A Guide to the Best Restaurants in Paris

The French capital enjoys an enviable reputation as the epicenter of gastronomy and modern dining culture. The pleasures of good food and convivial dining shape a cityscape of vibrant cafés, aromatic boulangeries, and colorful street markets. But the best restaurants in Paris are where culinary alchemy unfolds.

Bistro or brasserie, creperie or fine dining temple, every quartier is home to inventive kitchens and comforting menus to please all appetites. It is joy for gourmands and a headscratcher for ravenous travelers seeking unforgettable Parisian experiences.

What to look for in a Parisian Restaurant

The days of following your nose or a well-thumbed Michelin Guide are long gone. Today, every tidbit of info is at our fingertips.

But if you don’t want to frantically filter reviews to find restaurants in Paris that match your mood and budget and prefer to let your senses lead you, a few clues can help you find a decent meal for a fair price.

  • A short menu indicates a kitchen focused on quality, seasonal fare, and showcasing its talents.
  • Changing daily specials is another sign that chefs are bringing something extra to the table.
  • Look for mentions of fait maison (homemade). In many restaurants, it’s unsaid because the alternative is too horrific for the chef to imagine. But it can be a telling clue that quality is king in lesser establishments.
  • Michelin guide mentions are a cast-iron guarantee of quality. Typically at a price to match. The esteemed directory is peerless if you have a gourmet itch to scratch.

Restaurant in Paris

Things to avoid at Restaurants in Paris

  • Tourist hotspots usually display English menus out front. Not necessarily an indicator of poor quality but a sign they focus on turnover rather than winning accolades. However, English or dual-language menus are widely available upon request, even in fine dining temples.
  • Doorway recruiters and picture menus are rare. But like everywhere, it’s a flashing warning sign that the venue is not prospering on reputation alone.
  • Views and evocative settings charge a premium. However, some of the finest restaurants in Paris occupy the prettiest spots, well aware that guests are looking for the complete package. Others survive merely because of the setting.

To help you get a feel for restaurants in Paris, we’ve pulled together 25 of our favorites for every budget and appetite. From gastronomic showstoppers to homely French bistros, and everything in between.

The 25 Best Restaurants in Paris

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    Restaurant in Quartier Saint-Vincent-de-Paul
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    Nestled under the skylights at the atmospheric Saint Quentin covered market is Pardi, an exciting introduction to the dazzling diversity of Parisian restaurants. You’ve got a singular setting, chefs diligently working in the open kitchen, and a medley of exquisitely finished dishes with a French and Southern European temperament.
    Sharing plates include their famous croque with truffle, a moreish marriage of cheesy, crunch, and umami. But the star turn is the plat du marché that converts the seasonal delights of neighboring stalls into a daily culinary surprise. On theme, natural wines dominate the drinks selection. The bill won’t shock, in Paris at least. And the offbeat experience is one for the memory banks.

    • Price: €€
    • Address: 85 bis Boulevard Magenta – Marché Saint Quentin, 75010
    • Nearest Métro: Gare de l’Est (4, 5, 7)
  2. 02

    Le Potager de Charlotte

    Restaurant in Quartier de Rochechouart
    dish of the restaurant le potager de charlotte
    Credit: Le Potager de Charlotte
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    Once left to scour forsaken corners of meat-laden menus, vegans have plenty to cheer about in Paris nowadays. The two restaurants from Le Potager de Charlotte are setting the pace.

    Veganism is optional to appreciate these pioneering restaurants. They’re cozy, homely affairs with enthusiastic staff and customers. Among them, hesitant carnivores with smiles on their faces.

    Menus are essentially the same at both restaurants and sparkle with field-fresh vigor. Try sesame-marinated tofu for starters, followed by cajun wild rice for dishes packed with flavor. Save room for their raved-about vegan chocolate

    Many restaurants in Paris might be sleeping on the growth in vegan and healthy
    lifestyles. But Le Potager de Charlotte is doing their part to wake Parisians up to its
    culinary potential.

    • Price: €€
    • Address: 12 Rue Louise-Émilie de la Tour d’Auvergne, 75009 (Rochechouart)
    • Nearest Métro: Poissonnière (7)
  3. 03

    Le Bistrot de Madeleine

    Restaurant in Quartier de Rochechouart
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    Bistrot were once avant-garde culinary nooks for individual chefs to showcase their talents to a discerning audience. The concept may have evolved as Parisians and travelers caught the bistro bug. But Le Bistrot de Madeleine retains the charm and culinary inventiveness that made the dining experience so seductive.
    The menu is reassuringly short and balanced; the primacy of quality over quantity is a signature of Parisian bistros. Vegetarian dishes show up each round, although the enduring star is a meaty French classic, pot-au-feu, indulgently finished with foie gras. With a homely interior of exposed brickwork and low lighting, this old-school gem is a delightful complement to the village charms of nearby Montmartre.

