Whats on in London in June? – Best events in London in June 2024

Summer is on the horizon: London comes alive, shimmering with the first signs of good weather, transforming the city into a vibrant outdoor cultural hub. It’s time to leave the sofa behind and dive into the city’s rich array of offerings. Here are the best activities and events for making the most of London this June.

The weather in London in June

In June, London welcomes early summer with typically mild to warm weather, making it one of the more pleasant months to visit. Temperatures usually range from 11°C (52°F) in the early mornings and evenings to around 21°C (70°F) during the day. While there’s a good chance of sunny days, London’s weather can be unpredictable, so occasional rain showers are also possible. This blend of warmth and sporadic rain helps to keep the city’s parks and gardens lush and vibrant. Overall, June offers a comfortable climate for exploring the outdoor attractions and enjoying the various events that take place in London during this month.

The best events in London in June

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    Trooping the Colour (15 June)

    Event in Westminster
    Trooping the Colour, London
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    Trooping the Colour is a ceremonial event in London that marks the official birthday of the British monarch. Despite the monarch’s actual birthday, this event is celebrated in June each year to take advantage of better weather. It features a grand military parade with hundreds of officers, horses, and musicians from the British Army’s Household Division. The King or a royal representative inspects the troops, followed by a fly-past of Royal Air Force aircraft. The event embodies British military tradition and royal ceremony, drawing large crowds and tourists to witness the pomp and pageantry.

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    Taste Of London Festival (12-16 June)

    Festival in The Regent's Park
    Food Festival London
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    The world’s premier restaurant festival beckons culinary enthusiasts globally to London each year. In the scenic Regent’s Park, you have the unique opportunity to savor culinary masterpieces from the city’s finest dining establishments, crafted by unparalleled top chefs. This is an experience you surely won’t want to miss!

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    West End Live Festival (22-23 June)

    Street Fair in Westminster
    Trafalgar Square in London, West End Live
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    Experience London’s best musicals live and for free in June, as fans of musical theater can marvel at the highlights of hit shows without the ticket prices of the West End. West End Live is an annual open-air festival featuring more than 30 free performances of established shows. You can’t miss this if you’ve ever wanted to attend one or more musical shows in London.

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    Regent's Park Open Air Theatre

    Theater in The Regent's Park
    Foto: David Jensen
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    Nestled in London’s Regent’s Park, the Open Air Theatre is a unique venue offering theatrical performances under the sky, starting in May each year. Known for its intimate setting amidst natural beauty, it showcases a diverse array of shows, including Shakespeare, contemporary dramas, musicals, and family entertainment. This outdoor theater, operational since 1932, has become a staple of London’s cultural offerings, attracting audiences with its blend of live entertainment and scenic surroundings. As a significant cultural landmark, it draws both locals and tourists, making it a must-visit for theater lovers seeking a distinctive experience in the heart of the city.

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    First Summer Swim at the Hampstead Heath Ponds

    Schwimmbad in Hampstead
    Hampstead Head Ponds London
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    The Hampstead Heath Ponds are a series of natural swimming ponds located in Hampstead Heath, North London. These iconic outdoor pools offer a unique and refreshing swimming experience amidst the city’s bustling environment. There are three main ponds open to the public for swimming: one for men, one for women, and a mixed pond, each set in a serene natural landscape. Popular among locals and visitors, the ponds provide a tranquil escape and a chance to connect with nature, making them a cherished London landmark.

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    Hampton Court Palace Festival (11-22 June)

    Music Festival in Kingston upon Thames
    Hampton Court Palace Festival in London
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    The Hampton Court Festival is an annual music event held at the historic Hampton Court Palace in London. This prestigious festival showcases a diverse range of live music performances, spanning genres from classical to pop and rock, in the stunning backdrop of the palace gardens. It offers a unique combination of world-class entertainment and a spectacular setting, complete with beautiful fireworks and fine dining experiences. The event attracts music lovers and cultural enthusiasts seeking an unforgettable evening in one of the UK’s most iconic royal residences.

