The 24 Best Attractions in Amsterdam for 2024

What are the Must-See attractions in Amsterdam?

In the largest city of the Netherlands there is of course also a lot to see. Precisely because the offer in the canal city is so diverse, however, it is often difficult to decide. Therefore, we tell you which Amsterdam attractions you must have visited.

Die besten Sehenswürdigkeiten


We have listed more than 20 attractions in Amsterdam, but here are the three best for your trip:

The TOP Tourist Attractions in Amsterdam on the Map

An overview of where the most important, famous, and best attractions in Amsterdam are located. Below I have put all the attractions on an 👉 interactive map – so you can quickly get an overview of which district they are located in!

Amsterdam Sightseeing Insider Tips Map Best List

The 24 Top Tourist Attractions in Amsterdam

It was hard to choose, but here are the best tourist Attractions in Amsterdam. Have we forgotten anything? Let us know in the comments

  1. 01

    Anne Frank House - Amsterdam's most famous attraction

    Museum in Jordaan
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    The moving Anne Frank House is not just in any building, but it is the real hiding place of the Frank family during the Second World War. This is exactly where she wrote her diaries, which are known all over the world today.

    When visiting the Anne Frank House, visitors can discover the house, for themselves. Anne Frank’s house in Amsterdam is visited by 1.3 million people every year.

    If you want to visit this attraction in Amsterdam at a less crowded time, you should book your visit from 6 pm. Tickets to visit the Anne Frank House can only be purchased through the official website and are unfortunately not included in Amsterdam sightseeing passes. 100% of tickets go on sale 6 weeks in advance and sell out quickly. There is no way to buy tickets at the box office.

    Every Tuesday at 10 am, all tickets for the next six weeks will be available for purchase. You can choose between a visit through the Anne Frank Museum on your own or a visit through the museum with an introductory program. Neither of the guided tours on the theme of Anne Frank will give you access to the museum. The guided tours tell in detail the story of Anne Frank and also about the events of that time.

    We have already participated in several Anne Frank tours and can say that this is a great way to learn about history and the circumstances that led to this little girl becoming a worldwide symbol.

  2. 02

    Rijksmuseum - The Big Museum in Amsterdam

    Museum in Museumplein
    Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam
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    The Rijksmuseum is visited by 2.2 million people annually, making it the most visited attraction in Amsterdam. The museum is located in the museum district “Museumsplein” and was designed by the Dutch architect Pierre Cuypers. The building alone is imposing and worth seeing.

    Among the artistic highlights, is the Night Watch (The Night Watch): This painting depicts a militia group in Amsterdam and is Rembrandt’s most complex work and is also considered his most famous. A unique opportunity for you to admire up close works that are among the most important in the world.

    Directly opposite the Rijksmuseum you will find another special view of Amsterdam: thered and white sculpture I AM STERDAM, with which you should definitely take a vacation photo.

    Tickets for the Rijksmuseum are not sold on site, only online. Visiting the Rijksmuseum only works with a reserved time slot. Whether you purchased your ticket individually or chose one of the Amsterdam Tour Pass options, you must choose your time slot to visit the Rijksmuseum.

  3. 03

    Van Gogh Museum - The World's Largest Collection in the World

    Museum in Museumplein
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    The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam is one of the most visited art museums in the world and houses the largest collection of the Dutch painter Van Gogh. In total, you can admire 200 paintings, 500 drawings and hundreds of documents.

    My personal highlights of this Amsterdam Attraction are the paintings “Vicents Bedroom” and “Self Portrait”. Tickets for the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam are not sold on site, but only online.

    The Amsterdam Digital Pass offers tickets to the Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum and a boat ride on the canals. With this option, you can save much more than if you buy each ticket separately. To find out how much you can save and which pass is best for your trip, use our Amsterdam Pass Advisor: Simple, Free and Online. For tickets purchased online, all you need to do is select a time slot for your visit to the Van Gogh Museum. This requirement applies to one-way tickets or if you are using one of the Amsterdam Passes.

    If you want to visit the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, it is possible to combine this ticket with other attractions in Amsterdam, for example the Van Gogh Museum ticket + a canal cruise. With this kind of combination ticket you can save money on your trip.

  4. 04

    Royal Palace in Amsterdam - The home of the Dutch Royal Family

    Square in Amsterdam-Centrum
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    The Paleis op dem Dam houses many important sculptures and you can admire the beautiful murals. In the Golden Age, the Paleis op de Dam was supposed to rub everyone’s nose in the wealth of Amsterdam and then functioned as the city’s town hall for about 150 years. In 1806 Louis Bonaparte came to live in this beautiful building. Since then, the Paleis op de Dam has been a royal residence – but is open to visitors.

