Explore Wonderful Food Halls and Markets in Paris

Like towns and villages across France, markets in Paris are pockets of gastronomic heaven and social activity embedded in communities. The capital has the good fortune of space for many markets with diverse personalities.

Dotted around vibrant neighborhoods, you’ll find atmospheric street markets, refined food halls, sprawling flea markets, and covered venues that have been taken over by inventive street food vendors. All a riot of color and sensory thrills. So, to get you dreaming about your Parisian shopping spree, we explore terroir on a tour of the best Parisian markets and food halls.

The Best Parisian Street Markets

  1. 01

    Marché d'Aligre

    Market in Quartier des Quinze-Vingts
    Obststand auf dem Marché d
    Summer fruits on sale in the Marché d'Aligre, Paris, France
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    Colorfully spilling from the covered food hall Marché Beauvau and around Place d’Aligre, Marché d’aligre is a limelight-stealing Parisian market. Tucked away in the residential 12th arrondissement, it’s a daily food festival renowned for variety, freshness, and an endlessly boisterous circus of shoppers and sellers. Heaven for gourmands and a compelling snapshot of Parisian society any curious traveler will appreciate.

    Stalls stacked with fragrant seasonal produce and artisanal goodies fill the hall and the square outside. Olives from Provence, cheeses from Normandy, spices from Africa, hams from Spain. Quality is high, prices moderate, and stallholders tirelessly engage tourists getting by with Google Translate. Occupying one corner is a small jumble of a flea market. Together, it adds up to the brightest and most photogenic market in Paris.

    • Address: 25-11 Rue d’Aligre, 75012 (Quinze-Vingts)
    • Nearest Metro: Ledru-Rollin (8)
    • Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday: 7.30am to 1.30pm, Saturday to Sunday: 7.30am to 2.30pm
  2. What’s Marché d’aligre known for?

    Fresh, seasonal produce at reasonable prices sourced from France and Europe.

    What’s near Marché d’aligre?

    The wonderful walkway along a disused railway, Coulée Verte René-Dumont, is a 10-minute walk from the market. Another compelling walk awaits along the nearby Canal Saint Martin, close to Place de la Bastille and the Paris National Opera.

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    Marché Mouffetard

    Market in Quartier du Jardin des Plantes
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    Praised by Ernest Hemingway in his Parisian memoir A Movable Feast, Marché Mouffetard has been a foodie magnet for generations. Although not a typical street market, Marché Mouffetard snakes along a bustling street crammed with food stores, many with stalls hogging the narrow sidewalks.

    Ambling along the pedestrianized rue Mouffetard is a test of willpower when hungry. The cobbled stones take you past alluring patisseries, glistening seafood, juicy seasonal fruits, and fragrant cheeses. Buskers and friendly shop owners add to the neighborhood vibe. It’s like a magical open-air supermarket, a cacophony of smells and sounds to tease appetites. Everything is available for a delectable al fresco lunch at the nearby picnic hotspot, Jardin du Luxembourg. Or linger at inviting cafés dotted along the street and watch Parisian life pass by.

    • Address: 139 Rue Mouffetard, 75005 (Jardin-des-Plantes)
    • Nearest Metro: Censier-Daubenton (7)
    • Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday: 8am to 1pm (for the market stalls –
      shops open later)
  4. What’s Marché Mouffetard known for?

    Hemingway’s favorite market is a hive of life and energy, and a great place to pick up high-quality ingredients for the kitchen.

    What’s near Marché Mouffetard?

    The Panthéon, France’s mausoleum for its heroes, is close. Equally close are the Luxembourg Gardens (ideal for picnics) and the natural history museum, zoo, and galleries of Jardin des Plantes.

  5. 03

    Marché Raspail

    Food Market in Quartier Notre-Dame-des-Champs
    Obststand auf dem Marché Raspail, Paris
    Woman buying fresh organic vegetables and fruits on farmer market in Paris, France. Typical European market of home grown produce
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    Marché Raspail brings together a cross-section of farmers and producers for two weekly mornings. With thin crowds and balanced prices, it’s a compact gem beloved by those in the know. On weekdays, you’ll find rotisserie meats, pungent cheeses with tricky-topronounce names, pastries, fruits, and everything needed for a makeshift lunch. The Luxembourg Garden and the Seine are on hand to make the most of it.

