Anne Frank House in Amsterdam – The Story behind the Diary

More than a museum: The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam is an emotional experience with historical significance

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The Anne Frank House is one of the most famous sights in Amsterdam. That’s why you will find all the tips to secure your ticket here and book the best walking tours about the life of the most famous Jewish girl in history.

Tickets to the Anne Frank House are in high demand and sell out quickly, so we’ve done thorough research to ensure you can secure your tickets.

Ticket info for you

Tickets for the Anne Frank House from €16 buy
Show Ticket

Looking for last-minute tickets to Anne Frank House? Check here.

Anne Frank House Tickets

Here is some very important information about tickets for the Anne Frank House:

  • Only the official website of the Anne Frank House offers tickets.
  • Walking tours don’t offer admission to the Anne Frank House. The walking tour takes you around the city to learn more about the life of Anne Frank but does not include the house.
  • Tickets on the official website are sold six weeks in advance and sell out quickly.
  • Every Tuesday at 10:00 (CEST), new future dates are released.

Anne Frank House Tickets


Anne Frank House Tours

The Anne Frank House Museum in Amsterdam does not offer a walking tour inside the original house. You can choose to visit the house on your own with the help of an audio guide, or you can opt for the ticket, which gives an introductory presentation in English (30 minutes) before you start your visit to the Anne Frank House. If you want to know more about Anne Frank’s story, you can book one of the walking tours detailing her story and the second world war. We recommend taking an Anne Frank Walking Tour before you visit the museum to get the full experience of the house.


Anne Frank House Ticket Options

Here are the only two tickets for the Anne Frank House:

  • Ticket for Anne Frank House Museum + Audio Guide – Book here
  • Ticket for Anne Frank House Museum + Audio Guide + 30-minute introductory program in English – Book here

Anne Frank House ticket prices

Museum Introduction
Regular Ticket:
Youth ticket:
(10-17 Jahre)
Children's ticket:
(0-9 Jahre)

Need Last-Minute Anne Frank House Tickets?

While 80% of tickets used to be offered in advance and 20% went on sale the same day, that’s no longer the case. If you have not found tickets for the museum in advance on the date you want, the most you can do is check the possibility of tickets with the introductory program. If you do not find ticket options on the official website, you won’t find them anywhere else either.


anne frank museum amsterdam
The former queue in front of the Anne Frank House. Since tickets are purchased online with an admission time, the queue length has shortened. Note: There is no ticket sale on-site, only online and in advance.

Tips for Your Anne Frank House Visit

  • Be on time. The tickets have a 15-minute window in which you can enter the house. For example, if you bought a ticket for 11:00, you can enter at 11:00-11:15. If you show up any later, you will lose your ticket. Arrive a few minutes before the start of the admission time, get in line (which is usually not that long), and go in at your leisure.
  • The audio guide is free and contains important information for your visit to the Anne Frank House. The audio guide offers information in nine languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish.
  • The museum has a small locker where you can store your coat, umbrella, and small items for free. However, the museum does not accept suitcases, backpacks, or bags larger than A4.
  • The Anne Frank Museum is not barrier-free. It is the actual house that served as a hiding place for Anne Frank and her family. The place is small and has steep stairs. However, you don’t need physical fitness to visit the museum, just the mobility to walk up and down the stairs. There are no elevators. Visitors with mobility impairments can visit the more modern part of the museum with temporary exhibitions, a café, and a store.
  • The museum is appropriate for children ages 10 and up, but parents are welcome to bring younger children if they wish. Remember that everyone must have a ticket, including babies and toddlers.
  • Although most tourists scramble to secure tickets for the morning, you should know that the Anne Frank House is open until 10pm every day. Since it is a house and an extension, the daylight does not affect the visit. Tickets after 6pm are usually less popular with visitors, allowing a little more space for you to explore.


What Is the Visit to the Anne Frank Museum About?

The Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam is one of the most important buildings in the city. This was the hiding place of the young Anne Frank during the second world war. Her diary would later make her world-famous. Anne Frank, a Jewish girl who went into hiding during World War II to escape the Nazis, spent two long years in a secret annex on the top floor of this building. This haunting yet beautiful house now houses the diary Anne wrote during her long days in hiding, along with hundreds of loose pages that describe her life in poetic detail.

Anne Frank House in Amsterdam – The Story behind the Diary

The museum on Prinsengracht, one of Amsterdam’s most famous spots, takes visitors through each room of the actual house, starting with the downstairs warehouse that was part of the Franks’ family business. The house is an emotionally moving place everyone visiting Amsterdam should see.


Is A Visit to the Anne Frank House Worthwhile?

Our Loving Travel team is not only big fans of Amsterdam but also of the history and experience of visiting the Anne Frank House.

Anne Frank House in Amsterdam

Is it worth a visit?

Anne Frank’s house is a unique place in the world. The museum is one of the few places that tell such a personal, true story of great historical significance. Anne Frank’s institution and her father, Otto Frank, the family’s only Holocaust survivor, fought hard to ensure that the house was not demolished but structurally fully restored, preserving the original items and walls. That’s why the Anne Frank House is truly moving and a profound experience in one of the darkest chapters of human history.

