Valentine’s Day in London: The Most Romantic Things to Do in London

Picture this: you and your special someone strolling the Thames banks on Valentine’s Eve. London sparkles around you like a jewel box as you bundle together against the February chill. Take my word for it – London is straight-up enchanting this time of year. Hearts and flowers everywhere! You’d be a fool in love to miss it.

That’s why if you’re planning the perfect getaway this upcoming Valentine’s Day, you’re all about that romance life, and you’re ready to treat yourself and your loved one to something special you need this Valentine’s Day roundup. Or if you’re making the most of London, then perhaps our complete London in February guide can help you cover all bases.

12 Valentine’s Day ideas in London

But for V-Day itself, I’ve cooked up this little guidebook just for you. From dinner to shows to dreamy sights, it’s got all the ingredients for an unforgettable night out. So grab your notepad, and let’s dive in.

  1. 01

    London Eye

    Ferris wheel in Westminster
    London Eye, London
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    Is there anywhere in London more iconic than the London Eye, nor a better place to enjoy your Valentine’s Day London romance from new heights?

    Of course, being a main attraction, the London Eye gets pretty busy, which is why I suggest actually starting your day here with a heart-fluttering spin. Just you, your darling, and the splendid London skyline all around – major couple goals alert! For an extra magical touch, book a Cupid’s Pod! Snuggle close with your sweetie and soak up those 360 views in intimate style. It’s a straight-up dream date.

    As your pod climbs higher against the February skies, pop a cheeky kiss and reflect on how lucky you are to be here with your special someone. By the time you finish the 30-minute revolution, you’ll be walking on air! The London Eye sets the stage for romance like nothing else.

  2. 02

    Tea Time at the British Museum

    Café in Bloomsbury
    Tea Time British Museum
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    Step out of the February chill and instead spend Valentine’s Day in your own perfectly British romance!

    An afternoon tea at the British Museum cafe is the ultimate cosy date, one to make everyone jealous. Surrounded by world treasures, lose yourselves in a spread of tea blends, crustless sandwiches, and tender scones with clotted cream. Melt into your chairs, into the warmth, into each other.

    Once you’ve had your fill of tea and nibbles, take your time exploring the galleries hand in hand. Then duck into the Museum’s romantic courtyard and sneak a Valentine’s Day kiss. The British Museum offers an escape from the bustle into beauty, intimacy and timeless tradition. Simply smashing! (Say that with your pinkies raised!)

  3. 03

    Feast on Love: Valentine's Day Restaurants in London

    Restaurant in Central London
    Duck & Waffle London
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    Foodie, get ready to swoon! London’s culinary scene pulls out all the stops on Valentine’s Day to wine and dine you in style. Make it a night to remember by indulging in a Michelin-starred menu of romance.

    At Gordon Ramsay’s flagship, his legendary British fare and sleek dining room scream date night elegance. Or take your experience to glitzy new heights at Duck and Waffle, with mouthwatering plates and sweeping city views.

    Feeling whimsical? Lose yourself in Sketch’s fairytale world, exploring its gallery rooms and feasting on artistic delicacies. One bite, and you’ll melt like chocolate! With these culinary magicians casting their spell, your tastebuds won’t know what hit them. This V-Day, savour every moment of exquisite flavours…and each other. It’s pure foodie love!

  4. 04

    Valentine's Day at Sky Garden

    Building in City of London
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    Setting our sights skyward once again now for perhaps one of the most prestigious Valentine’s Day adventures, which is absolutely as fancy as it sounds.

    At London’s Sky Garden (the UK’s highest garden), romance blooms 35 stories high amidst clouds and skyscrapers. Stroll hand-in-hand through lush indoor gardens, cosy up on the perches with flickering city views, and lose yourselves in this urban oasis.

    Come the romantic evening, live music sets the mood as you clink glasses of bubbly Rose at the twinkling Sky Pod Bar. Graze on an artisan cheese and charcuterie board – though your real feast will be each other’s company! For finer dining, Sky Garden’s restaurants plate up special menus and atmospheric charm in equal measure.

    As the skyline sparks and glitters around you, soak in the exclusive, lofty ambiance. Moments here feel made for just the two of you. By the time the last embers of sunset fade behind the skyscrapers, your heart will be full of Valentine’s magic!

