2-Day Visit To Amsterdam

What to do in Amsterdam for 2 days?

Planning a weekend trip and want to know what to visit in Amsterdam in 2 days? We are here to help you with recommendations for the best museums, tours, and restaurants throughout the city.

As the capital of the Netherlands, a list of recommendations for 2 days in Amsterdam could easily go on for pages. The history-rich city is as famous for its unique canal construction as it is for its legal cannabis cafés, so it’s important to think ahead about how you want to spend your time.

Spending 2 days in Amsterdam will give you plenty of time to visit some of the city’s top-notch museums. Sample a wide range of culinary options, from snacks that the city is known for, to the dishes that people travel from far and wide for.

2 Days in Amsterdam: Costs

Amsterdam is also a super versatile city in two days, where you can visit some of the best museums in the world, take a relaxing boat trip or learn more about the wonderful culture of the Dutch.

We have compiled a small overview of what budget you should travel to the capital and with what you can really save!


Our recommendation


amsterdam card


Hop-on-Hop-off Bus

A'DAM Lookout


Van Gogh

Canal cruise

Heineken Experience

Metro Card

9 €

Total price

85 €

149,50 €

You save:

64 € → you safe 42.95 %

2 days in Amsterdam: summary

Panorama from Amsterdam in Netherlands at night

Amsterdam is beautiful and has a lot to offer that you should not miss in your two days. In order not to waste any time, we have created an itinerary for 2 days in Amsterdam. We show you what you should not miss in Amsterdam, without exception!

Itinerary for Amsterdam: Day 1

Itinerary for Amsterdam: Day 2

2 Days in Amsterdam: Details

Read on for an ideal 2-day Amsterdam itinerary with three great restaurants and cafés per day that you must visit.

Itinerary for Amsterdam: Day 1

Start your day fresh and wake up early – to really get into the swing of things, there are thousands of opportunities for a little refreshment before the many great impressions. We show you how to spend your first day in the canal city.

What to eat on your first day in Amsterdam?

  1. 01

    The Pancake Bakery

    Restaurant in Amsterdam Canal Belt
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    We’re starting your two days in Amsterdam with some delicious pancakes. At the Pancake Bakery, a 2-story converted warehouse with canal views, you’ll eat your fill with an international selection of pancakes (French, Greek, Hungarian, and Indonesian, to name a few), alongside an impressive array of sweet and savory Dutch pancakes.

  2. 02


    Café in Amsterdam Canal Belt
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    If you want to stop by a traditional café while in Amsterdam, you should pay a visit to Barney’s Amsterdam. The small family of cafés and smoke stores includes a coffee shop and two smoker-friendly bars, Barney’s Farm (Haarlemmerstraat 98) and Barney’s Uptown (Haarlemmerstraat 105).The Barney’s Uptown is located in a 500-year-old pharmacy-style building and is an absolute secret tip.

  3. 03


    Restaurant in Amsterdam Oud-West
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    We are keeping your traditional culinary tour of Amsterdam going strong by ending your day at Hap-Hmm.

    At a restaurant that’s been cooking up Dutch cuisine since 1935, you can try such typical ditches as the butter-soft beef steak, schnitzel and meatballs, Amsterdam beer chicken, and the super pork chop. This is an affordable option and a popular one – so be sure to come on the earlier side.

What to do on your first day?

  1. 01

    Anne Frank House

    Museum in Jordaan
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    It was in this 17th-century canal side house that Anne Frank and her family hid for 761 days during World War II. The diary of her stay was later published, documenting what the family went through.

    The museum is a powerful extension of that time, featuring exhibitions about the Jews and their persecution during the war, in addition to texts about racism, neo-Fascism and anti-Semitism, and the difficulties in fighting discrimination.

    Our tip: To avoid the lines at this popular museum (nearly 1 million visitors a year!), arrive early or book a ticket in advance.

  2. 02

    Hop on a fun bustour with optional boattour

    Combi Tour in Amsterdam
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    When deciding what to visit Amsterdam in 2 days, it’s important to make sure you’re able to get around the city and to your next activity as quickly as possible. We’re big fans of the Hop-On Hop-Off Bus.

    Featuring 9 stops around the city, including the Passenger Terminal Amsterdam, Jordaan, Vondelpark, and the Museum District, getting around Amsterdam is a cinch. Plus, it’s unlimited for the pass you choose. And with its double-decker, open-air design, you also get a unique vantage point of an architecturally captivating city.