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    London Pride (29 June)

    Street Fair in London
    London Pride
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    June in London ends really well because the Pride March takes place on the 29th. People of all ages and backgrounds, including those who identify as lesbian, gay, trans, non-binary, woman, man, and more, come together to celebrate love. This year’s Pride Day has the motto “Never March Alone.” There will be an exhibition featuring photographs and videos of the trans and non-binary community. Anyone who wants to participate in the Pride Parade can meet at Hyde Park and take a free walking tour through the streets of London.the streets of London.

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    Start of the Open Air Cinema Season – Luna Cinema

    Cinema & OpenAir Cinema in London
    Luna Cinema Kensington Gardens
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    The Luna Cinema is a unique outdoor cinema experience offering screenings throughout the UK. This one-of-a-kind experience allows you to watch premier movies in some of England’s most picturesque settings. Last year, The Luna Cinema elevated its enchanting outdoor cinema experience by hosting screenings in front of the majestic Kensington Palace. With high-quality screens and sound, each screening was a seamless blend of cinematic brilliance and the natural beauty of one of London’s most iconic landmarks, crafting unforgettable summer evenings under the stars. We can’t wait to see which amazing venues they include this year!

  9. 09

    Thames Boat Cruise from Westminster to Greenwich

    Boat tour in Westminster
    London- Themse-Bootsfahrt von Westminster nach Greenwich
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    The Thames is something like the lifeline of London. Just let yourselves drift and look at the scenery of London and its landmarks from the water!

    The trip from Westminster Pier to Greenwich Pier takes about half an hour. On the way, just relax and listen to the audio guide, who will provide you with facts about the sights. The best thing about the ticket is that you don’t have to stand in line at the ticket office, nor are you bound to fixed travel times. With the open ticket you can get on the ship when it suits you – departures are every half hour.

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    A trip to Greenwich

    Neighborhood in London
    LONDON, UK – APRIL 14, 2015: Canary Wharf view from the Greenwich hill. Modern skyscrapers of banking aria
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    Greenwich, London, is a historic borough renowned for its maritime heritage and rich cultural significance. Home to the Royal Observatory, it’s the origin of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and the Prime Meridian, making it a must-visit for those interested in time and space. The area boasts the magnificent Greenwich Park, offering breathtaking views of the city, and the majestic Cutty Sark, a preserved 19th-century tea clipper ship. The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Maritime Greenwich includes architectural marvels like the Old Royal Naval College. With vibrant markets, museums, and a scenic riverside setting, Greenwich offers a diverse experience, blending history, science, and natural beauty.

Frequently Asked Questions about June in London

What are the Best Things to Do in London in June?

In June, London bursts into life with warm weather and longer days, perfect for exploring. Enjoy the city’s lush royal parks, catch a show at open-air theatres, and immerse yourself in diverse cultural festivals. Experience the vibrant food scene at outdoor markets, and embrace the lively atmosphere at pride celebrations. June also offers unique opportunities for sports fans and art enthusiasts, making it a dynamic time to discover London’s multifaceted charm.

What clothes should I wear in London in June?

In June, London’s weather is mildly warm but variable, so pack versatile clothing. Include light layers, a lightweight jacket or sweater for cooler evenings, both trousers and shorts for changing temperatures, and comfortable walking shoes. Don’t forget an umbrella or waterproof jacket for rain, along with sunglasses and sunscreen for sunny days. Checking the forecast before your trip is advisable due to unpredictable weather.

Is June a good month to travel to London?

Yes, June is a great month to visit London. The weather is generally mild and pleasant, with longer daylight hours, allowing for more time to explore the city. This month marks the start of summer in London, offering a variety of outdoor activities, cultural events, and festivals. From enjoying the city’s parks and gardens in full bloom to attending special events and open-air performances, June provides a vibrant and dynamic experience for travelers.

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