TOP 16 attractions in London

London has countless world-famous sights and tourist attractions. It was therefore difficult for us to decide on the 16 best things to see in London. In addition to the historic buildings and sites such as Big Ben or Tower Bridge, there are also some spectacular modern sights on our list, such as the London Eye and The Shard.

Here you find the 16 London attractions you can’t miss on your next visit to the city!

TOP London sights on the map

On this map, we have marked the London sights so you know where they are located. When planning your trip, be sure to keep in mind that the city is quite spread out.

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The 16 best tourist attractions in London

Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, Westminster Abbey: wherever you look, there is something to see in London. London is a thoroughly fascinating city. I had a hard time deciding on a specific number of must-see highlights but you can find my favorite London attractions here!

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    Buckingham Palace

    Historic Building in Westminster
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    Buckingham Palace is one of the most important sights in London. The huge palace has been the official residence of the British royal family since 1837. The palace, with its total of 775 (!) rooms, not only serves as the residence of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, it is also the venue for significant state receptions. The Palace also houses the Queen’s Gallery, the Queen’s collection of paintings, and the so-called Royal Mews, where, among other things, the golden royal carriage is housed.

    You can only enter the Palace itself at selected times in summer and, of course, only into selected rooms. But you can marvel at the “Changing of the Guard”, the royal changing of the guard, almost every day. If you want to learn everything about Buckingham Palace and Changing the Guard, I recommend one of the professionally guided tours. In my opinion the best of them I have included in the link under “Tickets” for you. Fun Fact: If the British flag is flying on the gable of the palace, the King is at home!

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    Hyde Park & Kensington Gardens

    Park in London
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    Hyde Park is the green lung of London. Covering 142 hectares, it is one of the largest city parks in the world.

    In the past, Hyde Park served as a private hunting reserve for kings, but today it is the city’s most important public park. It’s a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city centre on your trip to London.

    My favourite place in Hyde Park is the circular Princess Diana Memorial Fountain. This monument to “Lady Di” is located in the south-western part of Hyde Park.

    Incidentally, what you think of as Hyde Park is actually three different parks: Kensington Gardens, Palace Green and Hyde Park together form a large green oasis in the middle of London.

    The Kensington Gardens border directly on Hyde Park in the east and here you will find, among other things, the imposing Kensington Palace (tickets at the bottom of the link), great Italian gardens that invite you to take a walk and the statue of Peter Pan.

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    Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

    Movie Location in Watford
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    All witches, wizards and of course Muggles watch out: the Warner Bros. Studio Tour has the ultimate Harry Potter experience in London for you! Immerse yourself in the world of the young wizard and the magical world of Hogwarts. During your tour of Angular Alley and the Great Hall, you can store for the coolest merchandise from your Hogwarts home and spend a day feeling like a student yourself at the best wizarding school in the world.

    The Harry Potter Studio Tour is one of the best things to see in London and has amazed over 17 billion Harry Potter fans since it opened in 2012. So, grab your wands and get ready for the delicious butterbeer – it’s off to Hogwarts!.

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    The Shard

    Building in Bankside
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    Since 2013, tourists on their trip to London can view the city from a completely new viewpoint: From the top floor of the officially the highest building in Western Europe! The Shard (German: Scherbe), is a pyramid-shaped skyscraper in the London borough of Southwark, and since opening one of the most important sights of London. To visit this skyscraper, you want to the very top: The observation deck, called The View from The Shard, is located on levels 68 to 72 of the building.

    The absolute highlight of any trip to The Shard is the breathtaking open-air view from level 72. Yes, even the trip to the toilet is a real highlight that you should not miss. Even from there you have an incredible view of the city. Price-wise, a ticket is quite expensive at around 30 EUR. But the entrance fee for The Shard is also included in the London Pass, with which you can save a lot.

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    British Museum

    Museum in Bloomsbury
    british museum
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    There are truly impressive museums in the world, but the British Museum simply tops them all. Want a few numbers? 2 million years of human history are told in this impressive complex of buildings by means of over 8 million artifacts . You could spend weeks there and not have seen everything. The museum is simply part of a London trip. But probably the most impressive number of all is this: 0. That’s how much it costs to enter, because it’s completely free!