    • Price: €€
    • Address: 4 Av. Trudaine, 75009 (Rochechouart)
    • Nearest Métro: Anvers (2)
  4. 04

    Pink Mamma in Paris

    Restaurant in Quartier Saint-Georges
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    Paris has long been a welcoming home for their culinary soulmates across the border in Italy. Pink Mamma, with its atmospheric setting and love of all things Italian, brings something extra to the cross-border party.
    They currently have seven restaurants in Paris. The original on bustling Rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine is 100% traditional trattoria. All branches are individually stylish, but one that stands out like a Hawaiian pizza in Naples is the gorgeous Pigalle venue. The art-laden stairwell and pretty sky-garden terrace are the stuff of Instagram legend. Booking is essential if you plan to sit under skylights on the picturesque upper floor.
    The menus are Italian through and through, all homemade. Truffle pasta and cocktails shine. A delightful spot to enjoy a plate of Italian sunshine under grey Parisian skies.

    • Price: €€
    • Address: 20bis Rue de Douai, 75009 (Pigalle)
    • Nearest Métro: Pigalle (2, 12)
  5. 05


    Restaurant in Quartier de Clignancourt
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    With a sprinkling of gallic je ne sais quoi, Pantobaguette has added some pizzazz to the flourishing tapas love-in sweeping across restaurants in Paris. The tapas and pintxo menu at this vibrant urban hangout is pleasingly short. What made it past the tasting committee are Spanish-inspired combinations given a gastronomic buff-up with offbeat flavors. Boudin noir croquettes and a vegetarian dish of fried eggplant, goat’s cheese, and white peach underline the philosophy.

    Pantobaguette pulls off a delicate balancing act; a fun and neighborly bar with sharing plates of exceptional sophistication. Exceedingly modern Paris in feel and flavor.

    • Price: €€
    • Address: 16 Rue Eugène Sue, 75018 (Clignancourt)
    • Nearest Métro: Marcadet – Poissonniers (4, 12)
  6. 06

    Bouillon République

    Restaurant in Marais & Cité
    Restaurant Bouillon République in Paris
    Credit: Benoit Linero
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    Kilometers behind the culinary vanguard is Bouillon République, a timeworn space where the food and prices have bucked contemporary trends. The wood-paneled interior and carpeted floor are a romantic step back to a forgotten Paris. There’s a menu to match. Boeuf bourguignon and steak frites star on a menu that, thankfully, will never go out of fashion. It might be the most French menu you’ll see in Paris. With prices, you certainly won’t see anywhere else.

    If you fancy a blowout banquet of French classics without emptying your bank account, this Place de la République icon will leave you giddy.

    • Price:
    • Address: 39 Bd du Temple, 75003 (Le Marais)
    • Nearest Métro: République (3, 5, 8, 9, 11)
  7. 07

    114 Faubourg

    Restaurant in Quartier de la Madeleine
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    Unsurprisingly, there is a sea of Michelin-starred restaurants in Paris. 114 Faubourg in the luxurious Le Bristol hotel only has one. Yet it’s been winning loud praise for its masterclass in classic French cooking.
    The backdrop is plush and trim, with banquettes and splashes of floral color lining the wall. It’s a brasserie upscaled for the well-heeled locals and hotel guests.

    You can see that reflected in a menu with ostensibly simple French fare dialed up in decadence. Dishes like beer tartare and entrecote steak would be at home in any brasserie. But not with a panache that reminds guests how French favorites can still excite the inner gastronome.

    • Price: €€€€
    • Address: 114 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, 75008 (Madeleine)
    • Nearest Métro: Saint-Philippe-du-Roule (9)
  8. 08

    Il était un square

    Restaurant in Quartier de Croulebarbe
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    Burgers can be hit-and-miss in Paris. But not at Il était un square, where you can also savor the gallic version, with steak tartare occupying the other half of the menu.
    Traceable beef is at the heart of these bovine culinary triumphs. The croquemonsieur flavors of the Parisian burger exemplify their unique take on an American classic. But the tourists travel from afar for the tartare, drawn by crazy spins on the original like the Ziggy Stardust showpiece made with cajun spices and nuts.
    Go French, or go American. Either way, you get the corner café bistro vibes and creative takes on two wonderfully contrasting comfort foods.