    Overshadowing the weekday markets is the Sunday morning bio market, which does draw crowds. Organic (bio) producers thrive in France, and no market in Paris is a better source. Curious visitors might outnumber locals at Raspail, but standards (and prices) are invariably high. An absorbing place to lose an hour amid the smells and flavors of produce farmed naturally.

    • Address: Boulevard Raspail, 75006 (Notre-Dame-des-Champs)
    • Nearest Metro: Saint-Placide (4)
    • Opening hours: Traditional produce market Tuesday and Friday: 7am to 2.30pm, Organic markets every Sunday: 7am to 2.30pm
  6. What’s Marché Raspail best known for?

    The Sunday bio market is a standout Parisian market for organic food fans. The small market is all about quality, not choice. It’s a handy spot to grab a bite to eat before kicking back in the Luxembourg Gardens.

    What’s near Marché bio Raspail?

    The picturesque Luxembourg Gardens, a lunchtime hotspot in the summer, is moments away. While the fabled cafés of chic Saint-Germain-des-Prés, including Paris’s oldest, Le Procope, are a 15-minute walk along Haussmann’s redesigned rue de Rennes.

  7. 04

    Marché de Montorgueil

    Market in Quartier de Bonne-Nouvelle
    White Chocolate covered marshmallows. Beautiful big pile of deli
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    Nestled near Les Halles (site of the former city market,) Rue Montorgueil winds through rows of eateries and food shops. Satisfyingly free of road traffic, it’s a laidback place to dive into épicerie fine, scan loaded storefront stalls, or unwind on lively café terraces.

    Not a marché in the conventional sense, Montorgueil is a pleasing throwback to life before supermarkets and delivery apps. A time when you could browse with your nose and eyes and find a treat or two amongst the diverse medley of retailers and food outlets. A wonderful place to shop and soak up the Parisian ambiance.

    • Address: Rue Montorgueil, 75002 (Bonne-Nouvelle)
    • Nearest Metro: Sentier (3) / Les Halles (4)
    • Opening hours: All week.
  8. What’s Rue Montorgueil known for?

    Everything! There’s little you won’t find among the premium food vendors, colorful boutiques, café-bars, and everyday retailers.

    What’s near Rue Montorgueil?

    The Louvre is a 10-15 minutes stroll from the southern end of Rue Montorgueil. A similar distance takes you to Pont Neuf, Paris’s oldest bridge and link to medieval Île de la Cité, home to Notre Dame.

  9. 05

    Marché Monge

    Market in Quartier du Jardin des Plantes
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    Teeming with color and vitality, Marché Monge is a quintessential street market. Tote bags are out in force as Parisians pick through seasonal produce, traiteur meals, seafood, and prime quality provisions you only find at a good market.

    Carefully stacked stalls line up alongside cooked foods of local and international origins (crepes and rotisserie chicken vs. paella and Asian noodles) to tempt picnickers and self caterers. Sometimes selling the fruits of their labor, passionate stallholders enliven the spectacle. As do flower stands and the occasional antique or used goods seller. You’re frequently left with the impression the plumpest produce is saved for the markets in Paris, and the supermarkets get the leftovers. Visit Marché Monge, and you might agree.

    • Address: Place monge, 75007 (Jardin-des-Plantes)
    • Nearest Metro: Place Monge (7)
    • Opening hours: Wednesday: 7am – 1.30pm, Friday & Sunday: 7am – 2.30pm
  10. What’s Marché des Marché Monge known for?

    An authentic street market with fresh seasonal produce, seafood, and gorgeous bouquets of flowers. Lazy lunches are well-catered with a mix of cooked dishes.

    What’s near Marché Monge?

    The gastronomic joys of Marché Mouffetard are nearby. As is the Jardins des Plantes botanic gardens and museums, and the Panthéon (½ mile / 750 m.)

