12 Amazing Things to Do in London in April

Say goodbye to your winter gear – April in London is all about spring events! This is the time when outdoor activities kick off, and everyone heads to the parks to enjoy the fresh air. Find out what’s happening in London this April and let the city in full bloom enchant you!

Do cities seem a bit gray in winter? Often, they do. London might glow during the festive season, but there’s something special about the return of brighter days in April.

We’ve gathered a list of the most delightful activities in London for April, covering everything from art and culture to sports and the great outdoors. There’s something here for everyone. And if there’s something more you’re looking for, we’d love to hear from you and provide more suggestions!

How is London’s weather in April?

By April, the air along the Thames starts to warm up nicely. While we might still see a chilly day dip to around 6 degrees, it’s more common to enjoy milder temperatures close to 15 degrees.

Wondering about the rain? It’s London, after all. Expect around nine rainy days in April. But don’t let a little rain dampen your spirits! I’ve gathered a bunch of great ideas on how to enjoy London in April in this article.

The best events in London in April

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    Easter Monday (April 1, 2024)

    Holidays in Westminster
    Spring in London
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    On Easter Monday, London wakes up with enthusiasm, reopening the doors of its main attractions after a quiet Easter Sunday. Many historical sites, such as Hampton Court Palace, and places of interest, including the London Zoo, organize special Easter activities for all ages (it is advisable to check their websites to confirm the days and times of these activities).

    Remember, though, that a lot of shops might be closed and buses and trains could be less frequent. So, planning is really helpful to make the most of the day.

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    London Games Festival (9 April to 25 April 2024)

    Exhibitions, Fairs and Congresses in The Strand
    Boy on a computer playing games
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    In April, London transforms into a Mecca for all video game fans. The London Games Festival stands for 12 jam-packed days all about E-Games: Meet & Greets, Talks, Pitches, Award Shows, and Cosplay experiences are on the agenda.

    One of the highlights (also for those who do not consider themselves part of the gamer community) is the grand closing parade, which brings together some of the best cosplays in the world. Additionally, this Games Festival will once again include events in Trafalgar Square, free of access to everyone.

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    London: Thames boat cruise from Westminster to Greenwich

    Boat tour in Westminster
    London- Themse-Bootsfahrt von Westminster nach Greenwich
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    The Thames River truly serves as the heart of London, and taking a boat ride along it is an amazing activity for April. As you gently float downstream, immerse yourself in the breathtaking views of London and its iconic landmarks from the water!

    Embarking from Westminster Pier to Greenwich Pier, the journey lasts approximately thirty minutes. During this tranquil ride, allow the soothing voice of the audio guide to enrich your experience with interesting facts about the landmarks you pass by.

    Once in Greenwich, London dazzles in spring with Royal Greenwich Park’s blooming flowers, the prime opportunity to stand on the Prime Meridian Line, and the chance to explore maritime history at UNESCO sites. Enjoy vibrant markets, and seasonal events, all amidst milder weather and beautiful floral displays.

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    Elixir Festival – Sadler's Wells Theatre (10-19 Abril)

    Theater in Islington
    Christmas in Amsterdam
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    The Sadler’s Wells Theatre stands out as one of London’s most distinguished venues, specializing in international dance and performing arts. Since its establishment in 1683, it has been a nurturing ground for countless celebrated companies and artists, showcasing a rich variety of performances from classic dance to cutting-edge experiments. Beyond hosting shows, Sadler’s Wells actively participates in producing and co-producing innovative works, offering a supportive platform for choreographers and dancers to bring new creations to life.

    This April, Sadler’s Wells Theatre lights up with the Elixir Festival, a celebration that reimagines dance across different ages with performances from legendary artists and vibrant local London communities. It’s a perfect occasion to experience a refreshingly unique show in the heart of London.

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    London Coffee Festival (April 11-14, 2024)

    Festival in Brick Lane
    London Coffee Festival
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    Calling all coffee aficionados! This April 2024, get ready for the international coffee festival of your dreams, right here in London. Dive into an extraordinary journey at the London Coffee Festival, where top-tier baristas will dazzle you with their skills, using the finest beans. You’ll also enjoy interactive workshops designed to elevate your taste and deepen your coffee knowledge.