    Even without free entry, the British Museum would be a TOP sight of London for me. If you want, but you can throw a few pounds in the oversized donation boxes at the entrance.

    Tip: Check out the museum store! The assortment is really great and there is just everything possible that has to do with history, art, literature and that is connected with the museum. There are great special editions of my favorite books like Alice in Wonderland, original sculptures, and much more!

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    London Eye

    Ferris wheel in Westminster
    London Eye am Ufer der Themse
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    The London Eye is situated directly on the Thames, diagonally opposite Big Ben, and offers a breathtaking view of London. This is an absolute must-see attraction on any trip to London – a city that simply oozes with charm, come rain or shine! The London Eye has stood in the heart of the capital since the year 2000, which is why it is also referred to as the Millennium Wheel.

    Although only actually intended to operate for a couple of years to mark the turn of the millennium, it has become a permanent feature due to its enormous popularity with tourists.

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    Camden Market

    Market in Camden Town
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    Camden is a unique district of London in the north of the city. The district is one of the most important cultural centers of London. But the best thing about Camden for me are the many markets, the Camden Markets. The atmosphere is something very special, musicians, artists, tourists in one place. From clothes and jewelry to records, furniture and delicious food – ⁣strong>There is simply everything to buy at the countless stalls. In total, there are six markets that are connected with each other and together form the huge Camden Market. Especially on weekends, it is incredibly crowded here. You should rather avoid that and stop by between Monday and Thursday.

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    Westminster Abbey

    Religious Site in Westminster
    Westminster London
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    Westminster Abbey in London is one of the most visited churches in the world and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Traditionally, the kings of England are crowned and buried here, in the heart of London. So the solemn coronation of Queen Elizabeth II took place here -but also the moving funeral service of Lady Diana. A visit to the majestic church is an absolute must during a trip to London.

    In Westminster Abbey were and are always held royal weddings. Queen Elizabeth II and Philip Mountbatten tied the knot here in 1947. Their grandson William Mountbatten-Windsor (or Prince William for short) and Catherine “Kate” Middleton followed in 2011. If you want to visit the Abbey spontaneously, you must be prepared for longer lines. Therefore, you should definitely buy a “skip the line” ticket online in advance.

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    Tower Bridge

    Bridge in Bankside
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    Among the sights of London is, of course, Tower Bridge, one of the most famous bridges in the world.The 240 m long bascule and suspension bridge, which spans the Thames, connects the districts of Tower Hamlets and Southwark.

    However, Tower Bridge is not only useful, but also a magnet for tourists. On the almost 50 m long footpath, one gets amazing impressions of London. This footpath also serves as a kind of open-air museum that tells about the history of this spectacular bridge.

    Tip: The best time to visit the Tower Bridge is in the evening, when the bridge shines in sparkling lights. For me, it is always a highlight to walk over this bridge during a London trip.

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    Madame Tussauds London

    Museum in Marylebone
    Madame Tussauds London
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    See the original: The most famous wax museum in the world, Madame Tussauds, is located in London! In this wax museum you are guaranteed to recognize many of the celebrities. At Madame Tussauds, you can even marvel at the Royal Family up close! The exhibition is constantly changing, with new celebrities being added in wax.

    If you book the tickets in advance online, you have two advantages: You do not have to stand forever in line and pay less! The entrance on site is always more expensive. What I particularly liked in Madame Tussauds was something that I had not expected there at all. In the so-called Spirit of London Ride you undertake time travel in a Black Cab – from the beginnings of London to today. Very cool made!

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    Big Ben & Palace of Westminster

    Building in Westminster
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    Big Ben (officially “Elizabeth Tower”), the large bell tower directly on the Thames, is for many the landmark of London. From Big Ben you would certainly have a wonderful view of London. But I’m sorry to disappoint you. Big Ben is not open to the public. You have to be a British citizen and apply to the local MP for permission. Tickets for tourists are unfortunately not available.

    Moreover, Big Ben has been under restoration since 2017, and that will take a few more years. This means that the legendary bell tower will remain covered by scaffolding for the time being. But Big Ben is, after all, only one part of the huge Palace of Westminster, the British House of Parliament, with its more than 1100 rooms! And you can even take a guided tour through Parliament! The link below will take you to the tickets.

