Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam – His world’s largest Collection

Do you want to see the greatest works of post-impressionism? Welcome to the Van Gogh Museum.

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Known for his expressive style and vibrantly colored paintings, the Dutch painter Van Gogh made his mark on art history. At the Van Gogh Museum, you will find significant works from his life.

Here in Amsterdam, you can visit a museum entirely dedicated to the life and work of the painter who was not recognized during his lifetime but became an icon after his death.

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Why Visit the Van Gogh Museum?

The Museum dedicated to Vincent Van Gogh in Amsterdam is one of the city’s most famous attractions. Its fame is not in vain, though, as the museum is dedicated to one of the world’s most popular post-impressionist painters.

Van Gogh’s work is among the most valuable in the world, with some of his paintings exhibited in the world’s greatest museums. Still, only in Amsterdam can you find the most extensive collection of the Dutch painter. The Van Gogh Museum has over 200 paintings, 400 drawings, and 700 letters from the artist.

But far beyond Van Gogh’s artistic importance, we can say that the museum is worth a visit for the beautiful exhibitions in luxurious rooms, the paintings reproduced in 3D, and a sensory exhibition, where visitors can feel Van Gogh’s works beyond sight.

The Museum is spacious and attractive to families. The Children can explore the corridors and interact with the technological exhibits.

Van Gogh Museum Ticket Overview

The most important thing about Van Gogh Museum is that you cannot buy a ticket at the museum’s location; Van Gogh Museum tickets are ONLY available online.

Another important detail about the Van Gogh Museum ticket is that you must select a time slot for your visit. When you choose a time, you must enter at this time. However, you do not have a maximum stay time and can explore the halls of the Van Gogh Museum for as long as you like. The Van Gogh Museum ticket gives you access to permanent collection,  temporary exhibitions and to the artwork of other artists..

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Admission To the Museum

Admission To the Museum

Audio guide
Audio guide
Guided Tour
Guided Tour

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Admission To Other Attractions

Admission To Other Attractions

Canal Cruise

*Per flexibility, there are two payment options: 1) Book now and pay 72 hours before the activity starts. 2) Pay now and have 100% cancellation up to 24 hours before the activity starts.

Regular Tickets to the Van Gogh Museum

  • Regular Admission: 22 EUR
  • Regular Admission with audio guide: 26 EUR

Tip: The Get Your Guide ticket is €2 more than the Van Gogh Museum’s official website price. However, here, you get flexibility. You can cancel your ticket if something unexpected happens. You can also easily select your time slot, and the ticket is online.

Van Gogh Museum Combined Tickets

The Van Gogh Museum ticket is not part of the I Amsterdam Card, the Amsterdam Explorer Card, or the Amsterdam All-inclusive Pass. If you want to save money on other tickets besides the Van Gogh Museum ticket, I have selected the best (and most reliable) options to save money on your purchase of your Van Gogh Museum.

To find the best ticket option for your trip to Amsterdam, use our Amsterdam Pass Advisor. We’ll tell you instantly which ticket option saves you the most: Individual, Free, and Online.

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    Van Gogh Museum & Canal Cruise

    Combi Tour in Museumplein
    Van Gogh Museum + Canal Cruise
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    Are you spending limited time in Amsterdam? This ticket allows you to visit the Van Gogh Museum and take a canal cruise in Amsterdam. Two of Amsterdam’s best attractions on the same ticket. A way to save money and still guarantee your best activities in the city.

  2. 02

    Van Gogh Museum + Rijksmuseum

    Combi Tour in Museumplein
    Van Gogh Museum + Rijksmuseum
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    The greatest museums in Amsterdam on the same ticket? Yes, this combo ticket offers entrance to the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum. You can select the dates and times for both museums at the time of purchase.

    Please note: The days of visiting the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum can be on different dates.

  3. The Best-Guided Tours of the Van Gogh Museum

    Besides seeing Van Gogh’s works, do you want to know more about the painter’s life, polemics, and irreverence? A walking tour of the Van Gogh Museum gives you a glimpse into the artistic world of the painter who cut off his own ears.

  4. 03

    Van Gogh Museum Tour including Entry Ticket

    Walking Tour in Museumplein
    Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam
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    This guided tour of the Van Gogh Museum allows you to fully experience this attraction in Amsterdam.

    Over 2 hours, you will be accompanied by a guide and will learn about the life of Van Gogh. The guided tour already includes the entrance ticket to the Van Gogh Museum.

    The guide explains how details such as Van Gogh’s turbulent life directly influenced art.

    Here you will see Van Gogh’s most important paintings and understand why he became one of the symbols of post-impressionism.

    Be taken directly between the most important works and get to know the interior of the beautiful Van Gogh Museum.

  5. 04

    Private Van Gogh Museum guided tour with entry ticket

    Walking Tour in Museumplein
    Van Gogh Museum
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    This private guided tour takes you to discover the secrets and curiosities of the Van Gogh Museum. The guided tour is private, and the guide explains in detail everything about the works and life of Van Gogh.

    This is an immersive and different experience from other tours that take place in small groups.

    An ideal option for those who are interested in the art world and want to know in detail about the life of Van Gogh.

    The private guided tour of the Van Gogh Museum is conducted in English, German, and Dutch and includes admission to the museum.

