The 21 Best Places to Eat in Amsterdam in 2024: Our Food Guide

Where to Eat in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam offers incredible museums, historic architecture, and breathtaking landscapes. However, Amsterdam’s gastronomic scene is arguably one of the best in the world. Find out where the best places to eat in Amsterdam are.

From traditional Dutch dishes to international cuisines such as Japanese food, Indonesian food, and even Surinamese food: Amsterdam offers a little bit of everything with excellence.

What are the Best Places to Eat in Amsterdam?

Among the countless options of restaurants, food markets, cafés and food trucks, we have selected the most authentic and best places to eat in Amsterdam:

  1. 01

    De Foodhallen

    Food Market in Amsterdam Canal Belt
    Essen in den Foodhallen in Amsterdam in Holland
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    De FoodHallen stands as a culinary haven within the heart of Amsterdam. This indoor food market, a must-visit among the Best Places to Eat in Amsterdam, features an array of stalls offering a diverse range of international cuisine, from sushi and dim sum to gourmet burgers and Mediterranean delights. Housed in a former tram depot, the industrial-chic ambiance adds to the charm. Whether you’re a food enthusiast or seeking a lively dining experience, De FoodHallen promises an adventure of flavors in a vibrant setting, making it a favorite stop among locals and visitors alike.

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    Cannibale Royale

    Restaurant in Amsterdam Old City
    Cannibale Royale in Amsterdam
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    When you’re in Amsterdam, a visit to Cannibale Royale is a must for all the meat enthusiasts. Situated at the heart of De Pijp, this brasserie stands as the **best place to eat** chargrilled delights. Whether you’re yearning for their signature burger with pulled pork or the town’s finest ribs, this restaurant delivers robust flavors well into the night. Adding to the experience, their craft beer selection harmoniously complements your meal, making your time at Cannibale Royale an unforgettable culinary journey.

  3. 03

    The Avocado Show

    Restaurant in De Pijp
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    For a distinctive Breakfast in Amsterdam experience, look no further than The Avocado Show. This trendy establishment has captured the city’s attention with its inventive menu centered around avocados. From avocado burgers to delicately crafted avocado roses on toast, each plate is a culinary masterpiece. The Avocado Show offers a refreshing and dynamic way to start your day, paying homage to the cherished green fruit in a multitude of creative and delectable forms. As you wonder, where are the best places to eat in Amsterdam, this spot undoubtedly stands out.

    Originating in Amsterdam, The Avocado Show has expanded its presence to cities across Europe, including Brussels, London, Madrid, and Stuttgart. Yet, its official hub remains nestled within Amsterdam’s renowned De Pijp neighborhood. As the name implies, the restaurant’s star ingredient is avocado, and the creativity shines through in offerings like avocado burgers, fried avocado, avocado bowls, and more. A haven for avocado aficionados and breakfast enthusiasts, though options might be limited for those who don’t indulge in the beloved green fruit.

  4. 04

    Albert Cuyp Market

    Food Market in De Pijp
    Albert Cuyp Market GYG
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    One of the Best Places to Eat in Amsterdam, the Albert Cuyp Market, also known as Albert Cuypstraat, is undoubtedly the most famous open-air market in Amsterdam. Here, amidst the vibrant ambiance of the Best Places to Eat in Amsterdam, there are more than 300 stalls offering food, gifts, souvenirs, vegetables, fresh fruit, clothes, children’s goods, second-hand articles, and collectors’ items.

    In other words, you have a food market, a vintage market, and a street market all in one place. However, make no mistake, the Albert Cuypstraat is not a secret Amsterdam tip and is considered a tourist attraction, so expect a lot of people walking around and bringing some patience with you.

    Located within the trendy De Pijp neighborhood, the Albert Cuypstraat is just a few steps from the Heineken Experience, making it very easy to find within the city’s tourist area.

  5. 05

    De Japanner

    Restaurant in De Pijp
    Best Places to Eat in Amsterdam
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    De Japanner in Amsterdam offers a tantalizing fusion of traditional Japanese flavors and modern innovation. Located in the bustling Pijp district, it’s a hotspot for delectable sushi, creative small plates, and unique Japanese-inspired cocktails. The cozy ambiance and friendly staff make it a great place for a laid-back meal with friends or a romantic evening. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore their diverse menu that beautifully captures the essence of Japanese cuisine with a contemporary twist.
    Don’t miss the chance to try the Beef Tataki with thin slices of beef with garlic, ginger and the house special sauce. Another highlight is the gyozas with wagyu beef and kimchi.

