offering dining amidst the park’s serenity. Simply put, Park Frankendael is where Amsterdam’s rich history seamlessly merges with nature’s tranquility.

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    Park in De Pijp
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    If you find yourself in the trendy De Pijp district, Sarphatipark stands as a testament to the vision of urban planner Samuel Sarphati. He was a renowned Jewish doctor and urban planner who saw the beauty in combining urban spaces with nature.
    The first thing to understand is that while Sarphatipark may be a small park, it brims with charm and character. Whether you’re tracing the edges admiring the neighboring architecture or simply lounging by the serene ponds contemplating the monument dedicated to its namesake, there’s always a quiet corner waiting.
    Furthermore, you can check out the old pumping station, which is now a heritage site. Or simply marvel at the fact that the Dutch artist Piet Mondriaan once resided overlooking this park. Either way, with events peppered throughout the year, from art showcases to musical evenings, Sarphatipark offers a good mix of peace and excitement.

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    Park in Amsterdam Zuidoost
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    Amsterdam’s Beatrixpark, situated behind RAI in the southern part of the city, is a large park named in honor of Queen Beatrix. Designed initially by Jakoba Mulder, the park underwent a modern transformation after WWII and adopted its current name.
    While the park has evolved, hints of its original English park influence can still be found in its oldest sections. And if you’re wondering what to explore in Beatrixpark, you’ll find small pavilions dating back to the 1972 Floriade exhibition and De Artsenijhof, a medicinal herb garden located on the park’s eastern side.

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    Park in Slotermeer
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    Spanning as one of Amsterdam’s most extensive green spaces, Sloterpark offers something for everyone. Whether you’re interested in a petting zoo, sunbathing spots, frisbee courses, or simply sprawling green lawns for barbecues, walks, or jogs, this park has you covered.
    While in the park, make sure to visit Sloterplas Lake’s city beach and swimming areas. Or, if you’re looking for other activities, check out the De Natureluur adventure playground, rent watercraft for aquatic fun, or catch movies under the open sky at the West Beach Film Festival in September.

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    Park in Zeeburg
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    Stepping into the eastern realms of Amsterdam brings you to Flevopark, a sanctuary of diverse outdoor activities. Whether you’re in the mood for a game of tennis, a refreshing swim, or a leisurely stroll, this park offers something in every corner.
    Beyond its recreational offerings, the park holds a rich tapestry of history, notably the Joodse Begraafplaats Zeeburg, a heritage-listed Jewish cemetery. And for those in search of a unique gastronomic experience, the Nieuwe Diep distillery offers tantalizing flavors amidst an idyllic setting. From its lively playgrounds to the inviting BBQ areas, Flevopark captures the essence of outdoor Amsterdam living.

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    Amsterdamse Bos

    Park in Amstelveen
    Amsterdamse Bos
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    Amsterdamse Bos, primarily located in Amstelveen, is the city’s largest park because it’s actually a forest. Here, you can explore everything from the vibrant cherry blossoms of Bloesempark to the world-renowned Bo’BAan rowing club, which hosts the World Rowing Championships biennially.
    Many people consider this one of the best parks in Amsterdam, Netherlands, because of its many offerings. Whether you want to explore an organic goat farm, swim in the large pond, catch a film at its cinema, or even camp under the stars, you can do that here! Just be aware of the mischievous Scottish Highlanders – and by that, I mean the furry cows, not tourists! Ultimately, every Amsterdam traveler should have Flevopark on their itinerary.

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    Park in Overtoomse Veld
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    Rembrandtpark, named after the famous painter, sprawls across West Amsterdam. This popular park offers visitors a blend of open green space, ponds, and pathways. Conveniently located with public transport links, it’s an escape from the city buzz.

    The petting zoo, De Uylenburg, stands out as one of the greatest highlights. Here, the kids can interact with some of Amsterdam’s oldest residents, from fluffy bunnies to curious llamas. For those after some physical activity or a leisurely stroll, there are multiple walking and biking trails. And before you leave, don’t miss the dog sculptures on Postjesweg; it’s the perfect spot for a photo!

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    Park in De Baarsjes
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    In the heart of the West, Erasmuspark stands as a symbol of the city’s love for green spaces and culture. Named after the famed Dutch scholar Desiderius Erasmus, it’s not just your typical park.
    Start with a leisurely walk among its interconnected islands, and as you meander, you’ll find the Miracle Garden. Perhaps the first thing you’ll notice is that this isn’t like any garden you’ve ever visited. This one is dotted with artwork and even boasts a striking marble bear sculpture.
    And if all this wandering gets you thirsty, there’s a cozy café right within the park. So, whether you’re jogging, strolling, or simply people-watching, Erasmuspark offers a delightful blend of nature and culture.