  5. 05

    Dam Square - The Most Important Square in Amsterdam

    Park in Amsterdam Oud-West
    Our highlight
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    Dam Square is the central square of Amsterdam, where not only two of the most important streets meet, but also quite a few visitors cavort.

    In the center of the square stands the National Monument. It was erected in 1956 as a peace monument and commemorates the victims of World War 2. The square is surrounded by many other Amsterdam landmarks, such as the Royal Palace. Next to the Royal Palace is the New Church “Nieuwe Kerk”. Also not far from Dam Square, are the Red Light District, numerous shopping opportunities, the tourist magnet Madame Tussauds, and one of the narrowest houses in the world!

  6. 06

    Vondelpark - The Largest City Park in Amsterdam

    City in North Holland
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    The most famous park in Amsterdam is undoubtedly Vondelpark. More than 10 million visitors walk through Vondelpark every year, picnicking on the lush green grass or taking a stroll along the many ponds.
    Whether Amsterdamers or visitors, everyone who can use some relaxation from the hustle and bustle comes here. Numerous green spaces invite you for a picnic, a beautiful rose garden is perfect for a relaxing walk, and several cafes and restaurants offer delicious refreshments. But even those longing for more than a pause will find what they seek. This attraction in Amsterdam is a venue for sporting and cultural events during the summer months. Summer concerts on the open-air stage are quite popular among locals and tourists alike.
    By the way, the green oasis was named after Joost van den Vondel, one of the most important Dutch poets of the Golden Age. In his honor, you will find a monument in the eastern part of the park.
    This is a particularly beautiful park, making a walk through the Vondelpark a shoo-in on the ‘things to do in Amsterdam’ best list.

  7. 07

    Zaanse Schans: The Windmill Village near Amsterdam

    Building in Buiksloterham
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    Zaanse Schans is a charming village that embodies the essence of Dutch heritage and culture. When you enter this open-air museum, it’s like stepping into a time machine as it transports you back to a bygone era of traditional windmills, charming wooden houses, and picturesque landscapes.

    The Attraction of iconic windmills against a backdrop of lush green fields is truly captivating. It’s a place where history comes alive, where you can watch windmills at work, discover traditional crafts, and savor the taste of Dutch cheese. Zaanse Schans is a remarkable destination that offers a unique experience and impresses its visitors with its timeless beauty. In our Guide to Zaanse Schans, you will learn EVERYTHING you need to know to visit this village from Amsterdam.

  8. 08

    A'DAM Lookout - Amsterdam's Observation Platform

    Food Market in De Pijp
    Albert Cuypstraat in Amsterdam
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    Every city trip includes a bird’s eye view. I love to look at a city from above and get an overall view. The best observation deck in Amsterdam is the A’DAM Lookout. It offers you 360-degree panoramic views of Amsterdam.

    To get to the A’DAM Lookout, you need to take the Buiksloterweg ferry, which will take you in a few minutes from Amsterdam Centraal Station to the A’DAM Lookout building. The F3 ferry is free and runs regularly, even at night or early in the morning. You can view the F3 ferry departure schedule here.

    To get the most out of this sight in Amsterdam , I recommend you visit at sunset. If you arrive before sunset, you will see the city by day and the change to night. Be sure to check the exact time of sunset for the day beforehand. If you don’t want to miss this magical moment, depending on the crowds, you should be there 1-2 before sunset to be on the safe side! By the way, the entrance of A’DAM Lookout is included for free in some Amsterdam Cards!

    For those looking for a real thrill, I have great news! Europe’s highest swing “Over the Edge” is located on A’DAM Lookout. For just 5 euros extra with the Amsterdam Explorer Pass or with the Amsterdam all-inclusive pass, you’ll have an incredibly cool experience. For me, the A’DAM Lookout and Swing is one of the most memorable Amsterdam activities!

  9. 09

    Albert Cuyp Market - Amsterdam's Most Delicious Attraction

    Brewery in De Pijp
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    Albert Cuyp Market, also known as Albert Cuypstraat, is undoubtedly of the attractions in Amsterdam. Here there are more than 300 stalls offering delicacies, gifts, souvenirs, vegetables, fresh fruit, clothing, children’s items, second-hand items and collectibles. In other words, you have a Food Market, a Flea Market and a Street Market – all in one place. But make no mistake, the Albert Cuypstraat is no secret in Amsterdam and is considered a tourist attraction, so expect lots of people and bring some patience. Albert Cuypstraat is located in the trendy De Pijp neighborhood and is just a few steps away from the Heineken Experience, making it very easy to find in the tourist area of the city.