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    Valentine's Day Romantic Dinner Cruise

    Cruise in Westminster
    Valentines Day Cruise London
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    This year, feast with your other half alongside London’s iconic skyline with a romantic Thames river cruise to enjoy dinner and take in the sights.

    As the sun dips behind St. Paul’s dome, your vessel drifts downriver, just you two and the city’s awakening lights. Pop bottles of bubbly and clink your glasses as the riverside landmarks —Big Ben, the Tower Bridge, the London Eye, Canary Wharf, Covent Garden, and more — all while you glide by.It’s just the ticket to a perfect romantic day or long weekend out.

    Savour a tantalizing three-course dinner (because what’s Valentine’s Day without a good romantic meal?) amidst the gentle ripples. And the live music? The icing on the cake (as is the typical complimentary glass of your fav)!

    This Valentine’s Day, lose yourselves in an intoxicating evening with your sweetheart and the glittering Thames as your guide. Now that’s amore!

  6. 06

    Valentine's Day at the Natural History Museum

    Museum in South Kensington
    Natural History Museum, London
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    This Valentine’s special, geeks rejoice! The Natural History Museum rolls out the red carpet for a science-minded date night. Explore the spellbinding rituals of animal attraction through special exhibits and exclusive after-hours access.

    Chat up with the scientists about organic aphrodisiacs. Linger in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year gallery, finding beauty in each frame. And for true V-Day magic, book the Valentine’s Spirit Collection tour. An expert guides you through the vaults, unveiling romantic and bizarre zoological treasures.

    Surrounded by millions of years of natural history, reflect on the enduring power of attraction and passion. Here, science and love collide wondrously! By the end of the romantic evening, you’ll be head over heels…for each other and the fascinating world we inhabit.

  7. 07

    Epic Romance at The Shard

    Building in Bankside
    Oblix Restaurant, The Shard London
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    This year, scale your love to new heights at The Shard on Valentine’s Day! At London’s pinnacle, romance rivals even the heavenly views. Make Aqua Shard restaurant your lovers’ look out over the city’s awakening nightlife. Pop a bottle of bubbly and toast as the sunset paints the skyline pink.

    As darkness unfurls, glittering London unfolds before you through floor-to-ceiling windows. Let your gaze wander across the Thames’ serpentine bend, the winking Eye, the golden dome of St Paul’s. Isn’t it perfect, darling?

    Indulge in Aqua’s decadent Valentine-themed tasting menu between stolen glances at each other and the metropolis below. End your evening with chocolate hearts for two and the glow of a day well celebrated. Scale the heights of romance itself at The Shard!

  8. 08

    A Romantic Escape to Hampstead Heath Park

    Park in Hampstead
    Hampstead Health Park
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    This Valentine’s Day, escape with your sweetheart to Hampstead Heath, London’s lush 790-acre wonderland. Wander hand in hand through ponds, woodlands, and heathered hills, leaving the city behind.

    In Sandy Heath, wild deer may peek from the forest fringe to glimpse your love. At Kenwood House, cuddle on the manor’s terraced lawns – such views! As dusk falls, unfold a picnic blanket on Parliament Hill to watch the sunset ignite the skyline’s silhouette. Can you think of spending Valentine’s Day any other way?

    Oh, and for true romance…seek Hampstead’s hidden jewel, the Pergola. Behold this forgotten Edwardian garden, adorned in exotic blooms and vines. Sheltered in its embrace, steal a twilight kiss.

    Follow Hampstead Heath’s meandering paths to adventure, beauty, and intimacy. Lose yourselves completely in this urban escape where every moment feels made for just the two of you!

  9. 09

    A Romantic Stroll in Kew Gardens

    Park in Richmond
    Kew Gardens in London
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    This Valentine’s Day, surround yourselves in natural beauty with a romantic stroll through Kew Gardens. Because who doesn’t want that?!

    The Princess of Wales Conservatory currently hosts Orchids 2024, a dazzling exhibition honouring Cameroon’s botanical riches. Lose yourselves in the Indigenous designs and kaleidoscopic colours. Inhale the floral’s bewitching perfume as stimuli overwhelm your senses.

    Beyond the show, Kew’s soaring greenhouses encapsulate ecosystems from across the globe, each zone a portal to faraway lands. Wander through the tropical humidity, then emerge into the Mediterranean courtyard’s embrace. Let cacti and carnivorous plants bear witness as you and your sweetheart meander hand in hand along meandering garden paths.