  11. 06

    Marché Bastille

    Market in Quartier de la Folie-Méricourt
    Stand auf dem Marché Bastille, Paris
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    Marché Bastille is the archetypal street market that appears with the morning mist, fills bulging shopping bags and stomachs, and departs before the afternoon sun hits. Unfolding along the wide Boulevard Richard-Lenoir opposite Place Bastille, the twice-weekly convergence of producers and bon vivant is enormous in scale and scope.

    An epicurean voyage every time, this is the place to compare cheeses from Portugal and Normandy, hams from Iberico and Bayonne, wines from Germany, and beers from Belgium. One of the biggest and brightest markets in Paris with many fans, local and international.

    • Address: 2018 Bd Richard-Lenoir, 75011 (Bastille)
    • Nearest Metro: Bastille (1,5, 8)
    • Opening hours: Thursday: 7am to 1.30pm, Sunday: 7am to 2.30pm
  12. What’s Marché Bastille known for?

    An authentic twice-weekly splash of color in the shadow of Place Bastille offering a wide choice of foods from French regions and Europe.

    What’s near Marché Bastille?

    The green lung Canal Saint Martin snakes away from Bastille. Bridges to the charming Île Saint-Louis and historic Île de la Cité are less than a mile in the opposite direction.

Parisian Market Halls

  1. 01

    Marché des Enfants Rouges

    Food Market in Marais & Cité
    Fresh seafood on ice: different kinds of fish on the counter. Paris, France
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    Picture a market hall unchanged for 4 centuries, now housing street food vendors and a maze of stalls where you can still find top-notch food. Opened in 1615, Marché des enfants rouges is the oldest food market in Paris and emblematic of Parisian culinary heritage.

    Choose from an eclectic mix of homegrown comfort foods and internationally inspired creations before joining the spirited scrum at shared tables. A characterful bistro sits outside for terrace drinks and people-watching. At Marché des enfants rouges, you get a side of history with your culinary creativity. It’ll probably still be reinventing itself over the next 4 centuries. Let’s hope so; the famous market has come a long way.

    • Address: 39 rue de Bretagne (Le Marais)
    • Nearest Metro: Filles du Calvaire (8) / Temple (3)
    • Opening hours: Monday – Saturday: 8.30am to 8.30pm, Sunday: 8.30am to 5pm
  2. What’s Marché des enfants rouges known for?

    The oldest food market in Paris is now a hip spot for street food and good times, where you can also pick up fresh produce.

    What’s near Marché des enfants?

    Situated in Haut Marais (AKA NoMa), there’s a treasure trove of attractions on the doorstep, notably the Picasso and Carnavalet museums. Just 15 minutes walk brings you to Place des Vosges, the oldest Parisian square (home to the Victor Hugo house) and a natural companion to the city’s oldest market.

  3. 02

    La Grande Épicerie de Paris (Bon Marché)

    Food Market in Quartier Saint-Thomas-d'Aquin
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    What the (two) La Grande Épicerie de Paris food halls lack in raw charisma is redeemed by a divine array of foods to trigger gourmands. Overseen by the upscale Bon Marché department store, food for every mood is found in a bright and imaginative setting that showcases French and international cuisine.

    A modern take on the historic market, it’s a swaggering food hall with a touch of contemporary panache. Eat at one of 9 globally-inspired restaurants or casual grab-n-go eateries, or load up with jarred goodies and other treats that travel from the delis and heaving shelves of the food hall. Gift options abound, and there’s zero chance you will leave empty-handed.

    • Address: 38 Rue de Sèvres, 75007 (Saint-Thomasd’Aquin)
    • Nearest Metro: Vaneau (10)
    • Opening hours: All week 10am to 9pm
  4. What’s La Grande Épicerie de Paris known for?

    The place to discover food trends, sample new flavors, and shop for gourmet delights on cold, wet days. Plenty of ready-to-wrap gifts for foodies.

    What’s near La Grande Épicerie de Paris?

    Near the store in the 7th arrondissement is the sprawling army museum at the grand Hotel des Invalides, home to Napoleon’s tomb. The imposing Église Saint-Sulpice and picturesque Luxembourg Gardens are close by.

