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Save up to 60% with the London Pass!

With the London Pass, you gain access to the many sights, attractions, and tours in London for a specific period in return for a fixed one-off fee. Thanks to the fast track option, you also avoid waiting times, so the London Pass helps you save both time and money when exploring the metropolis.

As the London Pass includes more than 80 sights and attractions, you won’t miss out on anything London has to offer. As an extra bonus, the London Pass offers special discounts at numerous restaurants and bars and helps avoid waiting times thanks to the fast-track tickets. All the details are explained below.


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How does the London Pass work?

London PassThe London Pass offers entry to over 80 attractions for a fixed fee, saving you up to 60% on individual admission charges. There are 5 different types of passes, valid for 1, 2, 3, 6, or 10 days. Regardless of the type you choose, the attractions included are the same. The only difference is the period of validity. Simply present the London Pass at the entrance to one of the attractions and get started! No matter how many days the pass is valid, you can use it anywhere in the city to gain admission to the sights, museums, and tours.

Our tip: The validity period is calculated in calendar days! If you’ve booked the London Pass for 1 day, for example, and you don’t start using it until 5:00 p.m., it will only be valid until midnight. We, therefore, recommend that you start your sightseeing tour of London in the morning. That way you’ll have sufficient time to see a maximum number of attractions.

  • Free entry to over 80 attractions, tours, sights, and museums!
  • Over 20 special offers!
  • Fast track admission: avoid waiting times at select attractions!
  • Optional Oyster Travelcard: the hassle-free option for getting around the city
  • Free Hop-on / Hop-off bus tour to London’s most popular attractions
  • Optional free mobile ticket for an instant Mobile London Pass that’s always to hand
  • Useful 160-page travel guide providing information about the city’s attractions as well as helpful tips!


Why do you need a London Pass?

The London Pass is a tourist pass that can save you up to 60% on tickets for London’s major tourist attractions. You pay a one-off fee for the pass, which then gives you admission to the attractions at no extra cost. The pass also makes it easier to organize your trip and visit the sights, as it spares the need to buy individual tickets. And most important of all: why pay more for the same thing? If you purchase your London Pass online in advance, you’ll pay less and won’t need to worry about buying tickets for individual attractions either. All you need to do is check the list of attractions included in the pass. As long as it covers at least three of the places you want to visit, you’ll save money. We strongly recommend buying one!

What attractions are included in the London Pass?

The pass includes virtually all the attractions London has to offer – from the Tower of London to the Thames River Cruises, Westminster Abbey, The Shard, Windsor Castle, and the ever-popular Hop-on Hop-off buses, all of which you can use free of charge. You get access to over 80 attractions, tours, places of interest, and museums without waiting in line. In addition, you benefit from 20 special offers and the optional Oyster Travelcard. We’ve compiled a list of the attractions included in the London Pass.

How much does the London Pass cost?

The London Pass starts at £75 for adults and £55 for children (aged 5 – 15). The price of the London Pass depends on three things: the period of validity, whether the pass is intended for adults or children, and whether you book the pass in combination with the additional Oyster Card option.

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Where can you buy the London Pass?

There are two ways of buying the London Pass. You can either order the London Pass online for convenience (for example, via the official London Pass website) or buy it locally. We would definitely recommend purchasing online: that way you save even more, as you can take advantage of exclusive online discounts that you would otherwise miss out on. You can now


How can I get my London Pass?

The options are as follows:

  • You can arrange for the London Pass to be sent directly to your home address. Standard delivery by FedEx costs £6.95 and takes around 3 weeks. If you need the pass urgently, you can opt for express delivery, which costs £20. You’ll then receive your London Pass within around 4-6 days.
  • To save on delivery costs, you can now download the London Pass App and use the pass directly on your smartphone once you are in London.

The easiest and fastest way of obtaining your London Pass is via the official website – click here to be redirected.

Great bonus: the London Pass plus Oyster Travelcard!

It’s also possible to buy the London Pass plus the Travelcard. With this combination, you not only get a London Pass but free use of public transport. You can use the subway, various bus lines, overground trains, and the Dockland Light Railway (DLR) in order to move around the city. This is a fast, convenient way of getting from one attraction to the next. Once you’ve ordered the London Pass plus Travelcard of your choice, you’ll receive a card entitling you to access the attractions. There’s also some prepaid credit on the card for use on public transport. One of the great advantages is that most of the attractions and places of interest are located within subway zones 1 and 2. That means they’re within easy reach and you can explore London at a leisurely pace.

Please note that the Oyster Travelcard will still be sent to you by post even if you have opted for the smartphone version of the London Pass. Unfortunately, the Oyster Travelcard is not yet available in electronic format.

How much does the London Pass plus Oyster Travelcard cost?

In the case of the London Pass plus Oyster Travelcard option – also known as the “London Pass Travelcard” or “London Pass+Travel” – public transport is included in the price. A certain proportion of the price of the card is intended for spending on public transport.


FAQs about the London Pass

When can you start using the London Pass?

The London Pass won’t be activated until you use it for the first time. It will then be valid for the number of days booked.

How long is the London Pass valid?

The London Pass is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Where’s the cheapest place to buy the London Pass?

Buy the pass online to make the biggest savings.

Is the London Pass worth the money?

We’ve done a few price calculations on your behalf. Savings of up to 50% are not uncommon!

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