    • Price: €€
    • Address: 54 Rue Corvisart, 75013 (Croulebarbe)
    • Nearest Métro: Corvisart (6)
  9. 09

    Alix et Mika

    Restaurant in Quartier de Clignancourt
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    Still thinking about steak tartare? Then you should know about Alix et Mika, peerless tartare specialists in colorful Montmartre.

    The joy of focusing on one dish is that there are countless possibilities to make it exceptional. Outside the heavily-loaded fixed menus, it’s all custom-made (sur mesure) with myriad combinations.
    It begins with a choice of bases: beef, tuna, salmon, and white fish. A vegetarian friendly quinoa, bulgur wheat medley arrives with a creamy burrata to pop. Then add an array of mouthwatering styles and sides. The frites maison fried in duck fat are irresistible.

    Alix and Mika’s modern and laidback bistro illustrates how utterly modern culinary inventiveness is still being mined from French classics.

    • Price: €€
    • Address: 37 Rue Lamarck, 75018 (Montmartre)
    • Nearest Métro: Lamarck – Caulaincourt (12)
  10. 10

    Les Freres Bretons

    Restaurant in Quartier de Grenelle
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    Our next stop is Les Freres Bretons. The name might clue you up that we’re
    stopping at a creperie. As you would hope of proud brothers from Brittany, they know how to transform a humble pancake into something irresistible. They achieve their glowing reputation with more-than-fair prices, a warm welcome in a cozy venue, and heartily filled crepes.

    The flavors are sublime and could be eaten sans crêpe and still be delicious. La Fermière — goat’s cheese, bacon, honey, and salad — is a heavenly combination. Cider is customary; a sweet pancake and a scoop of their organic ice cream are obligatory. You’ll leave refueled and content without hurting your vacation budget.

    • Price:
    • Address: 117 Bd de Grenelle, 75015 (Grenelle)
    • Nearest Métro: La Motte – Picquet Grenelle (6, 8, 10)
  11. 11

    Chez Ajia

    Restaurant in Marais & Cité
    Restaurant Chez Ajia in Paris
    Credit: Chez Ajia
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    Chez Ajia brings the unfamiliar delights of Taiwanese food to the French capital. If you’ve already fallen for Taiwanese food, you’ll appreciate the attention to authenticity. If you’re a first-timer, this is your chance to sample an assortment of street food gems and national dishes from the island. Gua bao (pork belly bun) is the headline act.

    Go with friends if you can; sharing is happiness here. The bright, fresh venue is a chilled space in the lively Marais. The welcome is consistently warm, prices are low, and the food leaves a full-flavored impression.

    • Price: €€
    • Address: 4 Rue du Roi de Sicile, 75004 (Le Marais)
    • Nearest Métro: Saint-Paul (1)
  12. 12

    La Table de Colette

    Restaurant in Quartier Latin
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    3 to 7-course tasting menus and wallet-pleasing haute-cuisine await at the achingly modern and inventive La Table de Colette. Their eco-responsible sourcing places seasonal vegetables at the heart of everything. In their words, meat and fish are merely the accompaniments.

    Creativity seeps into the combinations and playful presentation. Les Amuse Bouches arrive carefully balanced on rocks and in presentation boxes. The Poireau et la sardine (leek and sardine) could be mistaken for a mini baguette sculpture on display at the Pompidou. Choice wine pairings enliven the fresh and eye-opening flavors.
    Yet to win une étoile, this is a place to savor Parisian excellence and revel in farmfresh goodness. Get there before they win a star and reservations are swallowed up.

    • Price: €€€
    • Address: 17 Rue Laplace, 75005 (Latin Quarter)
    • Nearest Métro: Cardinal Lemoine (10)
  13. 13


    Restaurant in Pigalle
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    Parisian bistros range from culinary trailblazers to homely spaces for comforting foods cooked with skill. Poni is a fine example of the latter. The menu embraces French culinary heritage and expert cooking. Burgers or steak tartare, sharing plate or salad, the options are familiar.

    Bavette with shallot confit and garlic cream takes a rustic lunchtime favorite up a level or two. There are nods to vegetarian diets and international tastes; vegetable lasagna or octopus and chorizo croquettes are highlights. With a trim and contemporary café setting and effusively praised staff, Poni is a sophisticated haven. Just what you might be craving amongst the bright lights of Paris’s former red-light district.

