The Heineken Experience – The secrets of Holland’s most famous beer

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The Heineken Experience is one of the biggest attractions of the city and should definitely be experienced on a trip to Amsterdam. In the Amsterdam Heineken Experience, you will be taken deep into the world of the legendary Dutch beer. The whole thing is just phenomenally well done and mega interactive with multimedia and entertainment!

Located in the center of Amsterdam, the Heineken Experience welcomes over 900,000 visitors worldwide each year. And there is a reason for that!

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What is the Amsterdam Heineken Experience?

A mix of a historic brewery, a museum, and even an interactive activity, the Heineken Experience features several rooms that tell the story of how the beer was created and how the brand became established worldwide.

However, one of the highlights of the Heineken Experience in Amsterdam is the technology! The exhibition has projectors, monitors, explanations with holograms, and many interactive activities.

In addition to the tour of the impressive corridors and rooms of the Heineken Experience, there is, of course, also a tasting room. Here you can even grab the tap yourself and taste the years of Heineken beer history in your hands.

Tickets for the Heineken Experience

The Heineken Experience in Amsterdam offers different types of visits. Still, all of them are different from the city’s traditional museums. Check out the different types of Heineken Experience in Amsterdam here.

Heineken Experience Ticket Overview



1,5 Std
2,5 Std
1,5 Std
1,5 Std
1,5 Std
Access to the brewery
English introduction
Guided tour with brewing expert
Access to a hidden bar
Heineken gift
Beer tasting
Other attractions
75 minute canal tour
Access to the Heineken Rooftop
Johan Cruijff ArenA
Included in a City Card



The Heineken Experience in Detail

Take a look at the individual options of the Heineken Experience in Amsterdam in detail

  1. 01

    Basic: Heineken Experience Tour

    Walking Tour in De Pijp
    Heineken Experience
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    Say the Amsterdam Heineken Experience isn’t cutting it for you, and you consider yourself a real beer expert or want to become one, you should note this tour. You learn a lot about the beer culture of Amsterdam, which experienced a remarkable renaissance a few decades ago. The guide was mega-knowledgeable and just fun to listen to. On this tour, you’ll learn about Amsterdam’s best smaller breweries, such a the Oedipus, De Prael, or De Bekeerde Suster. But the program also includes a tour of the world-famous Amsterdam Heineken Experience and other Dutch breweries. You cane enjoy historical walk through Amsterdam’s historic core—with beer! What more could you ask for?

  2. 02

    Heineken Experience VIP-Tour

    Walking Tour in De Pijp
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    If you want to have the best Heineken experience, the VIP tour is a great option. Here a guide accompanies the entire tour. You can taste up to five Heineken beers and some snacks with the beers. And finally, the Heineken Experience VIP Tour comes with a personalized gift.

    The Heineken Experience VIP Tour is not included in any Amsterdam Tour Pass option and must be booked in advance.

    The Heineken Experience VIP Tour lasts about 2.5 hours.

  3. 03

    Heineken Experience Tour + Rooftop

    Rooftop Bar in De Pijp
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    This guided tour of the Heineken Experience in Amsterdam includes an immersion in the history of one of the world’s most beloved breweries and a breathtaking view from the rooftop. Heineken’s Rooftop Bar in Amsterdam can only be visited with this ticket. The Rooftop Bar is not open to the public, and tickets are not sold on the spot, so be sure to purchase a pass and book a time slot online and in advance. At the end of one of the most popular tours in Amsterdam, you can enjoy a cold beer with a great view of the city. Cheers!


  4. 04

    Heineken Experience & Canal Cruise

    Combi Tour in De Pijp
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    You can’t go wrong with this combo ticket. You can kill two birds with one stone because the ticket includes the Heineken Experience Tour and a leisurely boat trip on the canals of Amsterdam, two of the most popular tourist attractions in Holland’s capital. You can choose which of the two Amsterdam activities you want to do first. And of course, the price is lower than if you buy both tickets separately! From the boat, you will experience Amsterdam from its most beautiful side. You’ll pass beautiful traditional merchant houses, cross numerous picturesque bridges and see the many houseboats typical of Amsterdam. This 75-minute boat ride is a must on any Amsterdam trip. The Amsterdam Heineken Experience is incredibly popular at any time of the year. With this combo ticket, however, you can be stress-free past the long queue. From my experience, I can say that otherwise, you must wait really long. You save not only money but also time with this combo ticket.