  3. 03

    De 9 Straatjes

    Neighborhood in Amsterdam-Centrum
    Stadtteile Amsterdam
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    To make sure you get the most out of your Amsterdam 2-day travel, stop by the historic 9 Streets area (De 9 Straatjes). Featuring nine Instagram-worthy shopping alleyways filled to the brim with art galleries, gardens, bars, and restaurants, you’ll find plenty of great reasons to stop, chat, snack, and snap a picture.

    Also, ideal for grabbing yourself or your loved one a souvenir, there are fashionable shops dealing in vintage clothes, shoes, bags, antiques, housewares, and more. And with over 400 years of history clear in the architecture alone, even a walk through the area is the perfect way to appreciate Amsterdam.

  4. 04

    Enjoy the sunset at A'DAM Lookout

    Building in Buiksloterham
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    Every city trip includes a bird’s eye view. I love to look at a city from above and get an overall view. The best observation deck in Amsterdam is the A’DAM Lookout THAT offers you 360-degree panoramic views of Amsterdam.

    To get to the A’DAM Lookout, take the Buiksloterweg ferry, which will take you from Amsterdam Central Station to the A’DAM Lookout building in a few minutes. The F3 ferry is free and runs regularly, even at night or early in the morning. You can check the departure schedule of the F3 ferry here.
    After visiting the A’DAM Lookout observation deck, you can visit the A’DAM Lookout restaurant for a quick meal and drink. However, if you have opted out of the A’DAM Lookout ticket with dinner or drinks, you will not have access to the rotating restaurant, where there is plenty of seating and lounge areas to enjoy a glass of wine or a snack with a view of Amsterdam.

    The A’DAM restaurant serves beer, soft drinks, and wine, along with quick dishes like salads, burgers, sandwiches, fried fish and chips, and desserts. For burgers, salads, or sandwiches, prices range from 15-20 euros. Fries and other snacks cost about 6-8 euros. Wines, beers, and soft drinks cost around 5-8 euros. If you want to sit in the A’DAM Lookout restaurant, the official website offers a combination of the A’DAM Lookout ticket and a 2-course meal. The menu changes every season but always provides a main course (pasta, meat, burger, or fish) and a dessert. However, the appetizer and main course accompaniments must be ordered and paid for separately. Please note: Only card payment is accepted at A’DAM Lookout Restaurant.

    I recommend visiting at sunset to get the most out of your ticket from A’DAM Lookout. If you arrive before sunset, you will see the city by day and change at night. Be sure to check the exact sunset time for the day in advance. If you want to experience this magical moment, you should be there 1-2 hours before sunset, depending on the crowd, to be on the safe side!

    By the way, the entrance of A’DAM Lookout is included in some Amsterdam Cards for free! For those looking for a real thrill, I have great news! Europe’s highest swing, “Over the Edge,” is on A’DAM Lookout. For just 5 euros extra with the Amsterdam Explorer Pass or with the Amsterdam All-Inclusive Pass, you’ll have an incredibly incredible experience. The A’DAM Lookout and Swing are among the most memorable things to do in Amsterdam!

  5. 05

    Wander the streets of the Red light district

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    Making sure you stop by the infamous Red-Light District is the perfect way to complete your Amsterdam 2 day itinerary. Though you’ve likely heard about how Amsterdam makes legal the world’s oldest profession, it’s worth being led by an experienced guide to understand what makes this whole neighborhood so special.

    Beyond the red lights, it is filled with locations that deserve their own spotlight, including the Oude Kerk, the Schreierstoren, the Casa Rosso and the Moulin Rouge. A two-hour walking tour is a great way to learn the history and live in the moment of one of the world’s most famous neighborhoods with the comfort and safety of a guide. 

Itinerary for Amsterdam: Day 2

You wake up after a good night sleep and start your day right with a nice coffee just down the street. Today is the day of the absolute highlights of the city: Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh and finish the evening with a bombastic sunset from a huge swing!

What to eat on your second Day?

  1. 01


    Restaurant in Amsterdam Canal Belt
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    For a city known for what happens at night in the Red-Light District, the Pannenkoekenhuis will give you a delicious reason to visit in the morning.