  6. 06

    Pancakes Amsterdam

    Restaurant in Jordaan
    Pancakes Amsterdam
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    When it comes to the best places to eat in Amsterdam, Pancakes Amsterdam holds a special place. Nestled in the heart of the city, this charming eatery is dedicated to the art of pancakes. Offering a diverse range of sweet and savory options, from traditional Dutch pancakes to creative interpretations, Pancakes Amsterdam delights both locals and visitors. Its cozy ambiance and dedication to quality ingredients make it a top choice for a satisfying meal. Whether you’re savoring classic pancakes with syrup or exploring unique toppings, a visit to Pancakes Amsterdam promises a delightful culinary experience that captures the essence of Dutch cuisine. As a plus, Pancakes has vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and lactose-free options!

  7. 07

    Skybar Malabar

    Rooftop Bar in Amsterdam-Centrum
    Skybar Malabar in Amsterdam bei Nacht
    Bild: Hotel Jakarta Amsterdam
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    Perched atop the 8th and 9th floors of Hotel Jakarta, Malabar Amsterdam offers an unrivaled dining experience, establishing itself as **one of the best places to eat in Amsterdam**. Elevating your senses 35 meters above sea level, it presents breathtaking vistas of the IJ River. Malabar Amsterdam presents a delightful array of dishes and culinary choices that captivate your palate. From innovative creations like the “Rendang Jamur” featuring mushrooms, coconut bambu, chili, and white rice, to classic offerings including Caesar salad, beef entrecôte, and lobster tail, every dining experience at Malabar is a journey of flavors and exploration. Reservations aren’t accepted, encouraging spontaneity. Pair it with a trip to the neighboring Nemo Science Museum, and savor the ambiance during a captivating sunset.

  8. 08

    Brouwerij 't IJ

    Bar & Pub in Plantage
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    Where are the best places to eat in Amsterdam is a common question, and Brouwerij ‘t IJ undoubtedly deserves a mention. Situated beside a historic windmill, this brewery is a hidden gem. Pair their exceptional craft beers with mouthwatering snacks like cheese platters, sausages, and bitterballen. The spacious outdoor terrace offers a perfect setting to savor these treats while enjoying the brewery’s unique atmosphere. From fantastic brews to delectable bites, Brouwerij ‘t IJ is a must-visit spot for culinary and beer enthusiasts exploring Amsterdam.

  9. 09

    The Old Bell

    Bar & Pub in Amsterdam Canal Belt
    the Old Bells in Amsterdam
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    This English-style pub in the center of Amsterdam offers cold beer and hearty, generous meals. A menu of Dutch, German, English and Irish beers awaits you here. The food menu has a short but well-chosen selection of pub food: sandwiches, fried chicken wings, Dutch croquettes and English meat pies. A perfect place to take a break from city sightseeing and relax.

  10. 10

    Hotel De Goudfazant

    Restaurant in Amsterdam Noord
    hotel de goudfazant
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    Despite its name, the Hotel de Goudfazant is not a hotel but a restaurant. Considered one of the coolest restaurants to eat at in Amsterdam, Hotel de Goudfazant is located inside an industrial building overlooking the water and offers a three-course dinner at a great price (around 40 euros). Expect here international cuisine but with a focus on fresh, local ingredients.

  11. 11


    Market in Watergraafsmeer
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    The Dappermarkt is ideal for those who like to eat a variety of typical foods and try out different flavors. Here you can find many food truck style stalls, as well as a huge variety of fresh produce, local cheeses, homemade jams, clothes, vintage items, and even art. As you stroll through this diverse and culturally rich market, you’ll encounter a multitude of food stalls and trucks offering a global culinary journey. Delight in Turkish delights, Surinamese snacks, Dutch herring, and more. From savory treats to delectable sweets, the Dappermarkt caters to every palate, making it a gastronomic haven for locals and visitors alike.

    With this range of options, it’s no surprise that this market attracts hundreds of visitors every day. This is considered one of the great markets in Amsterdam.

  12. 12

    FEBO Amsterdam - Nieuwendijk 220

    Restaurant in Jordaan
    Vending Machine in Amsterdam
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    For a taste of novelty and convenience, look no further than Amsterdam’s vending machine croquettes. These warm, flavorful snacks may not boast a fine-dining pedigree, but they offer a unique experience that adds a playful twist to the city’s food scene. It’s as simple as dropping a coin in and watching as your selection of hamburgers, kroketten, or frikandellen is served up hot and ready to enjoy. It’s quick, it’s convenient, and buying hot food from vending machines is something you’ll find only in this city!

  13. 13

    Van Wonderen Stroopwafels

    Café in De Wallen
    Van Wonderen Stroopwafels
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    In the heart of Amsterdam, discover the delightful world of Van Wonderen Stroopwafels. This sweet haven crafts these iconic Dutch treats into edible works of art. From classic caramel to whimsical toppings like rainbow sprinkles, these stroopwafels are a visual and flavorful delight. The charming storefront and the scent of freshly baked waffles lure in both locals and visitors. Indulge in these warm, gooey delights and experience a piece of Dutch culinary tradition, beautifully reimagined at Van Wonderen Stroopwafels.