    My tip for your visit to Albert Cuyp Market is to come hungry! There are many things to try and you can make your own street food tour by trying new flavors. Ah don’t miss the freshly baked stroopwafels. Yum!

  10. 10

    Heineken Experience - The Taste of Amsterdam

    Museum in Jodenbuurt - Jewish neighbourhood of Amsterdam
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    One of the most popular Amsterdam attractions is the Amsterdam Heineken Experience. As the name suggests, this is more than just a museum. The Heineken Experience offers a experience that teaches you about the history, brewing process, innovations and sponsorship of the most famous beer. The Heineken Experience brewery in Amsterdam is divided into different areas and you can enjoy this experience in different ways

    • Guided Tour
    • Guided tour + canal boat ride
    • VIP guided tour
    • Guided tour + rooftop bar
    • Heineken Shop

    For almost all experiences at Heineken in Amsterdam you need a ticket. You can choose between one-way tickets or in combination with one of the Amsterdam Sightseeing Passes. The only free attraction of the Heineken Experience is a visit to the Heineken store, which is open to all.

  11. 11

    Rembrandt House Museum - A Journey Back to the Past

    Religious Site in De Wallen
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    Already since 1911 the Rembrandt House Museum shows the life and works of the Dutch artist. The museum includes both Rembrandt’s old home, where he lived for a full twenty years, and a more modern facility.

    The museum gives you insights into the studio, living quarters and paintings of the world-famous artist from the 17th century. In total, you will encounter over 260 etchings here. However, you will not find his most famous work “The Night Watch” here. You will find it in the Rijksmuseum. In addition to Rembrandt, the Rembrandt Museum also exhibits works by his contemporaries, such as his own teacher Pieter Lastman.

  12. 12

    Oude Kerk - The Oldest Church in Amsterdam

    Museum in Museumplein
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    The name “Old Church” does not come by chance. In fact, the Old Church is theoldest preserved building in Amsterdam and was founded by fishermen in the 13th century. The historic building is located in the middle of the red light district on the Wallen – a stark contrast.

    Because of its extensive history, the Old Church is arguably the most important church in the city, making it a unique attraction in Amsterdam. For a Protestant church, the Old Church displays a ratherless modest architecture and also impresses with its vaulted wooden ceiling, misericordia, tombstones on the floor, one of the most impressive organs in the world and colorful windows that shine a wonderful light into the church. Church services, exhibitions and concerts are still held today.

  13. 13

    Stedelijk Museum - The Amsterdam Municipal Museum

    Museum in Museumplein
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    Da Stedelijk Museum, also known as the municipal art museum in Amsterdam, is located on Paulus Potterstraat, right next to the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum in the museum district “Museumsplein”. It includes a permanent exhibition of more than 750 works and special exhibitions. In total, the museum houses about 90,000 exhibits that range from the end of the 19th century to the present age. Among them are many well-known works of art by Dutch artists of the last century, but also works from classical modernism to German Expressionism and American Pop Art.

  14. 14

    Moco Museum - Mein persönlicher Tipp für die besten Sehenswürdigkeiten in Amsterdam

    Museum in IJ Waterfront
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    The small and relatively new Moco Museum has been the center for modern contemporary art in Amsterdam since 2016. Like other leading museums, such as the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum (Imperial Museum), the Moco is located in the museum district “Museumplein”. Incidentally, the name of the museum is derived from the English term Modern Contemporary.

    The exhibitions at the Moco include world-famous works from pop artist Andy Warhol to original works by street art legend Banksy, who is best known for his painting “Girl with Balloon”.

  15. 15

    Nemo Science Museum - Paradise for Parents and Children in Amsterdam

    Neighborhood in De Wallen
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    The Nemo Science Museum is a great Amsterdam museum for young and old, because here action is capitalized. Instead of walking through the museum and just looking at numerous exhibits, you can participate here, touch and try out. This is what makes the museum particularly interesting for families. On four levels you can explore different areas of physics, biology, chemistry and technology and take part in experiments and exciting shows.

    Incidentally, the NEMO Science Museum stands for New Metropolis and found inspiration in the 1920s film of the same name, in which Fritz Lang showed an impressive future world. The building itself resembles a giant ship. So you can’t miss it. During your visit, don’t forget to explore the roof terrace. From there you have a great view of the city!

    It is considered one of the best activities in Amsterdam. That’s why the ticket for the Nemo Science Museum is included in some Amsterdam Sightseeing Passes as well as in one-way tickets.