    Take a moment together atop the treetop walkway, breathless before Nature’s majesty. This Valentine’s Day, reconnect amongst Mother Earth’s masterpieces at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Basically, everything you could want or need in one of the most popular attractions in London for a perfect Valentine’s Day weekend. Fall in love all over again!

  10. 10

    Notting Hill

    Neighborhood in West London
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    For this year’s Valentine’s Day special, channel your inner Julia Roberts with a nostalgic stroll through Notting Hill! Twenty years later, the movie’s magic persists in the neighborhood’s vibrant patina. Lose yourselves in labyrinth alleys and mews, swooning over the candy-coloured rows of townhouses.

    Don’t miss the bright bustle of Portobello Market, bursting with artisans and antiques. Or the world-famous “blue door” where Anna first fell for William. Pop into quirky boutiques and buzzy West London cafes as you walk in your celebrity crush’s footsteps.

    The film capitalized on Notting Hill’s innate romantic charm. But the real treasure is making memories here with your real-life sweetheart. Bring your camera for selfies in iconic spots. And sneak a kiss beneath those famous white balconies before the perfect day comes to a close!

  11. 11

    Moulin Rouge - The Musical in London

    Musical in Piccadilly Circus
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    This Valentine’s Day, immerse yourselves in London’s world-famous theatre district for a showstopping first date night or celebration of a long relationship. Take your seats at a West End production where every detail exudes romance, magic, and larger-than-life spectacle.

    My Tip: Relive your wild youth through Moulin Rouge’s decadent glitz! In February 2024, you will have the last chance to enjoy the most romantic musical of all time in the West End. Don’t miss this opportunity!

    Essentially, if you and your partner love the quirky things of the West End, then this is surely the place to spend your weekend. With infinite worlds to explore behind the curtain, the possibilities are truly endless. This Valentine’s Day, immerse yourselves in London theatre magic!

Tips & Tricks for an Unforgettable Valentine’s Day in London

With some strategic planning, you’re guaranteed a smooth and magical Valentine’s Day in London. Here are my best pro tips:

  • Snag Tickets Early: Popular events and West End performances sell out weeks in advance for V-Day. Book your luxury dining, Thames cruise, and theater seats well before February 14th so nothing sells out.
  • Mind Opening Hours: Before heading out each morning, confirm opening times so no unexpected closed doors rain on your parade. Most shops and cafes open by 9am, while attractions like Kew Gardens stay open 10am-6pm in February. But schedules vary, so do your due diligence, loves!
  • Dress the Part: No strict dress code exists for most activities, but evening river cruises suggest cocktail chic attire. And dressing to the nines enhances the ambience of West End theatre. So bring your best date night garb!
  • Check Weather Forecasts: London’s February weather stays crisp. Layers help when the wind whips or grey skies open. And an umbrella? Absolute essential!
  • Map Transportation: Navigating London’s winding streets and traffic snarls trip up many visitors. Save headaches by planning transport between activities. The Underground, black cabs, even romantic pedicabs ferry lovebirds around efficiently.
  • Don’t Forget Gifts: Perhaps the most overlooked tip of this guide is this – don’t forget to brainstorm your Valentine’s Day gift ideas! Heading out to London is all well and good, and you’re sure to have a great time. However, it’s always worth getting a little something for your loved one to unwrap. It’s just a lovely way to highlight the day.

Staying one step ahead with bookings, opening times, attire, weather, and transport transforms hassle into help. Then, you can simply savour each magical moment together!

Conclusion, is it worth spending Valentine’s Day in London?

London pairs old-world romance with modern magic, making it the pinnacle place to celebrate love’s holiday. On Valentine’s Day, the city pulls out all the stops – from the West End’s showstopping spectacle to the Thames’ glittering serenade. Moments here feel tailored for making memories.

So this February 14th, paint London red with the one who colours your world! Seize the day with both hands. Wander wooded park paths, embrace in golden sunsets, toast to forever over 5-star feasts. And if London’s stars align, you may even spot a royal Valentine’s appearance!

With countdowns and checklists complete, the stage is set. Now, take your sweetheart’s hand and explore this vibrant cultural heart. Immerse yourselves entirely in all the glamour, history and romance London offers.

Let the city cast its spell of adventure and love magic. And get ready for the most unforgettable Valentine’s Day of your lives!

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