  14. 14

    Staring at Jacob

    Restaurant in Amsterdam Oud-West
    Staring at Jacob Amsterdam
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    When it comes to eating in Amsterdam, Restaurant Staring At Jacob ensures hearty satisfaction. The menu offers an array of comforting meal choices, making it the perfect breakfast or brunch spot for those with an appetite. Indulge not only in delectable dishes like their renowned chicken and waffles but also savor their signature drinks and cocktails. A visit to Staring At Jacob promises an unforgettable culinary experience where delightful flavors meet vibrant vibes.

  15. 15


    Restaurant in IJ Waterfront
    Best places to eat in Amsterdam
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    Exploring eating in Amsterdam, our next stop is Choux, a haven for vegetarian options conveniently located near Station Centraal. With a meticulously crafted rotating menu, Choux presents captivating dishes like pigeon leg confit and butter beans adorned with edible flowers, distinguishing itself within Amsterdam’s culinary landscape. Additionally, their Theater Menu offers an affordable €50 early dining experience, making Choux an ideal choice for a romantic evening before immersing in the jazz tunes at the nearby Bimhuis.

  16. 16

    The Breakfast Club Amsterdam

    Restaurant in Plantage
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    The triumph of The Breakfast Club in London has undeniably left its impression in Amsterdam. Boasting over 7 city locations, this renowned restaurant is celebrated for its incredible all-day breakfast offerings. Among the standout options is the indulgent American-style pancakes, generously laden with chocolate, whipped cream, fresh fruit, and sweet syrups. If you’re on the hunt for delectable pancakes in Amsterdam, make sure to include The Breakfast Club on your list of top choices for where to eat in Amsterdam. However, the Breakfast Club in Amsterdam offers a wide range of dishes including eggs benedict, cheese sandwiches, soups, salads, chicken and waffles, and even burgers.

  17. 17

    Amsterdam Cheese Company

    Shop & Boutique in De Wallen
    Amsterdam Cheese Company
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    It’s not a bar, it’s not a restaurant and it’s not a café, but it’s perhaps one of the best places to eat cheese in Amsterdam. Here you’re invited to taste many types of local cheeses, get an up-close look at cheese making and even secure the best souvenirs you could wish for from Amsterdam: cheese.
    This cheese paradise showcases an array of Dutch cheeses, from aged Gouda to flavorful Edam. The inviting store offers not only a delectable assortment for tasting and purchasing but also insights into the cheese-making process. With its warm ambiance and friendly staff, the Amsterdam Cheese Company provides a true cheese-lover’s experience, allowing you to savor and take home the essence of Dutch gastronomy.

  18. 18


    Restaurant in Buiksloterham
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    When you ask yourself, where to eat in Amsterdam. The answer gains a new gem with Cornerstore, a culinary collaboration by veterans from acclaimed establishments like Café Binnenvisser and De Klaproos. In this minimalist setting, pan-Asian delights and natural wines converge, creating a distinctive dining affair. Embrace a multisensory experience with the backdrop of vinyl music, where vegetables take the spotlight and offerings like rotisserie chicken and fish provide nuanced accompaniments. As evening unfolds, witness the transformation of supper into a vibrant soirée, making Cornerstore an iconic gastronomic destination in Amsterdam Noord

  19. 19

    Spectrum in Amsterdam

    Restaurant in Amsterdam Canal Belt
    Where to eat in Amsterdam
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    Are you prepared for an unparalleled culinary adventure? Direct your steps to Spectrum, one of the best places to eat in Amsterdam. Within these walls, the two-Michelin-star enchantment unfolds under Chef Sidney Schutte’s skillful hands, presenting exquisitely crafted dishes. Imagine savoring Dutch lobster paired with a touch of whimsy. Housed in a classic canal building, the establishment exudes an air of sophistication minus any pretentiousness. While it might be a bit indulgent, every morsel undeniably justifies the experience. There’s no doubt that Spectrum firmly secures its spot among the best places to eat in Amsterdam for an unforgettable dinner.

  20. 20

    MOAK Pancakes City Center

    Restaurant in De Wallen
    MOAK Pancakes in Amsterdam
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    So, check it out – MOAK Pancakes in Amsterdam is like the ultimate pancake joint that’s totally hip and happening. They’re all about top-notch stuff and cooking up super cool recipes, so you can imagine the kind of mind-blowing pancake game they’ve got going. You’ve got these dreamy stacks that practically beg for Insta fame, loaded with fresh berries and all that jazz. And get this, they even do these wild combos like smoked salmon and avocado for the fancy folks. Plus, the vibe is totally chill, the place looks awesome, and the crew is pretty darn friendly. If you’re all about flipping for flapjacks, you’ve gotta hit up MOAK Pancakes – it’s like the new-school Dutch pancake paradise.

