Digital Amsterdam Pass – New in town, but without any benefits

The New Sightseeing Pass in Town—But with Few Benefits

I can already say this: The Digital Amsterdam Pass is not worth it. It does not save you money or time. See our quick calculation to prove it.

Do you want to know which Amsterdam Sightseeing Pass is worth it? Try our Amsterdam City Pass Savings Calculator and click on the attractions you want to visit. See how to save the most money possible. Still curious? Read on to find out more about the Digital Amsterdam Pass.

What is the Digital Amsterdam Pass?

Amsterdam Digital PassAlthough it is called the Amsterdam Pass, this option is more of a Combi-Ticket: a ticket with three attractions included. You buy one ticket and automatically get 100% of the price of three attractions included. The Digital Amsterdam Pass offers three major attractions but does not allow for any swaps in the choice of attractions—all for the price of regular tickets.

How Does the Digital Amsterdam Pass Work?

As the name implies, the Digital Amsterdam Pass can only be purchased online. The perk is that when you purchase the pass, you can easily set the day and time of your visit to the attractions on the spot, on the same page, without any complications, since the three included attractions require this scheduling.

That’s it! You receive your Digital Amsterdam Pass by e-mail with the QR Code. During your trip to Amsterdam, show up 15 minutes before your entrance time, present your QR-Code, and have fun.

Digital Amsterdam Pass

Which Attractions Are Included in the Digital Amsterdam Pass?

As mentioned, this “mini” Amsterdam Sightseeing Pass includes only three already-defined attractions. The Digital Amsterdam Pass offers entrance to:

  • Van Gogh Museum
  • Rijksmuseum
  • A classic 1-hour canal cruise

How Do I Use the Digital Amsterdam Pass on My Trip?

The purchase of the Digital Amsterdam Pass and reservation time to visit the attractions are made online. This means that you just show up at the attractions on the correct day and time during your trip and enjoy.

Is the Digital Amsterdam Pass Worth It?

Unfortunately, no. The final ticket price for the attractions included in this Sightseeing Pass, bought separately, is cheaper than the price of the Digital Amsterdam Pass. This is a very easy question to answer. Since the Digital Amsterdam Pass attractions are predefined, the calculation is simple. This means that the Digital Amsterdam Pass does not help you to save money.

Digital Amsterdam Pass

Single Ticket

Van Gogh Museum


A classic 1 hour Canal Cruise

Total Price:

62 €

61,50 €


0€ / 0% 



Find the best Amsterdam Sightseeing Pass for your trip.

Amsterdam City Pass Savings Calculator

What Else Does the Digital Amsterdam Pass Offer?

When you buy the Digital Amsterdam Pass, you also receive a QR-Code to download an App. The app is an audio guide to the city of Amsterdam. All you must do is download it, walk around, and listen to information about where you are with your headphones. It’s a pocket tour guide that you can take wherever you want. The app is available in Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

The company behind the Digital Amsterdam Pass is Tiqets, which is already well known, especially in Amsterdam, where it was founded. By opting for this City Card, you also get a 10% discount coupon for your next purchases of tourist attractions in Amsterdam or hundreds of other cities worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Digital Amsterdam Pass

Can I Cancel the Digital Amsterdam Pass After Purchase?

No, as the booking time slot for the included attractions happens at the time of purchase, the Digital Amsterdam Pass cannot be cancelled.

Is the Digital Amsterdam Pass Worth It?

No. The Digital Amsterdam Pass does not offer savings. The final price of attraction tickets bought separately is actually cheaper than the price of the Digital Amsterdam Pass.

Are There Other Amsterdam Sightseeing Passes?

Yes. In addition to the Digital Amsterdam Pass, there are three other Amsterdam City Cards that can really help you save money on your trip. The I Amsterdam Card is the most famous, but the two Go City Amsterdam Passes also offer great advantages.

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