The 15 Absolute Best Bars in Paris

Spend an Unforgettable Night in Paris

While cafés are timeworn escapes where generations of Parisians went to socialize or unwind over une verre, the city’s vibrant bars have never been more exciting.

You don’t have to look hard to find bars for every mood and budget in the liveliest quartiers. Jazz clubs rub neon with old-style café bars, and inventive cocktail venues compete with word-of-mouth speakeasies.

The Best Bars in Paris

We’ve assembled a parade of our favorite haunts to help you navigate the capital’s effervescent bar scene. Cozy boltholes, sparkling cocktail joints, neighborhood hangouts, and gastronomic hotspots are all in the mix of the best bars in Paris.

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    Sherry Butt

    Bar & Pub in Marais & Cité
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    Hanging lights, smoky wood panels, and exposed brick set the retro vibe at Sherry Butt. Conversely, the cocktail and whisky menu is bang up-to-date. A yin-yang set-up that helps this venue stand out in a sea of beardy Le Marais hipness.

    Daytime lounging on comfy seats gives way to standing room only when the sun goes down. The music matches the vibe. Or maybe sets the vibe; it’s hard to tell after a cocktail.
    And cocktails are the star. Familiar and obscure liquors are pulled from the loaded shelves as staff alchemizes immaculate and intoxicating blends mixed to perfection. Whisky co-stars, with a seductive whisky selection for dram enthusiasts.

    Charcuterie, cheeses, and other barroom nibbles are slapped on boards, so nobody has to rush away for dinner. Which on weekends seems to apply to everybody.

    • Prices: €€-€€€
    • Address: 20 Rue Beautreillis, 75004 (Le Marais)
    • Nearest Metro: Bastille (1, 5, 8)
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    Paname Brewing Company

    Brewery in Canal St. Martin & La Villette
    Line of beers on wooden table in a beer garden
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    Bright, spacious, and perched on the animated waters of Bassin de la Villette, Paname Brewing Company enjoys stimulating views. The beer is exceptional too.

    You can visit the microbrewery nearby or grab a seat with a view and savor IPAs, ales, and lagers with enigmatic names and contrasting colors. A degustation platter of small glasses (12.5 cl) is understandably popular.

    Pub food is nothing to remember — burgers, pizzas, salads, etc. But the beers are. Situated at the end of Canal Saint Martin, it’s an idyllic breakpoint for thirsty explorers and an enticing detour for ardent beer devotees.

    • Prices: €-€€
    • Address: 41 bis Quai de la Loire, 75019 (Villette)
    • Nearest Metro: Riquet (7) or Ourcq (5)
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    Little Red Door

    Bar & Pub in Marais & Cité
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    A speakeasy with style, Little Red Door is a cocktail haven winning fans and awards with ease.

    If you weren’t paying attention, you could skip past the entrance without noticing one of the best bars in Paris. Or the planet, according to The World’s 50 Best Bars. The only clue is the eponymous little red door tucked behind an otherwise vanilla entrance with zero signage.

    The door hides an intimate space. Plush seating, open brickwork, and low lighting lean into the upscale speakeasy vibe. The cocktails are award winners. Passion runs deep, from the cocktail shaker to the farms, via their “From Farm to Glass” ingredient sourcing.

    Monikers like Chamomile and Carrot wouldn’t look out of place at a juice bar. But this is a far more seductive place to unwind.

    • Prices: €€-€€€
    • Address: 60 Rue Charlot, 75003 (Le Marais)
    • Nearest Metro: Filles du Calvaire (8)
  4. 04

    L'Ours Bar

    Bar & Pub in Quartier de la Porte-Saint-Denis
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    There are three Animaux bars in Paris. The one we love is our cuddly bear, L’Ours. Cocktail fans will, too.

    Finetuned concoctions like Bain Moussant (Bubble Bath) and Jardin Anglais (English Garden) are mixed by smiling staff. The menu changes every six months, so it never gets stale.

    Although there are cozier nooks to kick back in, dimmed lights add an air of intimacy offset by the luminescent bar and a striking polar bear mural. It’s a no- frills, laidback watering hole where locals mingle with city wanderers who cheerfully stumbled upon an instant favorite.

    Off the radar in the urban maze around Gare de l’Est, L’Ours makes a compelling detour from Canal Saint Martin. Go for early evening happy hours when the already inexpensive cocktails drop to unheard-of prices in Paris.

    • Prices:
    • Address: 8 Rue de Paradis, 75010 (Porte-Saint-Denis)
    • Nearest Metro: Gare de l’Est (4, 5, 7)
  5. 05

    Harry's New York Bar

    Bar & Pub in 9. Arrondissement
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    The saloon doors at Harry’s New York Bar have been swinging since 1911. Its longevity is evident with a backdrop plastered with memorabilia and signed banknotes. Guests like to leave a piece of them behind, and who can blame them?

    Cocktails are sumptuous, and the support list of liquors is well-chosen. Try house recipes like James Bond or the Tricky Snail that showcase the bar’s creativity. Non-alcoholic cocktails are equally refreshing.