    • Price: €€
    • Address: 24 Rue Saint-Lazare, 75009 (Pigalle)
    • Nearest Métro: Notre-Dame-de-Lorette (12)
  14. 14

    Au P'tit Curieux

    Restaurant in Quartier de l’Hôpital-Saint-Louis
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    Bistronomy and music thrive at Au P’tit Curieux. Lauded for a relaxing vibe and uplifting music, this is another venue that nails French classics with style. This intimate and charming hidey-hole near Canal Saint Martin carries the gourmet torch for traditional French cuisine peppered with European delights. A balanced carte includes steak from Argentina and duck from southern France. Oysters from Normandy are a popular opener.

    Locals don’t head to Au P’tit Curieux for innovation. They go for the welcoming ambiance and supremely satisfying food. A worthy detour when strolling along the nearby canal.

    • Price: €€-€€€
    • Address: 27 Rue de Sambre-et-Meuse, 75010 (Hôpital-Saint-Louis)
    • Nearest Métro: Colonel Fabien (2)
  15. 15

    Les Apotres de Pigalle

    Restaurant in Pigalle
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    Historic Montmartre and Pigalle are much-visited locales and finding locally-loved jewels among the tourist traps can be a challenge. Les Apotres de Pigalle will not disappoint. The light and up-to-date café-bar is known for its comforting sharing boards. They’re right at home in the colorful neighborhood. Mac ‘n cheese with truffles and pulled pork quesadillas are winners, as are the quinoa falafel and beetroot hummus. Cocktails complete the Friday night vibe.

    There’s plenty to like about an understated menu studded with delights for all moods. Ideal for a pause before visiting the famous red windmills of the Moulin Rouge moments away.

    • Price: €€-€€€
    • Address: 2 Rue Germain Pilon, 75018 (Pigalle)
    • Nearest Métro: Pigalle (2, 12)
  16. 16

    Les Epiciers

    Restaurant in Marais & Cité
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    Les Epiciers sets a high standard among the city’s bars à manger. The idea of wine first and food second is hardly unique in the French capital, but both get a platform to shine here.
    A proper cave à vins where you can pop in and pick up some wine knowledge and a bottle to go, drinks are invariably first-class.

    The short menu chalked above the chairs and tables in front of the pretty store burst with flavor and diversity. Daily specials like lamb confit and tajine invite lingering. Smaller plates, including sandwiches and sharing planches, work for people pausing as they trail around Le Marais. Hidden down a side street, it’s a belle experience that tourists can easily miss. This is perhaps a positive; the sidewalk seats are already in short supply.

    • Price: €€
    • Address: 33 Rue de Montmorency, 75003 (Le Marais)
    • Nearest Métro: Arts et Métiers (3, 11)
  17. 17

    La MiN

    Restaurant in Quartier Sainte-Marguerite
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    Nestled behind a quaint façade and under vaulted ceilings, La MiN exudes a hip, bohemian personality. The reassuringly precise menu sparkles with Frenchness and bistronomic heart. Start with a gooey parcel of breaded camembert and fill up with a chicken ballotine in tapenade sauce for the main course.

    Proving short menus equal gourmet excellence, everything is freshly prepared. Truffles are worked into the menu, delighting many patrons. But the pistachio lava cake gets the biggest smiles. There are plenty of restaurants in Paris doing what La MiN does. But with felicitous prices, a prime spot on the absorbing rue de Montreuil, and genuine skill on display, it’s one to note.

    • Price: €€
    • Address: 45 Rue de Montreuil, 75011 (St Marguerite)
    • Nearest Métro: Faidherbe – Chaligny (8)
  18. 18

    Bistrot Beyrouth

    Restaurant in Quartier de la Roquette
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    Lebanese cuisine is flowering amongst the established restaurants in Paris. It makes sense with kitchens like Bistrot Beyrouth delivering tastes of Lebanon with consummate proficiency. The backdrop is all laidback café, more gallic than Lebanese. But the food is distinctly different.