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    Park in Amsterdam Noord
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    Right in the heart of the city centre, Noorderpark stands out as a green oasis. But it’s more than just its green lawns that catch the eye. If you’re with kids, the water play area will be a sure hit, and for those summer days, the nearby Noorderpark Swimming Pool offers a refreshing dip. And here’s something you might not know: Noorderpark is also an entertainment hub. With pavilions that frequently host concerts and shows, there’s often something happening. And what makes this spot stand out the most is that it’s well-connected with public transport, making it an easily accessible location for a day out. So, regardless if you’re by yourself or with friends or family, Noorderpark is a must-stop when checking out the best parks in Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Best Events in Amsterdam’s Parks

Amsterdam’s parks aren’t just about lush greenery and serene lakes; they’re also bustling hubs for cultural events year-round. Whether you’re vibing to live music festivals, watching open-air theater performances, or exploring arts and crafts fairs, there’s always something buzzing in these green oases. Now, if you’re asking about the crème de la crème of park events, here’s the scoop:

So, next time you visit Amsterdam, make sure to catch one of these events and really experience the city’s most popular parks.

Do & Don’t in Amsterdam Parks (Tips & Tricks)

Amsterdam’s parks are the heartbeat of the city, where locals and tourists meld into a harmonious blend of relaxation and activity. But to truly enjoy and respect these green havens, there are a few unwritten rules. Here’s a quick rundown:


  • Recycle: Use the appropriate bins.
  • Leash your dogs: Unless you’re dog walking in designated off-leash areas.
  • Enjoy a picnic: It’s a beloved local pastime.


  • Avoid loud music: Let everyone enjoy nature’s soundtrack.
  • Leave no trace: Clean up after yourself.
  • Respect the wildlife: Keep a distance and don’t feed.

Arming yourself with these tips ensures not only a fantastic time but also helps maintain these great parks for future visitors!

The most asked questions about parks in Amsterdam

What is the most-visited park in Amsterdam?

Vondelpark ranks as the most-visited park in Amsterdam. Nestled in the heart of the city, this iconic green space attracts locals and visitors alike. With its sprawling lawns, scenic ponds, and numerous cafes, it’s a prime spot for relaxation, cultural events, and leisurely strolls. On a sunny day, Vondelpark becomes a lively hub of picnickers, joggers, and cyclists, making it a must-visit destination in Amsterdam.

What is the largest park in Amsterdam?

Amsterdamse Bos holds the title as the largest park in Amsterdam. This expansive forested area, located on the outskirts of the city, offers a plethora of recreational activities. From boating and swimming to hiking and cycling, it provides a myriad of ways to immerse oneself in nature. Moreover, its unique attractions like the goat farm and rowing courses add to its appeal, making it an excellent escape from the urban hustle.

Why is Vondelpark famous?

This famous park is Amsterdam’s premier urban oasis and one of the original parks, drawing millions yearly. Located in the city center, Vondelpark boasts vast green expanses, picturesque waterways, and historic sculptures, including one of its namesake, poet Joost van den Vondel. A cultural hub, it hosts numerous events, performances, and gatherings. With cafes, playgrounds, and a rose garden, Vondelpark is both a tranquil escape and a vibrant community space.

Is Amsterdam park bigger than Central Park?

Amsterdamse Bos, often referred to as Amsterdam Park, is indeed larger than New York’s Central Park. Spanning over 1,000 hectares, Amsterdamse Bos dwarfs Central Park’s approximate 340 hectares. While Central Park sits amidst Manhattan’s skyscrapers, Amsterdamse Bos offers a more sprawling, forested experience on the city’s outskirts, complete with its own lakes, pathways, and recreational facilities.

Are there many parks in Amsterdam Netherlands?

Absolutely! Amsterdam boasts a large collection of beautiful parks, catering to diverse tastes and activities. From the famous Vondelpark and expansive Amsterdamse Bos to the urban park Westerpark and the small park Erasmuspark, the city provides green spaces for relaxation, cultural events, and people playing sports. Each park has its unique charm, and together they underline Amsterdam’s commitment to providing residents and visitors with the best parks and nature-infused urban experiences.

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