The 11 Best Christmas Lights and Decorations in Boston (2024)

Where to see Christmas Decorations in Boston

Boston, a city full of history and culture, has always been a town that knows how to celebrate. But come December, it transforms into something truly magical. Streets, parks, and historic landmarks are filled with twinkling lights, turning the city into a radiant winter wonderland.

As the holiday season approaches, every corner of Boston seems to compete in a friendly contest of who can shine the brightest. From the iconic Boston Common to the charming streets of Beacon Hill, the city is aglow with festive spirit.

And while the Christmas in Boston celebrations offer so many experiences, there’s something uniquely enchanting about wandering through the city’s illuminated pathways, basking in the warm glow of holiday lights.

Christmas Lights in Boston

No matter if you’re a local or a visitor, this guide to the best Christmas lights in Boston promises to fill your day with holiday cheer! Here are 11 of the best activities and beautiful light displays to enjoy this holiday season.

1. Boston Common: The Heart of Festive Celebrations

Boston Common, the city’s historic heart, transforms into a luminous spectacle as the holiday season approaches. As the oldest public garden in the U.S., it’s a beloved spot for both locals and tourists.

The annual tree lighting ceremony is a sight to behold, with the tree, a gift from Nova Scotia, shimmering with countless lights. But the festivities don’t end there. The “Candlelight” themed events, especially the “Candlelight: Holiday Special featuring ‘The Nutcracker’“, bring a unique charm to the park.

Imagine being surrounded by the park’s natural beauty while listening to timeless holiday classics. The ambiance, combined with the scent of hot cocoa and the distant sound of carolers, creates an enchanting experience.

2. Beacon Hill: A Historic Glow

Beacon Hill, with its cobblestone streets and historic brownstones, is a picture of timeless elegance. During the holiday season, this iconic neighborhood elevates its charm, becoming a postcard-worthy scene straight out of a classic Christmas tale.

Each home competes in a friendly rivalry of festive décor, with windows adorned with wreaths, doorways framed by garlands, and balconies showcasing twinkling lights.

Charles Street, the neighborhood’s main artery, is a must-visit. Lined with boutique shops and quaint cafes, it offers a unique holiday shopping experience. As the evening sets in, the “Candlelight: Best Hits and Holiday Favorites” event at nearby venues adds a touch of musical magic to the atmosphere.

The combination of the historic setting, the glow of Christmas lights, and the melodies of holiday tunes makes Beacon Hill a mesmerizing stop on your Christmas lights tour in Boston.

3. Commonwealth Avenue Mall: A Pathway Illuminated

Stretching from the Public Garden to Kenmore Square, the Commonwealth Avenue Mall is a grand boulevard that captures the essence of Boston’s elegance. During the holiday season, this iconic pathway transforms into a radiant corridor of lights.

Each of the mall’s statues is surrounded by trees that are meticulously wrapped in white lights, creating a serene and magical atmosphere. As you stroll down this tree-lined promenade, the twinkling lights above and the soft glow from the historic brownstones on either side make for an incredible holiday lighting experience.

For those seeking a touch of festive music, the “Candlelight: Holiday Special featuring ‘The Nutcracker’” event nearby offers a delightful auditory treat. Whether you’re taking an evening walk or simply driving by, the Commonwealth Avenue Mall, with its enchanting display of holiday trees and lights, can be a highlight of your trip to Boston during the holidays.

4. Christopher Columbus Park’s Trellis Transformation

Situated between the North End and the waterfront, Christopher Columbus Park is a green oasis that offers breathtaking views of Boston Harbor.

As the holiday season approaches, the park undergoes a spectacular transformation, with its central trellis becoming the star attraction. Adorned with blue and white lights, the trellis creates a tunnel of illumination, offering a magical experience as you walk beneath its arches.

The nearby “Columbus Park Trellis Lighting” event is a highlight, drawing crowds eager to witness the first glow of the season. Surrounding the trellis, trees shimmer with their own displays, reflecting beautifully on the water’s surface. Adding to the festive atmosphere are the sounds of holiday music and the aroma of hot cocoa from nearby stalls.

Christopher Columbus Park not only offers a visual feast of festive lights but also encapsulates the holiday spirit of community and celebration.

5. Downtown Crossing and Frog Pond: A Hub of Holiday Activities

Downtown Crossing, Boston’s bustling shopping district, comes alive with festive fervor during the holiday season. Streets are lined with shops showcasing brilliantly decorated windows, each bringing its own holiday spirit.

The atmosphere is electric, with street performers playing Christmas carols and vendors offering seasonal treats. You might even find some free hot chocolate! As you wander, the glowing lights from every corner create a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for holiday shopping.

A short walk away lies the iconic Frog Pond in Boston Common and public garden. In winter, it transforms into a magical ice-skating rink. Surrounded by trees filled with twinkling lights, skating here feels like a scene from a holiday movie.

Together, Downtown Crossing and Frog Pond combine for a fantastic day of holiday fun.

6. Copley Square: A Modern Christmas Delight

In the heart of Boston’s Back Bay, Copley Square perfectly blends the city’s historic charm with modern vibrancy. As December arrives, the square becomes a focal point of festive celebrations.

Dominating the scene is the majestic Copley Square Christmas tree, a beacon of light and joy that can be seen from blocks away. Its lights transform the whole place, a holiday market, drawing crowds with live music, performances, and the much-anticipated first illumination of the season.

Adjacent to the Copley Square tree, the Boston Public Library and surrounding buildings add to the festive atmosphere with their own displays of lights and decorations.

From snapping pictures of the illuminated tree to sipping on a warm drink bringing holiday spirit, Copley Square perfectly captures the essence of Christmas in Downtown Boston.