    Hot and cold mezze are ideal for fun nights with friends. Grilled brochettes and stacked falafel sandwiches help fill stomachs. Laminated menus and eye-popping low prices for fixed meals set an easygoing tone. But it’s all done with a flourish to create a seductive dash of Mediterranean flavor right in the heart of the lively 11th

    • Price: €-€€
    • Address: 103 Rue de Charonne, 75011
    • Nearest Métro: Charonne (9)
  19. 19

    Petit Boutary

    Restaurant in Quartier des Batignolles
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    The polished exterior of Petit Boutary is as pleasing to the eye as the culinary creations filing out from the kitchen. Modern bistro stylings extend from the crisp décor to fixed menus built around “chef’s market finds.“The ultimate blowout is the Omakase (I’ll leave to the chef) tasting menu. The ever-changing menu keeps guests guessing, but rarely disappointed, judging by the reviews. Caviar is one constant everybody loves.

    Batignolles may be off the tourist path, but the capital’s “second village” (after Montmartre) is home to many inventive and local-cherished bistros. In our humble opinion, Petit Boutary is among the finest.

    • Price: €€€
    • Address: 16 Rue Jacquemont, 75017 (Batignolles)
    • Nearest Métro: La Fourche (13)
  20. 20

    La Bonne Franquette

    Restaurant in Montmartre
    Fassade des Restaurants La Bonne Franquette in Montmartre, Paris
    Credit: La Bonne Franquette
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    If dining in evocative old surroundings is on your scorecard when choosing restaurants in Paris, La Bonne Franquette should be on the shortlist. The landmark 16th-century building sits in the heart of cobbled walkways thronging with tourists. An aesthetically gorgeous relic for photo albums and old-school Parisian experiences. Just next door is Le Consulat, one of the most photographed Parisian restaurants.

    Despite its romantic setting and time-shifting interior that sells the spot before tourists read the menu, the food is good and reasonably priced. Predictably, it’s traditional French all the way. But there is something for all appetites. And with two lovely terraces where you watch the world come to Paris, you can be confident that you’re not walking into an overpriced tourist trap.

    • Price: €€
    • Address: 18 Rue Saint-Rustique, 75018 (Montmartre)
    • Nearest Métro: Abbesses (12)
  21. 21

    Le Réciproque

    Restaurant in Montmartre
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    We stay in Montmartre to raise a chapeau to Le Réciproque, a far more contemporary affair in the shadow of the soaring Sacré-Cœur Basilica. Exposed brickwork and an open kitchen set the tone. The menu is French food with modern sensibilities. Think anolini ravioli stuffed with mushrooms followed by rib of beef served in its jus. In customary bistro style, the menu is concise and adapts to the chef’s whim and seasons.

    Guests are welcomed like long-lost family, and the food quality is unpretentious yet top-tier for the price. A sterling example of why the small venues you sail past without noticing often house the best value restaurants in Paris.

    • Price: €€-€€€
    • Address: 14 Rue Ferdinand Flocon, 75018 (Montmartre)
    • Nearest Métro: Jules Joffrin (12)
  22. 22

    Trattoria dell'isola sarda

    Restaurant in Quartier de Rochechouart
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    We’ve always got room for another good Italian among all the great Parisian restaurants. Trattoria dell’isola sarda is like a slice of bygone Sardinia plopped into the bustling heart of Paris. This rustic setting is slightly offbeat for the neighborhood; plates flying out of the kitchen are unmistakably Italian.

    The carbonara is legitimately good (rare in France). Seafood is on point, especially the seafood platter. Plating up Italian comforts like they are still in Sardinia, Trattoria dell‘ Isola Sarda has gained a neighborhood fanbase. The right place to be if (when?) you get a sudden craving for Mediterranean sunshine flavors.

    • Price: €€
    • Address: 40 Rue Rodier, 75009 (Rochechouart)
    • Nearest Métro: Anvers (2)
  23. 23


    Restaurant in Quartier du Faubourg Montmartre
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    The French capital has long cultivated a love for Asian fusion food, and some of the finest restaurants in Paris have earned Michelin stars championing Japanese food. There are no Michelin stars at Marclee, which is good news for budgetconscious fans of Asian fusion food.

    Light and flavorsome dishes hog entrées and plats, including the acclaimed Rainbow Ceviche, served with giant grilled gambas. With zero chance a French audience would skip the sweet course, you can get a gyoza tatin for dessert; possibly the most Japanese French dish you’ll ever encounter. The dimly lit space would look at home along Tokyo’s Golden Gai, while the curious creations could only work in Paris. A fusion food gem.

    • Price: €€
    • Address: 10 Rue Saulnier, 75009 Paris (Faubourg-Montmartre)
    • Nearest Métro: Cadet (7)
  24. 24


    Restaurant in Quartier des Halles
    restaurant MUMI, Paris
    Credit: MUMI
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    As we reach our final couple of picks from the best restaurants in Paris, it’s time for one more taste of where French cuisine is today. The chic decor and intensely modern fare at Mumi is a terrific showcase just moments from the Louvre.