  16. 16

    The Red Light District - Amsterdam's Most Famous Neighborhood

    Park in Overtoomse Veld
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    The world-famous Red Light District in Amsterdam is known as the district of pleasure, prostitution, strip clubs, numerous bars, and famous coffee shops. Despite its worldwide fame, the Red Light District is small and formed by 17 alleys and streets that are part of the official Amsterdam neighborhood De Wallen.

    There are no specific opening hours, as each establishment has its own timetable. So, whether day or night, it is worth wandering the streets of the Red Light District. The prostitution offered by the famous windows and the various adult theaters are landmarks of Amsterdam’s Red Light District; however, you will find many types of bars, restaurants, gift stores, and even museums.

    Even if your interest is outside the adult entertainment part of the Red Light District, this small neighborhood is still worth a visit. If you are interested in the history and curiosities of Amsterdam’s Red Light District. Take one of the many walking tours of the neighborhood that allow you to understand much more behind the many neon lights. In our neighborhood guide about the Red Light District, we describe everything about one of the most famous neighborhoods in Amsterdam.


  17. 17

    Rembrandpark - An Oasis in Amsterdam

    Stadium in Amsterdam Zuidoost
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    For those who find the Vondelpark a bit too hectic, the Rembrandtpark is the ideal place to slow down. This attraction is characterized by wide, extensive green spaces and generally far fewer visitors – unlike the more centrally located Vondelpark. But for this you have to travel a little outside the classic center of Amsterdam. Because the Rembrandtpark is somewhat west of the city center, in the newer part of Amsterdam.

    Amsterdam can be quite crowded. You will quickly notice that on your Amsterdam city trip. And on the main Amsterdam attractions, there can sometimes be quite a rush. In Rembrandtpark is only little to be felt Therefore, I enjoyed my walk there very much. I also found the area interesting, precisely because the architecture there was not so classic and you can see how this modern part of town was planned precisely.

  18. 18

    Johan Cruijff Arena - The Great Stadium of Amsterdam and home of Ajax

    Neighborhood in Amsterdam Old City
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    Johan Cruijff Arena? Wasn’t it actually called Amsterdam Arena? It once was, but it was understandably renamed after the death of the greatest Dutch footballer of all time. It took long enough! Even if you’re not a huge soccer fan, you’ll probably know that this stadium is the home of Ajax Amsterdam, Holland’s most famous and successful soccer club.

    Especially when Ajax is not playing at home during your Amsterdam city break, a stadium tour is an ideal alternative. In addition, you will learn everything about the glorious history of this great traditional club. The Johan Cruijff Arena is also the place where the Dutch national team plays its home games. All in all, this modern sports temple is definitely one of the most impressive Amsterdam sights!

  19. 19

    Amsterdam Canal Belt - The Venice of the North

    Neighborhood in Amsterdam Old City
    Jordaan Amsterdam
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    The complete canal part of Amsterdam’s old town is absolutely magnificent. All the major canals of the city are automatically among the most beautiful sights of Amsterdam. Of all the canals in the Old Town, I liked the Herengracht the best. If you walk along it, you will pass countless beautiful photo opportunities. Almost on each of the small pretty bridges you have a new, great view of the city.

    By the way, the other important canals are called Amsterdam: Prinsengracht, Keizersgracht, and Singel. From the canals, you simply have the best view of Amsterdam. Here I have picked out for you the best canal cruises: From the cheapest canal cruises to the most luxurious boat tours. International Canal Cruises or with a German guide. In Amsterdam, there is a canal cruise to suit every taste and budget. Just don’t book at the last minute.

  20. 20

    Jordaan - Amsterdam's Charming Viertel

    Market in Amsterdam Canal Belt
    Bloemenmarkt , Flowers floating market in Amsterdam , Netherlands
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    The Bloemenmarkt in Amsterdam, founded in 1862, is the only floating flower market in the world. The unique market is on the Singel Canal, Koningsplein, and Muntplein. It consists of a series of greenhouses on houseboats.

    But the market traders know they can jack up the prices quite a bit, so many tourists come here during the day, so just be sure to not get ripped off there.

    That being said, the Bloemenmarkt is a fantastic Amsterdam must-see. The floating flower markets of Amsterdam are just a magnificent sight!

    Our tip: Taking a few photos from the other side of the river can be enough! The floating gardens in front of the beautiful house facade offer an excellent photo motif!