  5. 03

    Marché couvert Saint-Quentin

    Food Market in Quartier Saint-Vincent-de-Paul
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    Saint-Quentin market is a market hall with the gritty character of a traditional market in Paris, albeit neatly arrayed under an eye-catching canopy. The neighborhood food market sells inexpensive foods locals want to buy. Nothing fancy, just fresh produce at fair prices. But this being Paris, there is some gourmet delight to uncover under the striking iron arches and skylights.

    Quieter than similar Parisian markets and open for longer, you can leisurely shop for inexpensive provisions while savoring the provincial market vibe.

    • Address: 85 bis Bd de Magenta, 75010 (St Vincent de Paul)
    • Nearest Metro: Gare de l’Est (4, 5, 7)
    • Opening hours: Tuesday – Saturday: 8am to 8pm, Sunday: 8am to 1.30pm
  6. What’s Marché couvert Saint-Quentin known for?

    Fair prices, solid quality and choice. A quintessential covered market similar to towns across France.

    What’s near Marché couvert Saint-Quentin?

    Nearby are the walkways and bridges of Canal Saint Martin. Head north for 1.2 miles (2 km) to reach the bohemian “village of Paris,” Montmartre.

  7. 04

    Le Printemps du Goût

    Food Market in Quartier de la Chaussée-d’Antin
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    Le Printemps du Goût is a wordplay on “Spring of Taste” and sits in the vast Printemps department store in Opéra. It’s a modern épicerie selling gourmet miscellany to tease home cooks and souvenir hunters. Fine wines, chocolates, spices, superior saucisson, and foods that the well-heeled browsers covet.

    Although the choice is less extensive than the Bon Marché competition, shelves are lined with luxury fare covered in geographical origin labels. Numerous onsite dining options dip into international flavors, while vegans and natural wine lovers will have something to smile about. Cap the excursion with a drink on the 7th floor terrace overlooking Paris. Bounteous shopping, stunning views, and fantastic food; a trifecta of reasons to visit.

    • Address: 64 Bd Haussmann, 75009 (Opéra)
    • Nearest Metro: Havre – Caumartin (3, 9)
    • Opening hours: Monday – Saturday: 10am to 8pm, Sunday: 11am to 8pm
  8. What’s Le Printemps du Goût known for?

    Select gourmet goods for discerning foodies and gift hunters. Bar Perchés enjoys panoramic city views, an idyllic spot to unwind after shopping.

    What’s near Le Printemps du Goût?

    Boulevard Haussmann is a dream for window shoppers, with designer boutiques and another iconic department store, Galeries Lafayette. Culture beckons a short distance away at the ornate Palais Garnier, Paris’s fabled opera house, and the Louvre. Children might want to head in the opposite direction to the bizarre waxworks at Musée Grévin.

  9. 05

    Marché Saint Germain

    Market in Quartier de l'Odéon
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    We round off our pick of food halls and markets in Paris with hybrid shopping for our age. The multi-faceted Marché Saint Germain serves a desire for stocking up on fresh, well-sourced foods while shopping for clothes and home goods. It’s a hypermarché for city slickers.

    Under one roof is the marché alimentaire, a well-stocked food hall stacked with fresh, succulent produce that Parisian markets are known for. Adjacent are fashion boutiques and several big brand stores, including Apple and UNIQLO. It may be a small mall by another name. But the recently renovated food hall retains a market feel and slots comfortably into the sophisticated surroundings of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Variety and quality are excellent, with countless regionally protected foods and artisanal products. Plus, one store that only sells Apples.

    • Address: 4-6 Rue Lobineau, 75006 (Saint-Germain-des-Prés)
    • Nearest Metro: Mabillon (10)
    • Opening hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 8am to 8pm, Sunday: 8am to 1.30pm
  10. What’s Marché Saint Germain known for?

    A street market updated for contemporary shopping habits, with international brands and market-grade foods all under one roof.

    What’s near Marché Saint Germain?

    Fan out in any direction to hit points of interest. The iconic cafés of SaintGermain-des-Prés, the cobbled streets of the Latin Quarter, Saint-Chappelle, and the landmarks on Île de la Cité are all within walking distance. The pretty Luxembourg Gardens are handy for post-shopping picnics.

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