7 tips for planning your world travel

Did you know that we are world champions in planning a world travel? We have traveled around the world so many times that we really know what we are doing. And this is completely independent of the budget or the type of travel. That’s why we see ourselves in a position to support you in planning your trip around the world, because whether it’s Brazil, Europe, the USA or Africa, we know our way around. With our tips, you know what’s important. We wish you a lot of fun planning your trip around the world – it will certainly be something very special.

When should I plan my world travel?

You ask yourself this question? Congratulations – you’ve actually almost started planning your trip. Because somewhere in your head buzzes the thought of going on a world tour. And what’s wrong with gradually expanding on this idea?

As soon as you know that you want to take a trip around the world, you should put aside as much money as possible for your tripBecause not only the journey and accommodations need to be financed, also on site you should have some money for the daily life and at best some really cool activities.

World trip

7 tips for planning your world travel

How do I plan my trip around the world? – Planning a trip around the world is not even that hard. But to make sure you know exactly what’s important when planning your trip, we’re giving you our 7 tips:

  1. Set your destination.
  2. HOW do you want to travel? Are you more of a backpacker and like to travel PUR? Do you like guided tours and a guide to help you or do you need a little more luxury, for example in a hotel?
  3. Decide if you want to stay in one place or travel around.
  4. Book your flights early. My tip: Flights are published 10 months in advance at the earliest, so it’s worth looking for a flight 10-9 months in advance at the earliest.
  5. Take care of your first accommodation. Whether it’s a hotel, hostel or apartment, you should decide on your accommodation for the first few nights.
  6. Do you get around by public transit, travel by train, bus, rental car or camper? Take care now!
  7. Plan to visit local sights and attractions or even take a tour. Depending on the destination, you can do this yourself at the resort or you may have to take care of it beforehand due to a high demand.

Now you have learned the basics for planning your trip around the world. On Loving Travel you can now choose your destination and learn many tips for your trip around the world.

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