  5. 05

    Heineken Flagship Store

    Shop & Boutique in De Pijp
    Heineken Experience Shop
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    The Heineken Shop is in the same building as the Heineken Experience Tours in Amsterdam.

    The store is the only part that does not require a ticket. However, if you have chosen one of the guided Heineken Experience tours, you will also pass by the store at the end of the excursion.

    The Heineken Shop is open every day of the week and offers exclusive gifts and souvenirs from the brand.

    One of the most popular gifts in the Heineken store is, without a doubt, the Heineken bottle with an official logo and your chosen name.


Tour Heineken Experience

VIP-Tour – Heineken Experience

If you are really interested in beer-making and want to know in detail about quality, ingredients, production methods, and marketing strategies, the VIP tour offers you a more intense experience on the subject.

The VIP tour is the only option where a beer specialist accompanies you during the 2.5-hour tour. You can even try five different beers, accompanied by delicious snacks.

VIP-Tour Heineken Experience

Review of the Heineken Experience

At first glance, the Amsterdam Heineken Experience Tour is like a visit to a brewery: You can follow the production of a Heineken beer step by step, from brewing the hops to labeling the product. It’s fascinating because the tour is so well done with so much multimedia that’s exceedingly interactive. So, it’s much more than a simple brewery visit or a museum visit. There is simply never a dull moment!

It is up to you how much time you want to take during your stay. During your Amsterdam Heineken Experience, you will also learn a lot about the history of the giant company, the four classic ingredients of Heineken beer, and the brewing process. Finally, of course, you cannot miss the tasting room, where you can drink two glasses of beer.

The Heineken tour can be the ideal attraction for you, or you can also combine this option with a canal tour, a visit to the rooftop, or even a ticket to the famous soccer stadium, “Johan Cruijff Arena.”

Amsterdam Tips

Big Rush

Amsterdam is a trendy city to visit all year round. That’s why most attractions no longer sell tickets at the door—only online and in advance. The Heineken Experience is part of this list of attractions, where all ticket options must be purchased in advance.

For visitors who choose the Go City Amsterdam Pass, which includes a ticket to the Heineken Experience, it is necessary to reserve a time slot.

Tour VIP Tour

Data & Facts

Heineken is considered the second-largest brewery in the world! The old brewery, which is now open to tourists and has been converted into the Heineken Experience, has been there since 1873. Fun fact: 25 million glasses of Heineken are served every day in 192 countries!

Therefore, Heineken is considered the most widely distributed beer brand in the world. Heineken as a brand is omnipresent, and you will have seen the posters and advertisements during many major sports broadcasts!

Frequently asked questions about the Heineken Experience

How long does Heineken Experience last?

The classic Heineken Experience Tour lasts about 1.5 hours. Meanwhile, the VIP tour lasts 2.5 hours, but with both options, staying longer in the brewery is not possible.


Can you visit the Heineken Brewery building in Amsterdam without a tour or ticket?

No, unfortunately. The former Heineken Brewery building in Amsterdam can only be visited with a tour ticket. However, visiting the Heineken store in this building is free and does not require a ticket.

Are minors allowed to enter the Heineken Experience when accompanied by their parents?

Unfortunately, no. Only people over 18 can participate in the Heineken Experience Tour in Amsterdam.

Is it possible to buy a ticket for the Heineken Experience on-site?

No. All Heineken Experience Amsterdam tours can only be booked online, and it is required that you book your day and time in advance.

Is the Heineken Experience Ticket included in the I Amsterdam Card?

Officially, no! The ticket is not included in the list of free tickets on the I Amsterdam Card. Currently, I Amsterdam Card holders can purchase the Heineken Experience ticket for 25% off.

Only the Amsterdam Explorer Pass and Amsterdam All-Inclusive offer 100% of the Heineken Experience admission, but you must book the time slot to visit (at no additional cost).

What languages does the Heineken Experience Tour offer?

All tours are in English, but audio guides are available in Dutch, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese. An audio guide offers only the informative part of the Heineken tour. Here, you can also get quick help in your native language during the tour by looking at the pins on the crew’s shirts that show the languages they speak.

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