    What’s more, with DJs setting the vibe, you’ll have the perfect backdrop to savor amazing coffee while mingling with fellow coffee lovers. Don’t miss out on this ultimate coffee experience!

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    Maraton de Londres (April 21, 2024)

    Sports Event in London
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    Runners from every corner of the globe come together in London for its famous Marathon, celebrated for both its scenic route and the challenge it offers seasoned athletes. This event draws not just competitors but also a vibrant crowd of sports fans, who line up along the path, offering enthusiastic support to the runners.

    A tip for visitors: Due to the marathon, numerous city areas will be traffic-free on race day. To make the most of your London experience during this time, consider using public transport and starting your day a bit earlier to steer clear of any possible delays.

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    Brixton Windmill Open Day (April 30-31)

    Historic Building in Brixton
    Brixton Windmill, London
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    Visiting London in April? Don’t miss the chance to explore the Brixton Windmill, a historic gem nestled in Brixton’s vibrant neighborhood. Dating back to 1816, this windmill stands as one of London’s enduring relics.

    Beautifully restored, it now welcomes visitors as both a fascinating educational attraction and a tourist spot, with guided tours that dive into its rich history and intricate mechanics. Set within a serene park, the windmill is also a hub for community events and workshops, marking it as a cherished local landmark and a proud piece of London’s industrial past.

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    Witness for the Prosecution in London

    Play in South Bank
    Witness for the Prosecution
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    While April brings better weather to London, the spring climate can still be unpredictable with rainy days calling for indoor activities. On such occasions, I often turn to one of my essential plans when visiting London: seeing a play in the West End.

    This time, I recommend one of Agatha Christie’s finest works, which some of you may know from its film adaptation, “Witness for the Prosecution”. The original story unfolds an ingenious plot where a woman devises a cunning strategy to save her husband from jail by testifying against him for the prosecution, offering a thrilling experience in the heart of London’s theatre scene.

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    Experience London's Iconic Landmarks with a Delightful Tea Time Cruise

    Boat tour in City of London
    London Tea Time Cruise
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    This Thames tour marries a delightful boat ride with the quintessential English tea time, offering a unique experience as you gaze upon London’s most iconic landmarks from the water.

    It’s the perfect opportunity to experience London’s beauty and culture while comfortably avoiding the unpredictable early spring weather.

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    Visit the London Eye

    Ferris wheel in Westminster
    London Eye am Ufer der Themse
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    Visiting the London Eye in April is a fantastic idea. This attraction provides breathtaking views of London, which are even more splendid under the spring sun, with longer days and clear skies accentuating the city’s natural beauty.

    April offers the advantage of fewer crowds compared to summer, making for a more relaxed experience. Moreover, if the weather doesn’t cooperate, you can always pair this activity with a visit to nearby attractions like the Sea Life Aquarium.

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    Columbia Road Flower Market

    Market in Bethnal Green
    Columbia Road Flower Market
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    Springtime truly brings out the essence of Columbia Road Flower Market, renowned for its vibrant colors and lively atmosphere. This charming market comes alive every Sunday, with springtime drawing particularly bustling crowds, showcasing an array of fresh flowers, plants, and stunning shrubs.

    My tip → Make an early stop here, grab a coffee from one of the many cafes, and then stroll down to Brick Lane Market for an amazing day filled with vintage shopping and exotic food.

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    A Day Trip to Stonehenge

    Day Trip in London
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    There is nothing better than doing an exciting day trip to one of the most mysterious monuments in the world’s history: the ancient stones are holding on to mysterious stories and secrets from thousands of years ago! Nobody can deny that this isn’t one of the coolest things to do in London!

    Walk around those huge stones and wonder about what they could mean. The audio guide will indeed clear the sum of the stories up, but there are always some fields that still in our modern time nobody can explain. It is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you’ll never forget!

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