7. Martin’s Park: A New Festive Destination

Have you checked out Martin’s Park by the Children’s Museum yet? It’s one of Boston’s newer spots and it’s quickly becoming a favorite, especially during the holidays. The park lights up in a way that’s pure magic, with twinkling lights all over the playground and walkways.

Named in memory of Martin Richard, the youngest victim of the Boston Marathon bombing, this place holds a special spot in our hearts. It’s a great place to chill with the family. You can enjoy the views of the Fort Point Channel while the kids have a blast in the playground.

And with the city’s bright lights in the background? It’s just the perfect spot for those holiday photos.

8. Stone Zoo and Bright Nights: A Wild Christmas Adventure

Venture a bit outside Downtown Boston, and you’ll find Stone Zoo transformed into a “ZooLights” spectacle. Animals made of lights roam the grounds, while real animals watch the festivities from their enclosures. Trees shimmer with thousands of lights, and the entire zoo becomes a radiant wonderland.

Not too far away, Bright Nights at Forest Park offers a drive-through holiday light experience. Explore an array of themed holiday displays, perfect for family festive discovery.

9. The North Shore’s Hidden Gems

Ever taken a drive up to the North Shore during the holidays? If not, you’re missing out! Towns like Salem and Marblehead go all out for Christmas.

Picture this: historic streets lit up with festive lights, waterfronts shimmering in the cold, and town squares bustling with holiday activities. Local shops get into the spirit with some of the most creative window displays you’ll ever see. And the community events? They’re the kind where everyone seems to know everyone, and if you’re new, they’ll make you feel right at home.

Grab a cup of hot cocoa, maybe from a local café, and just wander around. The mix of that old New England charm with the holiday lights is something straight out of a Hallmark movie. And hey, if you’re up for it, join in on some caroling – the more, the merrier!

10. Cocoa and Carols Holiday Cruise

Classic Harbor Line Boston Cocoa and Carols Holiday Cruise

Alright, here’s a fun idea: instead of walking around the city, why not sail around it?

Boston Harbor holiday cruises are where it’s at! Imagine cruising along the calm waters with the city’s lit-up skyline as your backdrop. Certain cruises tend to go above and beyond – we’re talking hot cocoa, holiday tunes, and sometimes, if you’re lucky, a surprise visit from Santa Claus himself.

It’s a fresh way to see Boston, especially when the city’s all decked out for the holidays. Grab your friends or family, bundle up in your warmest jackets, and hop on board. And, if you’re feeling extra festive, bring along some mistletoe. You never know when it might come in handy!

Here you find the best Holiday Cruises in Boston!

11. Special Mention: Candlelight Events

You know what’s underrated? Those Candlelight musical evenings popping up all over Boston. If you haven’t been to one, you’re in for a treat.

Think of your favorite holiday tunes, some classics, and even a few surprises, all performed live in some of the city’s coolest spots. It’s not just about the music, though that’s a big part of it. It’s the whole vibe – dim lights, a hushed audience, and the melodies echoing in the background.

From the haunting notes of Halloween classics to the cheerful beats of “The Nutcracker,” there really is something for everyone. Grab a date, or maybe a group of friends, and make a night of it. A little dinner, some music, and maybe a late-night dessert? Sounds like a perfect holiday evening to me! Find one on New Year’s Eve and you’re in for a special treat.

My Tips for Enjoying Boston’s Christmas Lights

Okay, real talk: if you want to make the most of the holiday lights in Boston, a little planning goes a long way. First off, those tree lighting ceremonies? They’re epic, but they can get crowded. So, maybe head there a bit early, snag a good spot, and enjoy the build-up. And Boston in December? It’s cold! So layer up, bring those cozy mittens, and maybe a thermos of your favorite warm drink.

Driving around? Just a heads-up, popular spots can get a bit jam-packed, especially on weekends.

But, that’s what holiday playlists are for, right? Sing along while you wait.

Lastly, and this is the big one, take a moment. Seriously, amidst all the hustle and bustle, just stop. Look around, soak in the lights, enjoy holiday music, the music, the holiday decorations, and the laughter. That’s what the holidays are all about.


What's the best time to check out the lights in Boston?

While the holiday season kicks off in late November, the prime time to see the lights is mid-December. By then, most displays are up and shining bright. But if you’re asking about the time of day? Aim for just after sunset. It’s early enough to avoid the late-night chill but dark enough to see the lights in all their glory.

Can I find tours that'll take me around the best light spots?

Absolutely! There are several tours, both walking and bus-based, that’ll guide you through the city’s top ten holiday light displays here. Some even offer hot cocoa and holiday tunes to set the mood. Just remember to book in advance; these tours are popular!

Are there any free light displays?

You bet! Places like Boston Common, Copley Square, and the North Shore towns have public displays that won’t cost you a dime. Just bundle up, grab a warm drink, and enjoy the sights.

How long do the lights stay up?

Most displays stay up through early January. So if you’re a bit late to the holiday party or just want festive decorations to keep the festive spirit going, you’ve got time.

Any insider tips for a first-timer?

Plan ahead, especially if you’re driving. Some spots can get crowded. And don’t just focus on the big displays; sometimes, the smaller, off-the-beaten-path spots have the most charm. Oh, and wear comfy shoes.

What about food and drinks?

Many popular light spots are near cafes, food stalls, or restaurants. No matter if you’re craving a gourmet meal or just a quick snack, you’ll find plenty of options. And yes, there’s no shortage of hot cocoa spots!

Can I bring my pets?

Most outdoor displays are pet-friendly, especially if you’ve got a leashed dog. Just be mindful of the crowds and make sure your furry friend is comfortable.

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