  21. 21

    Bloemenmarkt - The Floating Flower Market

    Park in Lisse
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    The Bloemenmarkt in Amsterdam is the only floating flower market in the world. Founded in 1862, the unique market is located on the Singel Canal, Koningsplein and Muntplein and consists of a series of greenhouses on houseboats. But the market traders know they can jack up the prices quite a bit – so many tourists come here during the day. The Bloemenmarkt is definitely a cool Amsterdam sight, but don’t get ripped off there.

    Our tip: Shooting a few photos from across the river can be enough! The floating gardens in front of the beautiful house facade offer a great photo motif!

  22. 22

    Keukenhof - Holland's Most Famous Attraction

    Zoo & Aquarium in Plantage
    Artis Amsterdam
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    A visit to Keukenhof in the Netherlands is certainly one of the most remarkable experiences. Known for its impressive tulip fields, Keukenhof is an attraction that is only open for a short period of time each year. About 2 months, in spring, between April and May. During the season, thousands of visitors walk through Keukenhof and take countless photos. We strongly recommend buying the Keukenhof ticket in advance. You can either buy the ticket separately or choose one of the many round-trip options from Amsterdam to visit the tulips at Keukenhof. Check out our Guide to Keukenhof for all the tips on what to visit, what to do, season-opening dates, events, and tips.

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  • All Inclusive Amsterdam Pass: In 1, 2, 3 or 5 days you can visit attractions like the A’DAM Lookout, the Heineken Experience, the Rembrandt Museum, the Imperial Museum, the Moco Museum, Madame Tussauds, the Artis Zoo and much more. Here you can learn more about All Inclusive Amsterdam Pass.
  • Amsterdam Go City Explorer: The attraction-based pass includes admission to the Van Gogh Museum, the Heineken Experience, the Rembrandt Museum, the Imperial Museum, the Moco Museum, Madame Tussauds, the NEMO Science Museum, the Artis Zoo and much more. All about the Amsterdam Explorer Pass.

Which pass saves you the most money depends on what you want to see and how much you want to see in what time period. So that you don’t have to invest too much time in your decision, we have compared the three passes extensively for you. This way you can find the best Amsterdam Card in just a few minutes.

To Amsterdam Card comparison

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The most frequently asked questions about Amsterdam Attractions

Which attractions in Amsterdam are particularly recommended?

Recommended attractions in Amsterdam include the Anne Frank House, nine Streets, canal cruises, the Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum, and the Royal Palace. The picturesque canals convey the charm of the city, museums house impressive works of art, and the Anne Frank House tells a moving story. These places are perfect to experience the real Amsterdam and discover its culture and history.

How much is the entrance fee to the main attractions in Amsterdam?

Admission prices to major attractions in Amsterdam vary by location. The Anne Frank House costs about 10 to 12 euros, the Rijksmuseum about 20 euros and the Van Gogh Museum about 19 euros. Canal tours start at about 15 euros. It is advisable to consider combination tickets or Amsterdam Cards to save money when visiting multiple attractions.

Which attractions in Amsterdam are child-friendly?

Amsterdam offers many child-friendly attractions. The NEMO Science Museum, an interactive experience, is ideal for children. Artis Zoo is also a hit, as is the Körperwelten Museum. Families can enjoy a canal cruise, and Vondelpark is a great place to play. The Tropical Museum also features kid-friendly exhibits. Remember that many museums in Amsterdam offer free admission for younger children.

Are there combination tickets to visit multiple attractions in Amsterdam?

Yes, there are numerous combination tickets for various attractions in Amsterdam. These tickets allow you to visit several attractions at a discounted price. For example, you can buy combination tickets for the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum or for the Anne Frank House and a canal cruise. These options are ideal for exploring Amsterdam efficiently and affordably.

Which sights should you prioritize on a short visit to Amsterdam?

During a short visit to Amsterdam, some main attractions are a must. Priority should be given to the Rijksmuseum to experience masterpieces of Dutch art. After that, the Anne Frank House is worth visiting for a touching story. A canal cruise is relaxing and offers insights into the city. The Royal Palace and the flower market are also worth a short stop.

Are there guided tours to the sights in Amsterdam?

Yes, in Amsterdam there are many guided tours to the attractions. You can take canal tours, bike tours, museum tours and even culinary tours. These tours offer insights into the culture, history and beauty of Amsterdam. Whether you want to visit the Anne Frank House, the Van Gogh Museum or the famous canals, there’s a guided tour to suit you.

Which attractions in Amsterdam are especially popular with locals?

Locals in Amsterdam love to relax in Vondelpark, visit the Albert Cuyp Market, explore historic neighborhoods like De Pijp, and visit the Rijksmuseum. They also enjoy the canals and like to go on boat trips. Visit these places to experience the real local life and culture.

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