    Bringing Brooklyn to the refined streets of Opéra, hot dogs (with brioche rolls, of course) are the only sustenance. After 10 pm, piano music also fuels patrons.

    A basement nook with old-school style, you only have to gaze over the walls to know the piano bar has orchestrated many memorable nights. Some were in the company of legends like Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and even a fictional 007 (A View to a Kill).

    • Prices: €€€
    • Address: 5 Rue Daunou, 75002 (Opéra)
    • Nearest Metro: Opéra (3, 7, 8)
  6. 06

    Pub Saint Hilaire

    Bar & Pub in Quartier Latin
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    British and Irish pubs rarely win awards for the best bars in Paris. But sometimes, a down-to-earth space to let your hair down is all you need.

    Pub Saint Hilaire is a lively and laidback neighborhood hangout. Regulars go for inexpensive drinks and comforting bar food. And sometimes to dance with the band frequently playing upstairs. Pool, bar games, and big screens sports ensure there’s always a mixed crowd. Evening crowds spill onto the pavement.

    Beers at cheerful prices are chalked on blackboards. Cocktails, including alcohol-free, are available. Plus, a diverse choice of hot plates and boards made for sharing.

    In short, there’s plenty to please every mood. A big reason why this pub bustles with locals and tourists, day and night.

    • Prices: €-€€
    • Address: 2 Rue Valette, 75005 (Latin Quarter)
    • Nearest Metro: Maubert – Mutualité (10)
  7. 07

    Rosa Bonheur sur Seine

    Bar & Pub in Quartier des Invalides
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    Rosa Bonheur are masters of the guinguette, those near-mythical open-air taverns of the 19th century. They’re sweeping France in style, albeit with a few 21st- century twists.

    Rosa Bonheur sur Seine fills a window-lined boat with spectacular views. A terrace opposite takes the overflow. Both are delightful spots to nibble house tapas or enjoy a glass of decent wine (champagne if the moment calls for it).

    At night, the interior sparkles with light and upbeat tunes from DJs and bands. For a moment, you can forget you’re in Paris. There are several other Rosa Bonheur venues with individual personalities, all contenders for the best bars in Paris.

    • Prices: €€
    • Address: Port des Invalides, Quai d’Orsay, 75007 (Invalides)
    • Nearest Metro: Invalides(8, 13) + RER C
  8. 08


    Bar & Pub in Quartier d'Auteuil
    Bar Cravan in St Germain, Paris
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    If you have lazy moments in a traditional café on your scorecard, Cravan delivers that singular Parisian experience in spades.

    A photogenic art nouveau façade is time-warped from La Belle Époque. The vintage postcard effect extends to a pristine interior, all mirrors and tiled ceiling. Hard to believe this latest iteration is a newcomer to the Parisian bar scene.

    Small and intimate, you’re usually greeted by just one host behind the bar. And, presumably, at least one in the kitchen. Together they knock out elegant cocktails and delectable plates of comfort food like extravagant lobster rolls.

    The menu, like the staffing arrangements, lacks quantity. Instead, quality fronts up. From coffee to wine, it’s a classy set-up.

    • Prices: €€
    • Address: 17 Rue Jean de la Fontaine, 75016 Paris (Auteuil)
    • Nearest Metro: Jasmin (9)
  9. 09

    Le Baron Rouge

    Bar & Pub in Quartier des Quinze-Vingts
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    Le Baron Rouge is renowned for its raucous atmosphere and celebration of good, inexpensive wine.

    The iconic establishment has long enjoyed a reputation as one of the best bars in Paris. Natural wines (massively in vogue at the moment) and chalkboards covered in appellations draw crowds. Huge barrels and busy spigots leave no doubt this is a cave first, bar second.

    Prices are famously low, the mood is easygoing, and the wines are exceptional. Oenophiles rejoice. Curious wine amateurs chat with the English-speaking staff as they discover a world of forgotten French wines.

    Sharing boards and weekend oysters (a local magnet) salt the palate as you sample wines at prices your grandparents would have praised.

    • Prices:
    • Address: 1 Rue Théophile Roussel, 75012 (Quinze-Vingts)
    • Nearest Metro: Ledru-Rollin (8)
  10. 10

    Le 153

    Bar & Pub in Quartier Sainte-Avoye
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    Lounging is encouraged at Le 153 on the edge of Le Marais. The main bar, aptly named the Boudoir, is a work of art with a quirky stately home vibe.

    A compact terrace sits out front. The (also suitably named) Cactus Bar comes with fresh air and the chance to mount the curious spiral staircase at the back.

    Embracing the bar à manger concept, sharing planches are stacked with French favorites: charcuterie, fromage, tartines, and rillettes. Nothing original, but a superior selection.

    The drink’s menu has it all. Like most of the best bars in Paris, a balanced array of house and classic cocktails tops the bill, alcohol-free included. Snacks, cocktails, and velvet loungers; all you need to recharge after a day exploring the City of Light.

    • Prices: €€
    • Address: 153 Rue Saint-Martin, 75003 (Sainte-Avoye)
    • Nearest Metro: Rambuteau (11)
  11. 11


    Bar & Pub in Quartier de Belleville
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    Cocktails are forsaken for craft beers and natural wines at Liquiderie. It’s a discerning selection that scours the world for exceptional brews while promoting regional wineries and breweries.