  21. 21

    Restaurant Moon in Amsterdam

    Restaurant in Buiksloterham
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    Perched high in the A’DAM Tower, Restaurant Moon in Amsterdam offers a dining experience above the clouds. The revolving restaurant presents refined cuisine with a contemporary touch, accompanied by stunning panoramic views of the city’s skyline. Whether for a romantic dinner or a special celebration, the elegant ambiance and innovative dishes make Restaurant Moon a destination where gastronomy meets breathtaking vistas, providing an unforgettable culinary journey in the heart of Amsterdam.

Our Amsterdam Food Articles

Our Gastronomic Guide to Amsterdam is packed with tips ranging from the most famous to the most secret:

My Favorite Best Place to Eat in Amsterdam

If you’re looking for a special place to eat in Amsterdam, Restaurant Moon offers a unique experience. We already recommend a visit to the A’dam Lookout as one of the best things to do in Amsterdam. Moon is the restaurant inside the same building. Although they are located at the same address, Moon requires a reservation through the official website and does not require a ticket to enter. What awaits you at Moon is a revolving restaurant with a 360-degree view. Over the course of an hour, the revolving restaurant moves very slowly and doesn’t bother even those who are sensitive, but offers a new view with every bite. Dinner at the Moon offers a 5 or 6-course experience, as well as a wine and drink list that will amaze you. The prices at the Moon are not exorbitant, for around 70 euros you can have a 5-course experience at dinner and around 40 euros for 3 courses at lunch.

Tips for the best places to eat in Amsterdam

We’ve selected the best tips for you when choosing the best places to eat in Amsterdam. Remember that you can use our travel planner tool to plan your day-to-day trip to Amsterdam for free and with ease. On MyTravel, you can enter all the tips for restaurants, bars, food markets, and much more and easily organize them along your travel itinerary.

Absolutely, here are some top-notch tips for finding the best places to eat in Amsterdam:

  • Explore Neighborhoods: Different neighborhoods offer diverse culinary experiences. Check out De Pijp for trendy eateries or Jordaan for cozy cafes.
  • Avoid Tourist Traps: Restaurants right next to major attractions might be overpriced and lacking in quality. Wander a bit further for better options.
  • Look for Local Ingredients: Places that emphasize locally sourced ingredients often deliver fresher and more authentic meals.
  • Reservations: If you’re eyeing a popular spot, consider making a reservation, especially for dinner.
  • Lunch Specials: Some restaurants offer fixed-price lunch menus that can give you a taste of their offerings without breaking the bank.
  • Try Street Food: Don’t underestimate street food markets like Albert Cuypmarkt or Foodhallen. They’re great for quick, tasty bites.
  • Be Adventurous: Don’t hesitate to try local specialties like herring, stroopwafels, and bitterballen.
  • Plan Ahead for Special Diets: If you have dietary restrictions, check if the restaurant accommodates your needs in advance.
  • Cash or Card: Make sure you know if the place accepts card payments, as not all do.
  • Enjoy a Waterfront Meal: Many Amsterdam restaurants boast canal-side views. It’s a great way to immerse in the city’s ambiance.
  • Multicultural Scene: Don’t limit yourself to Dutch cuisine. Amsterdam’s international food scene is diverse and delightful.
  • Daytime Exploring: Combine your meal with sightseeing. Some restaurants offer stunning views or are close to attractions.
  • Weekday vs. Weekend: Some restaurants have different menus or timings on weekends, so keep that in mind.
  • Embrace the Unusual: Amsterdam has quirky dining options, like eating in a greenhouse or on a boat. Embrace the unique experiences.

Remember, finding the best places to eat in Amsterdam is all about embracing culinary adventure and savoring every bite. Bon appétit!

The most frequently asked questions about the best places to eat in Amsterdam

What are the most popular restaurants in Amsterdam?

Some of the most popular restaurants in Amsterdam include “De Foodhallen” with its diverse food stalls, “The Avocado Show” for creative avocado dishes, “Moeders” for traditional Dutch cuisine, and “Ciel Bleu” for fine dining with panoramic views. “Brouwerij ‘t IJ” is famous for its craft beers, and “Restaurant Rijks” offers exquisite dishes inspired by Dutch heritage.

Where are the best places to eat in Amsterdam on Budget?

For budget-friendly dining in Amsterdam, explore “Foodhallen” for diverse affordable options. “Febo” offers fast Dutch snacks. “Winkel 43” is known for its reasonably priced apple pie. “Tokyo Ramen Takeichi” provides hearty bowls of ramen at an economical cost. “Burgerlijk” offers tasty burgers without breaking the bank. Lastly, try “De Pizzabakkers” for delicious wood-fired pizzas at wallet-friendly prices.

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