    An ever-changing dégustation (tasting) menu celebrates seasonality and the gastronomic mysteries of terroir. One day diners might start with rock octopus or asparagus, followed by quail or pork from the Tarn département. The sommelier, who happens to be the owner, is on hand to pair the wines. Very much at the vanguard of the modern bistrot, the marvelously situated Mumi offers a mouthwatering insight into the ideas and influences fueling a new wave in French cooking.

    • Price: €€-€€€
    • Address: 14 Rue Sauval, 75001 (Louvre)
    • Nearest Métro: Louvre – Rivoli (1)
  25. 25

    La Grange Aux Canards

    Restaurant in Quartier Latin
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    Fittingly, we end our epicurean odyssey with a taste of old Paris at the quintessentially gallic La Grange Aux Canards. Despite sitting in a Latin Quarter bursting with character and tourists, the menu pulled from the gourmet wonderlands around Perigord is a magnet for residents. The cozy and compact bistrot is frequently packed.

    As you might expect, duck is the box office draw. Easily some of the best you’ll find at Parisian restaurants. With only a few diversions to accommodate French essentials (escargots included), duck reigns supreme across the menu. Try the cassoulet with three confits (duck, Toulouse sausage, pork) for an authentic taste of the South. An unequivocally French conclusion to our sweeping tour around some of the best restaurants in Paris.

    • Price: €€-€€€
    • Address: 23 Rue Frédéric Sauton, 75005 (Latin Quarter)
    • Nearest Métro: Maubert – Mutualité (10)

Helpful Tips for Dining in Paris

With Google Translate ready to go and your stomach rumbling with hunger, you might wonder what else there is to know about restaurants in Paris. There’s little to worry about, but a few tips might help you relax and enjoy your Parisian feast.

  • Lunch begins at midday, dinner at 7 pm in France. In Paris, the rules have adapted to international expectations, but many restaurants still follow these timings.
  • It frequently pays to book ahead. Use a universal booking site like La Fourchette (the Fork) for many of the best restaurants in Paris. https://www.thefork.fr/
  • If you are stuck in a line, “Excusez-moi, combien de temps est l’attente” will help you find out how long the wait is.
  • Unlike cafés, you’ll be shown to your seat when it’s available.
  • Children’s menus are widely available – sometimes made for children (steak haché, a burger without a bun, is popular.) Or sometimes just a smaller portion from the main menu.
  • Remember, the menu is carte in French. When you see a menu on the board, it describes a fixed-priced meal including a main and/or dessert and starter. They are usually fantastic value, but limited to their most asked-for plates. Go à la carte for more choice.
  • Staff at some restaurants may be attentive and keep your drinks topped up without asking. More often, you’ll need to signal if you need anything as the culture is to leave guests alone.
  • Tap water is available free upon request. You do not need to accept any bottled water brought to your table.
  • Bread is also freely available in most places. Ask for more if your basket is empty.
  • Payment is frequently taken at the counter.
  • Tipping is not required or expected. Service charges (15% service compris) are added already to most bills. Naturally, small tips (pourboire) are appreciated; rounding up the bill is a common thank-you for good service.
  • Doggy bags are now a legal requirement in France. The practice may not have embedded itself in the culture. But it’s starting to take hold, so ask with confidence the law is on your side.

Frequently asked questions about the best restaurants in Paris

What are the best restaurants in paris?

There are a lot of good restaurants in Paris, for exemple:

  • Pardi
  • La Table de Colette
  • La MiN
  • Le Réciproque
  • Marclee
  • Poni
  • Mumi
  • Pink Mamma
  • Le Potager de Charlotte
  • 114 Faubourg

How to pay the bill in Parisian restaurants?

At many restaurants in Paris, you can pay at the counter. If you’re in a hurry, the waiting staff may take payment when they give you the check. Fine dining venues discretely bring the bill and a card payment device.

When do Parisian restaurants open in the evening?

Cafés and brasseries commonly open all day. Other restaurants usually open at 7 pm for dinner (12 pm for lunch).

How expensive is eating out in Paris?

In a word, expensive. However, satisfying three-course menus can still be found for €25-30 at quality eateries; mains range from €13-20 at moderately priced restaurants in Paris. Views and heritage settings add a hefty premium. Above that, the sky is the limit, with Michelin-starred magnificence adding zeroes
to the bill.

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