    Set inside a 16th-century house, this quirky restaurant serves only pancakes: From the Dutch variety (sometimes sweet, sometimes savory), to the Indonesian-influenced “Bali” pancake topped with bananas, coconut, cream, and Pisang Ambon Dutch liqueur, you’re sure to find a pancake for your palate.

  2. 02

    La Tertulia

    Café in Jordaan
    230216125845001 (1)
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    For an afternoon visit to a sunny, canalside café, swing by La Tertulia. Operating since 1983 and helping to usher in the coffee shop culture in Amsterdam, this cozy café has coffees, toasted sandwiches (toasties!), and milkshakes. For the cannabis-inclined, they have natural buds along with bongs, vaporizers, and pipes. 

  3. 03

    De Foodhallen

    Food Market in Amsterdam Canal Belt
    Essen in den Foodhallen in Amsterdam in Holland
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    Planning 2 days in Amsterdam, what to do and what to eat? Fortunately, you’ve got De Foodhallen.

    While you’ll find plenty of stand-alone restaurants to dine at, be sure to reserve one evening to head to this food hall dedicated to showing off a variety of Dutch tastes. Located in a former tram depot, you can enjoy the croquette-like Bitterballen (De Ballenbar), sweet tarts (Le Petit Gâteau), local sausages, burgers, and more.

What to do on your second Day?

  1. 01


    Museum in Museumplein
    Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam
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    The Rijksmuseum is visited by 2.2 million people annually, making it the most visited museum in the Netherlands. Located in the museum district “Museumsplein,” Rijksmuseum was designed by the Dutch architect Pierre Cuypers. The building alone is imposing and worth seeing. The Rijksmuseum is dedicated to the Netherlands’ arts, crafts, and history and contains over 8,000 objects. The focus of the museum is the Netherlands’ Golden Age. Here, you will find works by world-renowned artists, such as Rembrandt, Frans Hals, Johannes Vermeer, Jacob Isaakszoon van Ruisdael, Jan Steen, and more. Among the great artistic highlights of the collection of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is “The Night Watch.” This painting portrays a militia group in Amsterdam and is Rembrandt’s largest and most complex work. Even today, it is considered his most famous painting. This a unique opportunity for you to admire works up close that are among the most important in the world. Another great attraction of the Rijksmuseum is the Cuypers Library. It is considered the largest public research library on art history in Holland. It is surprising not only for its extraordinary number of books, journals, and research papers but also for its architecture. My highlight of the Rijksmuseum is the corridor that connects the various internal galleries. The atrium consists of two rooms connected by a tunnel under the passage, with an entrance in the passage. The original brick walls of the route have been replaced by large glass surfaces through which visitors can admire the internal courtyards. Finally, directly across from the Rijksmuseum, you’ll find another view of Amsterdam: The red and white sculpture “I AM STERDAM,” with which you should take a souvenir photo. Tickets for the Rijksmuseum are only sold online, not in person. Another important piece of information is that you can only visit the Rijksmuseum with a reserved time slot. Whether you bought your ticket individually or chose one of the Amsterdam Tour Pass options, you must choose your time slot to visit the Rijksmuseum.

  2. 02

    Van Gogh Museum

    Museum in Museumplein
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    The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam is one of the most visited art museums in the world. It hosts the largest Dutch painter Van Gogh collection, totaling over 200 paintings, 500 drawings, and hundreds of documents. My personal highlights of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam are the paintings “Vincent’s Bedroom in Arles” and “Self Portrait.” Unlike other art museums in Amsterdam, Van Gogh Museum is smaller and more intimate. Here, you will find not only his works of art but also a lot of information about the painter’s life, who also influenced art history. Known worldwide as the painter who cut off his ear and who later killed himself, Van Gogh’s life traces back to a man who suffered greatly from depression and sold few works during his lifetime. Ironically, his works are now the most expensive in the world. Tickets for the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam are sold only online, not in person at the museum. The Amsterdam Digital Pass offers tickets to the Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum, and a boat ride on the canals. With this option, you can save much more than buying each ticket separately. To find out how much you can save and which pass is best for your trip, use our Amsterdam Pass Advisor: Simple, Free, and Online. When purchasing tickets online, you only need to select a time slot for your visit to the Van Gogh Museum. This requirement applies to single tickets and the Amsterdam Digital Pass. It is possible to combine the Van Gogh Museum ticket with other attractions in Amsterdam, for example, the Van Gogh Museum ticket and a canal cruise. With this combination ticket, you can save money on your trip. The Van Gogh Museum is in Amsterdam’s museum district, “Museumsplein,” where you can also find other famous museums, such as the Rijksmuseum, the Diamond Museum, and the Stedelijk Museum. The Van Gogh Museum welcomes around 1.6 million visitors every year. No wonder a visit to the museum belongs to the list of the best Amsterdam things to do!