    IPAs from across the Atlantic, exceptional wines from all over France. Look behind the bar to see a constantly-changing choice line of taps ready to pour.
    There’s nothing industrial here, despite the vast selection in all categories. This can be seen in a bottled beer list loaded with lambics and sours cherrypicked from France and Belgium.

    The understated and intimate interior shifts the focus to enjoying good company. And, above all, stellar beers and wines. A few bar snacks, saucisson, etc., keep patrons refueled between meals.

    • Prices: €€
    • Address: 7 Rue de la Présentation, 75011 (Belleville)
    • Nearest Metro: Belleville (2, 11)
  12. 12

    Bar Hemingway

    Bar & Pub in Quartier de la Place Vendôme
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    Bon viveur Ernest Hemingway was well acquainted with the Ritz. His love of the luxury hotel is layered with myth, not least his characteristic claim to liberate the hotel
    from Nazis. Accurate or not, the emblematic establishment has not forgotten his service.

    Wood panels, tufted leather, and fading photos set the elegant tone in the compact nook that is Bar Hemingway. Everything gleams. Quirky memorabilia catch the eye. The author of the absorbing Parisian travelogue, A Moveable Feast, would have liked where the bar is today.

    Hemingway motifs are woven into a list of seriously classy drinks mixed by consummate professionals. Martinis are the gold standard. Snacks are decent, with on-trend (mini) hot dogs back again. A place to indulge yourself and relish rarefied old-world charms that captivated Hemingway.

    • Prices: €€€-€€€€
    • Address: 15 Pl. Vendôme, 75001 (Place Vendôme)
    • Nearest Metro: Concorde (1, 8, 12)
  13. 13

    Le Boucan

    Bar & Pub in Pigalle
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    The next stop on our heady crawl around the best bars in Paris brings us to the heart of France’s nightlife in Hemingway’s era, Pigalle. No 5-star splendor at Le Boucan. Instead, you get a vivid splash of color in the shadow of the Moulin Rouge.

    A complete set of drinks and planches of charcuterie and fromage meets all needs. Table football and a photo booth for souvenirs fit the vibe. It’s a relaxing place to lay your hat for a few hours. Especially with friends or when seeking a relaxed harbor in the former red-light district.

    • Prices: €€
    • Address: 108 Bd de Clichy, 75018 (Montmartre/Pigalle)
    • Nearest Metro: Blanche (2)
  14. 14

    Fifty Fifty

    Bar & Pub in 11. Arrondissement
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    Oberkampf is where Paris’s nightlife now parties. A local star is Fifty Fifty, an intimate hideaway with speakeasy vibes. The front is nothing to look at, but inside is a well-stocked bar, chilled music, and décor that recalls the Roaring Twenties.

    The cocktails are a cut above. Artfully mixed and presented, you instantly know you’ve landed in a neighborhood gem. And you know they love their craft, evidenced by humorous elixirs like Beet el juice (yes, it contains beetroot) and Smoke on the water, sadly not a deep purple color.

    Even the tapas reveal creative flair. It’s an intimate escape in the heart of Paris’s hottest nightlife.

    • Prices: €-€€
    • Address: 74 Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, 75011 (Oberkampf)
    • Nearest Metro: Parmentier (3)
  15. 15


    Bar & Pub in Quartier Latin
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    Claiming to be the first Parisian bar devoted to gin, Tiger is staking a claim to be one of the best bars in Paris too. A chocolate-box anterior gives way to a contemporary chic interior. A bar backdropped by premium gins stretches to the ceiling.

    The size is deceptive; an upstairs lounge provides wriggle room. But it still fills up quick. It’s the Latin Quarter, and no cocktail haven is safe from crowds.

    Pluck the gin knowledge of the friendly staff, sample the refreshing infusions, or make room for one last signature cocktail. Or try one of the 1040 gin and tonic combinations available and enjoy the sleek ambiance of a bar du jour. Bonne dégustation!

    • Prices: €€-€€€
    • Address: 13 Rue Princesse, 75006 (Latin Quarter)
    • Nearest Metro: Mabillon (10)

FAQs about the Best Bars in Paris

What time do bars close in Paris?

The Bars in Paris are normally open until 2 p.m, but there are a few exceptions which leave their doors opened until 4 p.m in the morning. Especially the high class bar open around afternoon and close pretty early. Always make sure to check the opening hours on the official websites!

What is the dress code in Paris bars?

The dress code is different from bar to bar but if you choose to go with a smart casual you should be safe (high quality jeans and open collar shirt, a classy dress or skirt). If you are not sure what to wear just take a look on the website or give the venue a call!

What bars did Hemingway and Fitzgerald like in Paris?

The literature icons Hemingway and Fitzgerald favored bars like “Café de Flore” and “Les Deux Magots”, “Harry’s New York Bar” and “Ritz Bar.” These places were pretty popular in the 1920s for writers and are nowadays a touristy spot for visitors of Paris.

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