Most beautiful beaches in Australia

When asked which are the most beautiful beaches in Australia, I have to think carefully about my answer. After all, there are more than 10,000 (!) beaches in Australia, each with its own charm. But a few of the beaches are even more beautiful than the others. We have collected the 10 most beautiful beaches in Australia:

The most beautiful beaches in Australia

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    Whitehaven Beach

    Beach in Queensland
    Whitehaven Beach, Seaplane, Queensland
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    Whitehaven Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Australia and is not without reason one of the TOP attractions in Australia. You can find it on Whitsunday Island in the Great Barrier Reef Queensland. At the 7 km long Whitehaven Beach you won’t get out of the amazement. The water here has all the shades you can imagine and the beach is probably the whitest in the world. You can get a good overview from the Hill Inlet Lookout, which is also where most of the impressive photos of Whitehaven Beach are taken.

    It has one of the whitest and really fine sand, which almost reflects in the sun. You can only get to Whitehaven Beach with a tour, either by boat, helicopter or seaplane. From the air you can also see the adjacent Hill Inlet in its iridescent blue and turquoise colors.

    No question, Whitehaven Beach is one of the most famous beaches in the world. Whitehaven Beach on Whitsunday Island is 100% one of your must-sees on the Great Barrier Reef because it is said to be the whitest beach in the world. Be prepared, however, that your beach sensation will never be the same after visiting Whitehaven Beach. Because there are hardly any beaches whiter than Whitehaven Beach.

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    Clarkes Beach in Byron Bay

    Beach in Byron Bay
    Byron Bay Clarkes Beach
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    One of the most beautiful beaches in Australia is Clarkes Beach in Byron Bay (New South Wales). Not only the soft beach itself is really beautiful, also the vibes at this beach are special. I have never seen so many surfers in one spot as at Clarkes Beach.
    There really is something for everyone at this beach. Be it surfing, enjoying the beautiful soft sand and building a sandcastle or watching the many dolphins cavorting in the bay.

    If you are not a surfer, but enjoy watching the surfers, you should go to Fishermans Lookout. From here you have a beautiful view over the entire bay.

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    Lucky Bay

    Beach in Esperance
    Lucky Bay
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    Lucky Bay in Cape Le Grand National Park near Esperance (Western Australia) really looks like something out of a picture book. Not for nothing it is one of the most beautiful beaches in Australia. A lot of things are right about this gorgeous beach in Western Australia; it is one of the whitest beaches in Australia, turquoise water, beautifully framed by picturesque cliffs. At least in Western Australia I have never seen such a beautiful beach. I was really speechless the first time I visited Lucky Bay, so fascinating was the white beach.
    You can even meet wild kangaroos on the beach and even get pretty close to them. I even had the mad luck that a small kangaroo came so close to me that I could make a “selfie” with the kangaroo. A unique experience that you should not miss.

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    Surfers Paradise Beach

    Beach in Surfers Paradise
    Surfers Paradise
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    Surfers Paradise beach is located on the Gold Coast south of Brisbane on the east coast of Australia in Queensland. Here you will find a different Australia, reminiscent of a vacation resort – there are even high-rise buildings along the coast. The place is a popular region for vacationing Australians. Neben einem wunderschönen Strand könnt ihr hier Spaß in diversen Themenparks haben. By the way, Gold Coast is not just a place, the whole region is called Gold Coast.

    As the name suggests, Surfers Paradise is a popular surf spot. The town is located right next to Cold Coast on the east coast of Australia in Queensland. You should definitely visit the long sandy beach at sunrise, because on the east coast the sun rises over the ocean.

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    Bells Beach

    Beach in Torquay
    Bells Beach
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    Bells Beach is located near the town of Torquay in Victoria on the Great Ocean Road. Here it’s see and be seen! Because every year the world’s best surfers are guests at the Rip Curl Pro Surf & Music Festival. But even if you are at the beach at another time, you can be sure to see really good surfers in the water. And no matter if you surf yourself or not, at Bells Beach you will definitely get to experience the surfing lifestyle.

    By the way, Bells Beach on the Great Ocean Road is not only popular with surfers: giant kangaroos also like to lounge on this beautiful beach.

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    Monkey Mia in Western Australia

    Beach in Western Australia
    Monkey Mia
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    Monkey Mia is a small town on the west coast of Australia about 850 km north of Perth. Not only the beach is unique in Monkey Mia. Also the encounter with wild dolphins in the water is something very special. Under the supervision of rangers, wild dolphins are fed here at certain times. However, only so “little” that the dolphins still have to hunt their food themselves and do not become dependent on humans.

    On your road trip from Perth to Broome, make sure to stop at Monkey Mia.

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    Wineglass Bay

    Beach in Freycinet
    Wineglass Bay
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    Wineglass Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches in Australia and one of the TOP highlights of Tasmania. It is located in the Freycinet National Park. The white sandy beach winds crescent-shaped along the bay with a beautiful dark green hilly landscape in the back. The trip here is worthwhile immensely, with luck you can even observe kangaroos on the beach.

    It is also worth to do a boat trip to Wineglass Bay.

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    Cable Beach in Broome

    Beach in Broome
    Cable Beach
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    Cable Beach in Broome Western Australia is definitely one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in Australia for us. Why? The beach in Broome is so fascinating because there is hardly any other place where you can follow the tide with a very fast current. In other words, the tide can take you by surprise! That’s why you should keep an eye on the time when you’re on the beach, because some people have literally dropped their stuff in the water here.

    Because Cable Beach is located on the west coast of Australia, you can watch the sun set over the ocean. Very touristy, but therefore not less beautiful is a camel ride to the sunset at Cable Beach.

    If you take a helicopter ride, you can also see a car in the water. In some areas you can explore the beach with an off-road vehicle, but some inexperienced tourists or their cars have been “surprised” by the tide.

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    Shell Beach in Western Australia

    Beach in Western Australia
    shell beach
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    Shell Beach is one of those fascinating places in Shark Bay of Western Australia that you will never forget in your lifetime. You will find it in the Francois Peron National Park on the way to Denham. Here the beach is not made of sand like elsewhere, but of millions of small shells or white cockles.

    The beach runs 100km along the coast and the shell layer goes down to 10 meters. If you are in Shark Bay, a visit to Shell Beach should be on your list.

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    Brown Beach on Kangaroo Island

    Beach in Kangaroo Island
    Browns Beach
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    Brown Beach on Kangaroo Island (South Australia, Australia) is my absolute insider tip. It is quite hidden and we were almost alone here. The reason for this is certainly that there is no settlement here, there is only a campsite. We were lucky to be here with the camper and to experience the perfect sunset. At breakfast we could watch dolphins in the water and in the ocean rays came up to the shallow water. But as if that wasn’t enough, at Browns Beach you can find beautiful shells..and there are as far as the eye can see here. 

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    Bondi Beach EN

    Strand in Bondi Beach
    Bondi Beach
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    Bondi Beach ist DER Strand in Sydney, um sehen und gesehen zu werden. Ihr findet ihn ausserhalb der Stadt im gleichnamigen Stadtviertel, das direkt am Ozean liegt. Bondi Beach ist einer der bekanntesten Strände Australiens und wird als einer der besten Surf-Strände der Welt gehandelt. Ein Besuch des Bondi Beach sollte bei ausreichend Zeit in Sydney nicht fehlen, deshalb landet Bondi Beach auf unserer Bestenliste der TOP 10 Sehenswürdigkeiten in Sydney. Eine tolle Unternehmung ist auch das Wandern entlang des Bondi Walks. Den besten Blick auf Bondi Beach habt ihr vom Restaurant Bondi Icebergs.

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