Tips for Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam

  • Set aside at least 1.5 hours to explore the Van Gogh Museum. If you like the art, you will stay no less than 2 hours.
  • If you do not want a guided tour of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, go for the audio guide ticket option in the language of your choice. You will receive wonderful information about the author and have an in-depth museum experience.
  • The Van Gogh Museum is located on the Museumplein, close to other famous museums in Amsterdam. If you are staying in the old center of Amsterdam or Oud-Zuid, it is possible to reach the museum on foot.
  • Otherwise, the nearest stops at the Van Gogh Museum are Van Baerlestraat (Tram 2 and 12) and Museumplein (Tram 2, 5, and 12 or omnibus 347 and 357).
  • Although many museums in Amsterdam are open in the evenings, the Van Gogh Museum is only open from 9 in the morning until 6 at night. So, buy your ticket in advance and select your time slot, as times sell out quickly.
  • You are not allowed to enter the museum with large bags and backpacks. If you come with one, you can use the Cloakroom located at the museum reception. The cloakroom inside the Van Gogh Museum is free, but can not accommodate large rucksacks and bags, (wheeled) suitcases and other luggage, or large items such as prams and folding bikes. If you have items with you larger than A4 size, you may be refused entrance to the museum. You can leave your baggage at your hotel or keep it in storage at one of the many luggage service points around Museum square.

Van Gogh Museum Highlights

Sunflowers is one of the most famous works in the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. The famous painting of yellow sunflowers is characterized by the almost exclusive use of a single color: yellow. However, Van Gogh’s comtemporaries proved that a painting as complete and as detailed as this one can take different shades of yellow. The movement of the wind in the painting shows how he excelled in expressiveness through a few colors.

van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam

Almond Blossom is a large painting depicting his newborn nephew at the time, symbolizing new life

The painting The Potato Eaters also shows the complexity of a painting that takes shades of gray and black but simultaneously allows for a grand composition of details, depth, and light. The work depicts the difficult life in the fields.

Van Gogh’s Self Portraits are hallmarks of the author’s works, and many (not all) are displayed on the museum’s first floor. He painted over 35 self-portraits throughout his life, and none of these works were ever put up for sale. In recent years, another discovery of a self-portrait was confirmed. The doubt remained for more than 50 years as to whether it was really a work by Van Gogh since the use of color was unusual in his other paintings, and using a suit to deposit the tub onto the painting was unusual at the time. At the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, the authenticity of this newly discovered work was attested.

Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam – His world’s largest Collection

There are several Selfie-Walls throughout the Van Gogh Museum. Large panels with Van Gogh’s works where you can take countless pictures for your social networks and memories of visited museum.

Van Gogh’s life is full of moments of depression, self-mutilation, and even suicide. The large number of letters and drawings exhibited by the museum retrace a little of his story of a life marked by mental breakdowns.

Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam – His world’s largest Collection

Ah! Don’t miss the opportunity to stop by the Gift Shop, which offers many creative souvenir options. The Gift Shop is one of the only places in the world where you can buy legal replicas of his works to keep at home.

Van Gogh Museum Facts & Figures

  • Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam opened in 1973.
  • His works are icons of Impressionist and Postimpressionist art
  • More than 366,000 visitors explore the halls of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam yearly.
  • The museum’s collection comprises over 200 paintings, 400 drawings, and 700 of Van Gogh’s personal letters.
  • Van Gogh only sold a single painting in his lifetime. However, Van Gogh’s most expensive work, the portrait of Dr. Paul Gachet, was sold for $83 million
  • Van Gogh’s best-known work, Starry Night, is actually in the Museum of Modern Art in New York (MoMA).

Frequently Asked Questions About the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam

Where is the Van Gogh Museum?

Although there have been Van Gogh exhibitions in many cities around the world, there is only one Van Gogh Museum, and it is in Amsterdam. In Amsterdam is the Museum situated on the Paulus Potterstraat in the Museumplein, a plaza where my famous museums are also located like Rijksmuseum and Moco Museum.

How much do tickets to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam cost?

Tickets on the official site cost 20€ but offer no cancellation policy or flexibility. The Tickets with 100% cancellation cost only 22€, and the tickets with the audio guide 26€.

Which museum has the largest collection of Van Gogh's artworks?

The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam is the only museum entirely dedicated to the works of the Dutch artist, that is since 1973 featuring masterpieces of the most famous Netherlands artist. There you can find the largest collection of his artworks, but also various subjects in the exhibition wing

How long does it take to visit the Van Gogh Museum?

You should carve out at least 1.5 hours to admire most famous Van Gogh Paintings. The Van Gogh Museum is divided into several floors with many rooms and different exhibitions. If you like art and are interested in the works of Van Gogh, reserve at least 2 hours for your visit.

Can I buy the Van Gogh Museum ticket on the fly?

No. There are no Van Gogh Museum ticket sales at the museum—online only.

Do I need to reserve a time window to get into the Van Gogh Museum?

Yes, the entrance to the Van Gogh Museum takes place within a reserved time slot. You should arrive approximately 15 minutes early. There is no maximum time to stay in the museum, so you can stay as long as you wish.

Are there queues to get into the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam?

Since ticket sales only take place online and with the choice of a time window, there are no long lines. Secure your ticket in advance and arrive at new entrance just 15 minutes before your entrance time.

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