What’s on in London in September? The 11 BEST events in 2024

In September, the first signs of autumn become visible in London, as temperatures cool and the city slowly dons its fall attire. The British capital is rarely as aesthetically pleasing as it is now, with the sun casting a golden glow on the autumn leaves and the wind playfully ruffling your hair. That’s why so many romantic films are shot in London during the fall – it makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

As the city gradually returns to its normal rhythm after the high of summer euphoria, September brings a host of great events to London. Parliament is back in action at the Palace of Westminster, the Pub in the Park music festival is on the horizon, and there’s much more to discover. We’ve selected the most exciting highlights in London for September from our calendar for you.

How is the weather in September in London?

Even if the maximum temperatures in London drop to 20° Celsius in September, the end of summer is a wonderful time to visit the English capital.

After the summer months, the crowds of tourists significantly reduce, eliminating the long queues at your favorite sights. Although it becomes cooler, the days remain wonderfully long, perfect for spending relaxed evenings in the pubs and bars.

Best Things to Do in London in September

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    Visit the UK Parliament

    Building in Westminster
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    After the summer break, the debate season kicks off. In the first week of September, the Houses of Parliament resume, and you can be there in the British House of Commons. Entry to the public galleries in the Palace of Westminster is free. For more information, visit the official Parliament website. And if you’re looking for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Parliament, I highly recommend taking part in one of the guided tours they offer.

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    The Candle Light Club (September 21)

    Performances in London
    The Candlelight Club in London
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    Immerse yourself in the glamour of the 1920s at The Candlelight Club, a one-night journey into the era of prohibition and speakeasy bars. Guests are transported to a world of jazz and swing, cabaret, and flowing champagne, all clad in period-appropriate attire from dazzling cocktail dresses to sharp three-piece suits. For the ultimate nostalgic experience, book a three-course meal. To enhance your evening with extra style and comfort, reserving a table is recommended and well worth the additional cost. Don’t miss out on this quintessential London event.

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    Skylight Tobacco Dock

    Rooftop Bar in Wapping
    Tobacco Dock London
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    As you know, we love rooftop bars. And Skylight at Tobacco Dock is one of those spots in London where we can easily while away entire days. Up there on the roof, it’s not just about lounging on day beds and basking in the sun. No, Skylight is a little play paradise.

    You can grab a croquet mallet or expend some energy playing pétanque. As always, there’s a great view and drinks to enjoy. Entry to Skylight is free. The catch: if you want to secure an igloo, a bed, a playing field, or anything else, you need to book in advance.

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    London Fashion Week

    Exhibitions, Fairs and Congresses in London
    London Fashion Week
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    A London event exclusively for fashionistas – the Fashion Week. September is also haute couture month in London. From all over the world, everyone who has anything to say in the industry – or would like to have something to say – travels to the catwalks of the British capital to be inspired by the newest collections.

    London Fashion Week takes place twice a year: in February and September. The next fashion week is scheduled from Friday, September 13, to Tuesday, September 17, 2024​​.

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    BBC Proms

    Street Fair
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    The BBC Proms is an iconic eight-week summer festival of orchestral classical music held annually in London. Centered at the Royal Albert Hall, it features a wide range of performances from world-class orchestras, ensembles, and soloists. Known for its informal atmosphere and the “Promming” tradition, the Proms aim to make classical music accessible to a broader audience.

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    London Eye

    Ferris wheel in Westminster
    London Eye in London
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    Visiting the London Eye in September is a great idea due to the mild weather, offering clear views of London’s skyline with fewer crowds. The city basks in the gentle glow of early autumn, making it a picturesque time for a ride. Plus, sunset views are particularly stunning, adding a magical touch to your experience on this iconic Ferris wheel.

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    Visit the Buckingham Palace (from 11 July to 29 September 2024)

    Historic Building in Westminster
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    The Buckingham Palace is ONLY open to visitors during the summer months, from July to September, when the King is not in the residence. During this period the Palace allows access to the State Rooms, a chance to see the Royal Collection’s treasures, and explore the palace gardens. However, specific dates and ticket availability should be checked in advance as they can vary each year, September is often the last chance to visit before it closes to the public again until the next summer.

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    Discover the Dark Arts at the Harry Potter Studio Tour (13 September – 10 November 2024)

    Movie Location in London
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    Prepare for Halloween with a visit to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London during the “Dark Arts” event. Guests enter the Great Hall, under a ceiling of over 100 floating pumpkins, surrounded by the Hogwarts house tables set with a Halloween feast of lollipops and red apples. Visitors are invited to engage in a live duel, wand in hand, against Death Eaters as they explore the tour. Discover the magic behind the movies, including troll bogies and unicorn blood, before wandering down the eerie, dimly lit Diagon Alley.

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    Les Misérables in London

    Les Misérables in London
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    For many, the West End production of ‘Les Misérables’ in London is considered the definitive version. The musical has been captivating audiences for over 30 years, now performed at the Sondheim Theatre (formerly known as the Queen’s Theatre).

    The world-famous advertising banner, sold as a poster for every performance, still adorns the facade. If you wish to experience London’s most celebrated musical, secure your tickets for a performance at the Sondheim Theatre, a landmark in the pantheon of London theaters.

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    Van Gogh Poets & Lovers (starts 14 September 2024)

    Museum in Westminster
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    The National Gallery, likely the most comprehensive art museum in London, now presents the opportunity to experience Van Gogh’s most breathtaking paintings in a once-in-a-lifetime exhibition. Journey through scenes of starry nights, swirling clouds, and the “Poet’s Garden”, showcasing a collection of Van Gogh’s beloved works and rare public appearances, alongside his extraordinary drawings.

    Highlighting his transformative years in the south of France, this exhibition explores his evolution of style, inspired by poetry and romanticism. Featured works include ‘Starry Night over the Rhône’ and ‘The Yellow House’, celebrating Van Gogh’s legacy of poetic imagination.


Should I visit London in September??

September in London stands out as a cultural treasure trove, making it a prime time for enthusiasts of art, festivals, and the vibrant nightlife of pubs and bars. The capital boasts an extensive events calendar, filled with activities that cater to diverse interests.

If you’re seeking the ideal period to explore London with mild weather and fewer tourists than the bustling summer months, September offers the perfect blend of pleasant conditions and rich cultural experiences. It’s an opportune moment to immerse yourself in the city’s dynamic cultural scene without the peak-season crowds

FAQ about visiting London in September

How is the weather in London in September?

In London, September weather can be quite variable, yet you’re likely to enjoy fewer rain showers and pleasantly mild temperatures, often reaching up to 20°C. Instead of relying on long-term forecasts, it’s best to check the weather a week in advance for a more accurate prediction of how warm it will be.

Is London expensive in September?

London can be moderately expensive in September as it’s still a popular travel time due to pleasant weather and numerous events. While peak summer tourist crowds may have thinned, prices for accommodations and attractions often remain high. Budgeting carefully, seeking out deals, and exploring free activities can help manage costs and make your visit more affordable without missing out on the city’s vibrant offerings.

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