  3. 03

    Highlights Canal Cruise in Amsterdam

    Boat tour in Amsterdam
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    For a city known for its canals, getting to see Amsterdam from the water is a must when you’re putting together your Amsterdam 2 day itinerary. The canals, which are declared as world heritage by UNESCO, are the setting for a truly delightful hour-long experience.

    With the promise of 100 highlights, including architectural and cultural ones, be sure to keep your camera ready as you glide by everything from mansions and churches to biking locals and bridges. For a city that is just as captivating in the summer as the winter, this tour is a great option for whenever you happen to be visiting.

  4. 04

    Heineken Experience

    Brewery in De Pijp
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    One of the most popular Amsterdam things to do is the Amsterdam Heineken Experience.

    As the name suggests, this is more than just a museum. The Heineken Experience offers a chance to learn about the history, brewing process, innovations, and sponsorship of the most famous beer in the country.

    The Heineken Experience brewery in Amsterdam is divided into different areas, allowing you to enjoy this experience in different ways:
    • Guided tour
    • Guided tour + canal boat ride
    • VIP guided tour
    • Guided tour + rooftop bar
    • Heineken shop

    For almost all entertainment activities in Amsterdam, you need a ticket for the Heineken Experience. You can choose between one-way tickets or in combination with an Amsterdam Tourist Pass. The only “free” attraction at the Heineken Experience is a visit to the Heineken Shop, which is open to everyone.

    Since the Heineken Experience is one of the most popular activities in Amsterdam, it is highly recommended that you book your time slot in advance.

  5. 05

    Dayclosure in Haarlem

    City in Netherlands
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    Just a 15-minute train ride from Amsterdam, a trip to Haarlem is a quick way to see a side of the city that most tourists never get to see.

    In the medieval city of Haarlem, you can walk through cobblestone streets that lead to old buildings interspersed with picturesque waterways.

    Haarlem is considered the city of flowers in the Netherlands, as it is the center of tulip bulb production. Haarlem hosts numerous festivals, fairs, concerts, and even amusement parks.

    Here, you’ll get to see a beloved windmill of Holland while strolling the canals.

    The city can be explored on foot and is a good option for a trip from Amsterdam or along a Dutch itinerary.

2 days in Amsterdam: Tips

  • Amsterdam is arguably the bike city and is designed to be explored entirely by bike. There are rental bikes everywhere, or you can join a bike tour with a local!
  • Be sure to try the gravy on classic fries at De Foodhallen – you won’t regret it!
  • Look for a hotel in the center, so you have the must-see sights right on your doorstep!
  • Book your tickets in advance, because Amsterdam is one of the most popular cities in Europe and you can expect long queues during peak hours. Especially the Van Gogh Museum is booked up superfast.

Is 2 days enough in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is perfect for a short trip! And the best is, that you can see the beauty of the Dutch city in two days in Amsterdam. You will have so much fun in the lively city while partying in the red-light district or just cruising around on the canals.


What to do in Amsterdam for 2 days?

If you are in Amsterdam for two days, then you should definitely see the Rijksmuseum, the Red-Light District, the Anne Frank House. You are an art lover? Then an inspiring visit to the Van Gogh Museum is infallible, but of course a relaxing canal cruise is not to be missed!

Where to stay for 2 days in Amsterdam?

If you are visiting Amsterdam for two days, you should definitely stay in a hotel that is located in the immediate center. Our personal favorite places in Amsterdam are Hotel Frank, Single Hotel Amsterdam and Banks Mansion. There you have the best sights of the city right at your doorstep.


Is 2 days enough in Amsterdam?

2 days in Amsterdam is enough to see some of the city, but if you want to stay a little longer in the canal city, you can spend weeks there! There is so much to discover, experience and taste – relaxed canal cruises, wild party nights in the red-light district or delicious food markets – the city is full of possibilities.

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