The Moco Museum in Amsterdam: Unveiling Contemporary Art

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Modern, provocative, and innovative: The Moco Museum in Amsterdam is a rare little gem among so many museums in the Dutch capital. 

Whether you are an art lover, a social media geek, or a traveler with your family, the Moco Museum is a museum in Amsterdam that surprises different audiences in different ways. The Moco Museum’s collection of works of art is astonishing for its technological installations, light installations, and artists renowned in the contemporary world.

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Moco Museum in Amsterdam

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  • The Moco Museum is an ideal museum for all kinds of people. However, because of the interactive and creative exhibits, it is perfect especially for families and those interested in vogue art.
  • The Moco Museum ticket can be purchased as a single ticket or in combination with one of the Amsterdam City Cards.
  • The Moco Museum is included in the attraction list of all three Amsterdam City Cards: the I Amsterdam Card, the Amsterdam Explorer Pass and the Amsterdam All-Inclusive.
  • It is essential to buy the ticket in advance in order to reserve the time slot.
  • The Moco Museum is not large, but very interactive. Please allow at least 1 hour for your visit.
  • Located in Amsterdam’s museum district, you can plan a sightseeing day to visit the Moco Museum as well as the other famous museums of the city: Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and the Stedelijk Museum.
  • Located in an old mansion in Amsterdam, the Moco Museum is surrounded by stairs which makes it difficult for wheelchair users and families with strollers.



What is the Moco Museum?

The Moco Museum, short for Modern Contemporary, is an esteemed art institution situated in Amsterdam. Since its establishment, it has become renowned for celebrating contemporary art forms and showcasing the works of influential artists from around the world. The museum offers a platform for emerging talents and unconventional exhibitions that push the boundaries of creativity. With its accessible and immersive approach to art, the Moco Museum invites visitors to explore the world of contemporary art and experience innovative expressions of the modern era.

The Moco Museum in Amsterdam: Unveiling Contemporary Art

Moco Museum Tickets

Moco Museum tickets must be purchased online. This is because the Moco Museum in Amsterdam requires you to reserve a time slot for entry. Regardless of whether you have purchased a single ticket or will be using one of the Amsterdam City Card options, you must select an entry time.

The entry time only determines the period you can enter, to avoid queuing, but does not determine how long you will stay in the museum. You can enjoy the Moco Museum exhibition in Amsterdam as long as you like.

Our Recommendation

Admission to Moco Museum in Amsterdam

We do not recommend purchasing the ticket directly through the Moco Museum’s official website. Tickets purchased through the official website do not allow changes in time, day, or refunds. Moco Museum tickets from Get Your Guide can be cancelled up to 24 hours before the scheduled day of the museum visit.



While the museum does not currently offer guided tours, the exhibitions are thoughtfully curated to provide an immersive experience. Detailed information accompanies the artworks, offering valuable insights into the artists and their creative processes, allowing visitors to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the contemporary art showcased.

  • Regular Ticket: 23€
  • Youth (Age 7-17): 20 €
  • Children (Age 0-6): 0
  • Student with ID: 20€

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The Moco Museum in Amsterdam: Unveiling Contemporary Art

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The Moco Museum in Amsterdam: Unveiling Contemporary Art

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The Moco Museum in Amsterdam: Unveiling Contemporary Art

Moco Museum Entry

Moco Museum Entry

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Tickets with the Amsterdam City Card

The Moco Museum in Amsterdam: Unveiling Contemporary ArtAdmission to the Moco Museum is included in all Amsterdam City Cards. After purchasing your chosen Amsterdam City Card simply go to the official Moco Museum website and book your time slot free of charge using your Amsterdam City Card code. Please note that it is mandatory to reserve a time slot before your visit.

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Is it worth a visit to the Moco Museum in Amsterdam?

Definitely YES! The Moco Museum presents a compelling and unconventional journey through the realm of contemporary art. Its dynamic exhibitions feature a mix of renowned artists and emerging talents, offering a fresh perspective on the art world. The museum’s commitment to showcasing thought-provoking and visually captivating works ensures a memorable experience for all visitors. From iconic street art to avant-garde installations, the Moco Museum enthralls with its diverse and boundary-pushing collection.

A visit to the Moco Museum in Amsterdam promises an exhilarating exploration of contemporary art. With its diverse collection, unconventional exhibitions, and thought-provoking installations, the museum offers an immersive and visually captivating experience for art lovers and curious individuals alike. Embrace the opportunity to immerse yourself in the ever-evolving world of contemporary art at the Moco Museum, where innovation and creativity take center stage.

Who visits the Moco Museum in Amsterdam?

The Moco Museum caters to a broad range of visitors, appealing to both art enthusiasts and those with a curiosity for contemporary art. Students, families, and tourists from around the world find themselves drawn to the museum’s engaging exhibitions and accessible approach to art. Whether you possess a deep appreciation for art or simply have a desire to explore the modern art scene, the Moco Museum welcomes individuals from all backgrounds to immerse themselves in the world of contemporary art.

Highlights of the Moco Museum

The Moco Museum boasts an impressive collection that encompasses a variety of artistic styles and genres. Some notable highlights include:

  • Iconic works by renowned street artist Banksy, showcasing his subversive and thought-provoking artistry.
  • Exhibitions featuring influential contemporary artists such as Salvador Dalí, Roy Lichtenstein, Keith Haring, and Jean-Michel Basquiat, shed light on their groundbreaking contributions to modern art.
  • Immersive installations that challenge traditional notions of art, encouraging viewer interaction and providing a multisensory experience.

Tips for Visiting the Moco Museum

To make the most of your visit to the Moco Museum, consider the following tips:

  • Although the Moco Museum is not very large, allow at least an hour for your visit.
  • Check the museum’s official website for information on current exhibitions and any additional events or programs during your visit.
  • Purchase tickets online in advance to skip the lines and ensure entry.
  • Allocate sufficient time to explore the museum’s exhibitions thoroughly, as the compact size allows for an intimate and focused experience.
  • Engage with the interactive installations and embrace the opportunity to participate and immerse yourself in the art.
  • Respect any photography guidelines and be mindful of other visitors’ experiences while capturing memories.

Events Inside the Moco Museum

The Moco Museum frequently hosts a range of engaging events, including artist talks, workshops, and temporary installations. These events provide visitors with the opportunity to interact with artists, gain insights into their creative processes, and experience the museum in a unique and interactive way. Stay updated on the museum’s event calendar or subscribe to their newsletter to ensure you don’t miss out on these exciting experiences.

FAQs about the Moco Museum:

Are there any dining options available within the museum?

Yes, the Moco Museum features a café where visitors can enjoy refreshments and light snacks.

Is the museum accessible for individuals with disabilities?

Yes, the Moco Museum is equipped with facilities to accommodate visitors with disabilities, including wheelchair access and accessible restrooms.

Can I take photographs or videos inside the museum?

Generally, photography without flash is allowed inside the museum. However, it is advisable to check with museum staff for any specific restrictions or guidelines regarding temporary exhibitions or installations.

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