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    Piccadilly Circus

    Square in Westminster
    210301133310001 Piccadilly Circus London
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    Year after year, this place attracts millions of people. Piccadilly Circus is one of the most popular meeting places in London, perhaps even the most popular. All hell breaks loose here at any time of the day, but especially towards evening. Piccadilly Circus is not only an important sight of London, but also the perfect starting point for a shopping trip.

    He is namely in close proximity to the most important and most famous shopping mile of the city: Oxford Street! For most, Piccadilly Circus will be known mainly for the huge light advertising billboards, on which the biggest brands in the world, generally the fashion world, advertise for themselves. Especially in the evening, this place impresses you with its many lights. A London trip is not complete without having taken a photo here!

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    Tower of London

    Historic Building in City of London
    London - August 05, 2018: The Tower of London by the river Thames in London, England
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    The Tower of London is one of the most famous fortresses in the world and one of four UNESCO World Heritage Sites in London. Over the course of its roughly 1,000-year history, the Tower of London has served as a weapons arsenal, prison, execution site, zoo, and home to the Crown Jewels. And it is these Crown Jewels that attract so many tourists to the Tower’s sinister walls year after year, making this place a major London attraction.

    In fact, this collection of diamonds and other precious stones is considered the most valuable in the world and embraces the legendary crown that British kings and queens wore on their heads during their coronation ceremonies. Since the late 1960s, the collection has been kept in the Jewel House of Waterloo Barracks within the walls of the Tower of London. If you’re visiting the Tower, you absolutely must stop by!

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    Borough Market

    Food Market in Bankside
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    Borough Market in London
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    Of all the food markets in London (there are so many!), this is perhaps the most beautiful: Borough Market.It is considered one of the oldest food markets in the city (with 1000 years of history) and is located in the district of Southwark on the south bank of the Thames, near Tower Bridge and The Shard. You’ll find something for everyone at the total of over 160 stalls. Guaranteed.This is where many locals go at lunchtime, so you get a good feel for how the city ticks. In addition, the market is a super option for a rainy day (yes, there should be such in London), as it is almost completely covered. In addition, the market offers a super selection of good cafés, restaurants, and bars. If you visit only one food market in London, then let it be this one!

  15. 15

    St. Paul's Cathedral

    Religious Site in City of London
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    The majestic St. Paul’s Cathedral is one of the largest and most remarkable cathedrals in the world. It serves as the site of numerous state ceremonies. Among other things, this is the place where Princess Diana made her marriage vows to Prince Charles. The imposing cathedral is located about 300 meters north of the Thames in the district known as “The City”.

    From an architectural point of view, it is an absolute masterpiece – inside and out. What makes the cathedral one of London’s top sights is its phenomenal interior. Even your first step into the cathedral will open up a breathtaking view for you. You immediately look over the entire length of the cathedral-I am impressed every time, anew.

  16. 16

    Tate Modern

    Museum in City of London
    Tate Modern
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    Visit the Tate Modern in London to immerse yourself in one of the world’s foremost contemporary art galleries. Housed in a striking former power station on the Thames’ banks, it showcases a diverse range of modern art from the 1900s to today. The collection includes works by Picasso, Warhol, and Hockney, offering a rich exploration of artistic movements such as Surrealism and Minimalism. The museum’s interactive exhibits and temporary installations are ever-changing, ensuring a unique experience with each visit. Best of all, entry is free, making it an accessible cultural gem in the heart of London.

Saving tips for London sightseeing

Many of London’s listed attractions charge admission. If you plan to visit many of them, it can add up quite a bit. London, as we all know, is not cheap. A brilliant way to cut costs significantly is to use the London Pass London Pass. Up to 80 London attractions are included. You pay a fixed price online in advance and can later save on admission to many of London’s attractions, including St. Paul’s Cathedral, The Shard, the Tower of London, or Westminster Abbey!




London is truly one of the most interesting cities in the world. If you are looking for a city with endless opportunities: London is your place to be! Dive deep into the history of the royals, stroll through the remarkable green parks, and enjoy the highest skyscraper in Europe.

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