However, it should be noted that a visit to the Anne Frank House is quieter than the other “attractions” in Amsterdam. Apart from the fact that photos are prohibited, visitors naturally adopt an attitude of respect, introspection, and reverence.

What Can Be Seen in the Anne Frank House?

The Anne Frank House is a small museum, only 500 square meters, but here you will visit the rooms that continue to tell the story of Anne Frank before and during the second world war. Throughout the museum, there are numerous exhibit rooms that showcase various pages from her notebook, a variety of artifacts, bookcases, and former living quarters. It consists of the main house and the annex where Anne Frank hid during World War II and wrote her famous, beloved diary. The Anne Frank House Museum in Amsterdam is divided into a permanent exhibition and temporary exhibitions.

Anne Frank House in Amsterdam – The Story behind the Diary

The Permanent Exhibition of the Anne Frank Museum

The visit begins in the most modern area of the museum: Westermarkt 20. The first room immediately grabs you deeply: It’s dimly lit with large, plain photos of Anne Frank on blank white walls and emotional excerpts from her famous diary. A permanent exhibition here pays tribute to the author of the world’s most famous diary and the other thousands of Holocaust victims.

A visit to the house in the original building begins in the room for transporting goods. Employees who worked here during World War II were unaware of a family hiding on the upper floor.

The tour continues through the special mill room, and in the back is the warehouse where the goods were packed.

Next to this area is the small office of Otto Frank, which was closed to the public because it is too small but still has all the original furniture.

Up the narrow staircase and through a small room is a movable bookcase that hides the door to the secret outbuilding. Behind the secret door that connected the front house with the annex, eight people hid for 761 days. You quickly realize you are in a special place.

The way through the secret door leads to the hidden annex, a 46 m2 room divided into two rooms, a kitchen, a toilet, and an attic inhabited by two families.

In the room where Anne slept with her sister Margot, newspaper and magazine clippings reveal the dreamy, childlike side of the girl who wanted to be a journalist. Here, you can also see the markings of their growth during the hiding period and other items. This is certainly the most emotional and moving part of the visit to the Anne Frank Museum.

After visiting the other areas of the Anne Frank Museum, photos and video statements add to the story. They tell how the families received help from colleagues, what happened after the Nazis invaded the hideout, and how Otto obtained his daughter’s diary and made it not only one of the best-selling and most translated books in the world but also an icon of one of the saddest times of mankind.

Temporary Exhibitions of the Anne Frank Museum

Temporary exhibitions are shown in the more modern part of the museum.

However, these exhibitions share facts and events connected with the Frank family. Beginning June 10, 2023, a new exhibition will be on display featuring images and facts about the Frank family in Frankfurt am Main in 1929 and 1933.

Anne Frank House in Amsterdam – The Story behind the Diary

Facts & Figures About the Anne Frank House

  • The Anne Frank House is one of the most popular museums in the Netherlands, with one million visitors a year.
  • The annex, still visible today, was hidden by nearby houses during the war, making it the perfect hiding place.
  • Anne Frank’s diary has been written in more than 70 languages and sold over 30 million copies.
  • The building was almost demolished in the 50s before it became a museum.

Anne Frank Tours in Amsterdam

We mentioned earlier that you can visit Anne Frank’s house and join one of the many walking tours that talk more about Anne Frank’s story and what happened in Amsterdam during World War II. As a reminder, none of the walking tours include a ticket to the Anne Frank House.

Our recommendation

Anne Frank House in Amsterdam – The Story behind the Diary

Anne Frank House in Amsterdam – The Story behind the Diary

Anne Frank House in Amsterdam – The Story behind the Diary

Anne Frank House in Amsterdam – The Story behind the Diary


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Admission to the Anne Frank House

Admission to other attractions

  • Jewish Cultural Quarterl
  • Jewish Historical Museum
  • Children’s Museum
  • Portuguese Synagogue
  • National Holocaust Memorial
  • National Holocaust Museum






Included in a Sightseeing Pass




Frequently asked questions about the Anne Frank House

Where is Anne Frank's house in Amsterdam?

The original house is located at Prinsengracht 263-267 in Amsterdam. However, the entrance for visitors is right next door, at Westermarkt 20.

How long is the visit to the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam?

Usually one hour. However, there is no maximum length of stay in the museum. However, visitors must be on time to enter within the time window on the ticket.

how much does the ticket for the Anne Frank House cost?

Adults pay 16 euros, children from 10 to 17 years 7 euros and children up to 6 years 1 euro.

Can I take pictures at the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam?

No. Unfortunately, this is strictly prohibited.

Are there guided tours of the Anne Frank Museum?

Unfortunately, there are no tours, but there are tours that lead through the Jewish quarter in Amsterdam and where the life of Anne Frank is the focus!

Is there a museum store in the Anne Frank House?

Yes. In addition to Anne Frank’s diary in a variety of languages, you’ll find many other tasteful mementos there.

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