Best Things to Do in London in July – Top events and activities 2024

July stands for summer, bathing fun and open-air culture, picnics, and street festivals. You have to try very hard to get bored in London at this time of year because there is no shortage of events. This is our top 15 for July 2024!

Weather in July in London

London is always rainy – you can’t say more nonsense than that, because summer in London is great! Over 24 degrees, few rainy days, and cool nights – doesn’t that sound like absolute summer weather? You can leave the umbrella at home (for once) and pack the sunscreen.

The best events in London in July

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    Wimbledon Championship (July 1-14, 2024)

    Sports Event in Wimbledon
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    The Wimbledon Championships, held at the All England Lawn Tennis Club in London, are the world’s oldest and most prestigious tennis tournament. Known for its grass courts and strict dress code, Wimbledon is one of the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments. The event is a highlight of the British summer, attracting fans worldwide. In 2024, the Championships are scheduled to run from July 1 to July 14, showcasing the finest talents in tennis as they compete for one of the sport’s highest honors.

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    Regent's Park Open Air Theatre

    Theater in The Regent's Park
    Foto: David Jensen
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    The Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre is a distinct outdoor performance venue located in the heart of Regent’s Park in London. Renowned for its intimate and atmospheric setting, it offers a unique theatrical experience under the open sky, surrounded by the park’s natural beauty. This venue is celebrated for producing a wide range of performances, including Shakespearean plays, modern dramas, musicals, and family shows. Operating primarily during the summer months, it provides audiences with the chance to enjoy live theatre in an extraordinary outdoor setting. The theatre has a rich history dating back to its founding in 1932 and has become a cherished part of London’s cultural landscape, attracting both locals and tourists alike.

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    Visit Buckingham Palace (July 11 to September 29, 2024)

    Historic Building in Westminster
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    Buckingham Palace, a marvel from every angle,  welcomes visitors to its sumptuous interiors for 10 weeks during the summer. What began as a fundraising endeavor for Windsor Castle’s post-fire restorations has blossomed into a cherished annual event. This Summer Opening allows for a peek into the grandeur of royal living spaces, at a time when the royal family takes their summer leave.

    Secure your opportunity to witness the splendor of Buckingham Palace’s interior this summer by booking your visit here.

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    RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival (July 2-7)

    Street Fair in Richmond
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    The world’s largest flower show, the RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival, invites you to the green. Whether you’re looking to adorn the world’s smallest windowsill or transform an entire parkland, you’ll find a wealth of inspiration and can even shop for your favourite pieces on-site, participate in workshops, or relax to live music. Last year’s highlights of the London event included a garden designed by Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, alongside acclaimed landscape architects Andrée Davis and Adam White.

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    Seize the good weather for a Harry Potter walking tour in London

    Walking Tour in London
    Harry Potter Tour in London
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    This tour is a great choice if you want to combine the magical world of Harry Potter with visiting some of the highlights in central London. The walk takes you to places that usually remain hidden from tourists. The Harry Potter tour is interactive and extends from Soho to King’s Cross Station.

  6. 06

    BTS Hyde Park (June 29 to July 14)

    Music Festival in Hyde Park
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    At British Summer Time in Hyde Park, the stage is set for an impressive array of musical legends. The lineup for 2023 was stellar, featuring icons like Billy Joel, Guns N’ Roses, BLACKPINK, Lana Del Rey, Take That, and The Script, among others. The festival not only promises unforgettable performances but also offers the delightful bonus of free days. On these days, festival-goers have the chance to wander through the event, soaking in the vibrant atmosphere without a ticket.

  7. 07

    Swim in the Amazing Serpentine Lido of Hyde Park

    Schwimmbad in Kensington Gardens & Hyde Park
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    The Serpentine Lido in London is an open-air swimming area located in Hyde Park. Open to the public during the warmer months, it offers a refreshing escape in the heart of the city. Surrounded by nature, the Lido provides a unique swimming experience with its natural water setting. In addition to swimming, the area is equipped with a sunbathing deck and a café, making it a popular spot for both relaxation and leisure activities. It’s a cherished summer destination for Londoners and tourists alike.

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    Experience a play at the iconic Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

    Theater in Bankside
    Shakespear’s Globe London
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    Shakespeare’s Globe stands as a majestic open-air theatre, meticulously reconstructed to mirror the historic venue where Shakespeare presented his legendary plays. Beyond offering insightful tours about the bard’s life and legacy, the Globe invites you to immerse yourself in the authentic essence of Shakespearean London. With its unique theatrical experiences, it transports audiences back to the 16th century, enveloping them in an artistic milieu replete with stirring and authentic performances. This iconic venue offers a gateway to experiencing the vibrant spirit and rich cultural tapestry of Shakespeare’s era.

  9. 09

    Tea Time Cruise in London

    Boat tour in City of London
    London Tea Time Cruise
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    This unique tour blends a serene Thames cruise with classic English tea time, offering superb value. Ideal for any season, it particularly dazzles in summer. Relish tea time as you set out, then capture London’s breathtaking views from the upper deck on your return. A truly cherished experience among our top London tours.

  10. 10

    Primrose Hill

    Park in The Regent's Park
    Primrose Hill, London in Sommer
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    Primrose Hill, located just north of Regent’s Park, is an excellent spot to watch the sunset in London, especially in July when the weather is often really nice. This tranquil oasis, beloved by both Londoners and visitors, offers a panoramic canvas of the capital at dusk. As the sun gracefully descends, the city’s landmarks silhouette against the glowing sky, creating a moment of serenity and beauty. It’s a picturesque escape, perfect for those seeking to capture the essence of summer in London.

How is London in Juli?

July in London is wonderful! There is so much to see and experience that almost no other month offers so many events and activities! Have a perfect time in London and treat yourself to great concerts, delicious street food at the summer festivals, and relaxing hours in the green parks.

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