The 19 most FUN Things To Do In London In October 2024

Autumn is here! London’s many parks are a great place to gather in October for a leaf-peeping party. And just like at any other time of the year, there’s much more to experience. We’ve put a few of our favorite and spookiest events and activities in October in London together which you should absolutely not miss.

In autumn, it can happen that you have to put the scarf a little tighter around your neck and pull the hat deeper into your forehead – but who is deterred by a little foggy gray?! Besides, at this time of year, English tea time becomes even more fun! Here are our tips for an autumnal trip to London in October, so that you don’t just end up stirring the tea, but can enjoy the city to the fullest.

What is the weather like in London in October?

Even though the sunshine actually diminishes in London in October, it doesn’t completely abandon you. Occasionally you will find some rays of sunshine and maximum temperatures of up to 16 °C, but also occasional rain showers. But let’s face it – what would London be without rain?

Our highlights in London in October

  1. 01

    Oktoberfest in London (October 1-10, 2023)

    Holidays in London
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    For some an announcement, for others a warning – some love it, others give the marquees a wide berth: Oktoberfest alarm!In London, October and November are under the sign of the Bavarian folk festival export. And indeed, the blue-white madness is already cult. At several locations, the Maßkrüge are again brought to Schunkelmusik to spill over and the Dirndel swing.

  2. 02

    Frieze Art Exhibition (October 11 - 15, 2023)

    Exhibitions, Fairs and Congresses in The Regent's Park
    Frieze London
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    Buying art is of course always a matter of its own. Not everyone has enough cash on hand to spontaneously purchase a new work for the living room wall.Be that as it may, the art fairs Frieze Art Fair and Frieze Masters invite visitors to this very undertaking every year. The one brings the best of what contemporary art is currently producing for sale in the royal park, the other is dedicated to old art.Perhaps the best thing about the time of the art fairs is that meanwhile in the English gardens of the Regent Park a temporary open-air museum is installed. There you can walk – completely free of charge – through the Sculpture Park from works of famous artists. And of course it’s always worth a visit, even if you don’t plan to relocate one of the works to your private front garden later.

  3. 03

    London Cocktail Week (October 12-22)

    Festival in London
    London Cocktail Week
    ©London Cocktail Week
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    If fantastic cocktails for only £8 sounds like an offer you can’t refuse, then London Cocktail Week is absolutely for you! Since 2010, the event has been treating both visitors and locals to a gigantic selection of drinks. The best bars in London offer the most exquisite and simply delicious cocktails and will present you with the maximum of flavors.But also the whiskey lovers among you will feel right at home, because the public favorites of the whiskey distilleries are definitely at the start!Spread across London, the most popular bars and pubs take part in this event – you want to know which ones? Then just check out the website!

  4. 04

    BFI Film Festival (October 4-16, 2023)

    Exhibitions, Fairs and Congresses in London
    Luminous blue neon sign "cinema" on a sunny day, Paris, France.
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    We are cineastes! When we sink into the plush chairs and shovel popcorn into our mouths, this feeling of happiness sets in, which always breaks through when you know, even before everything begins: It will be good! And when, if not at the BFI Film Festival is there so much good cinema for the eye?!The BFI is by far the best event that London has to offer in terms of film. It’s big, it’s glamorous, and everyone who’s anyone in the UK and who’s in the film business shows up.

  5. 05

    London Literature Festival (October 19-29, 2023)

    Festival in South Bank
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    The written word is one of the most beautiful. Literature opens up worlds, can transport us to unknown times, mediate between cultures. Some of the great masters of literature come to the city in London in October to meet at the great London Literature Festival in Southbank.The London event is fixed among our best events in autumn. Whenever we are in the city at the same time, we drop by there to get inspired by the contemporary literary poets and thinkers.

  6. 06

    American Football in London

    Sports Event in Wembley
    NFL London Games in Wembley Stadium, American Football in England
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    All football fans watch out, because this October the Amisport comes to England and inspires the masses. From 1 to 15 October 2023, the big sports spectacles will take place at Tottenham Hotspur and Wembley Stadium and create a great atmosphere.If you want to see the Jacksonville Jaguars or Tennessee Titans in action, then this is your chance. Throw on your Jersey and be part of one of the biggest sporting events in London in October!

    Tickets are in high demand and sell out fast!

  7. 07

    Night at the British Museum (every Friday)

    Museum in Bloomsbury
    british museum
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    The British Museum in London is one of the very best museums the capital has to offer and it gets even more exciting when it’s Late openings on Friday!

    Every Friday the museum is open until 20:30 and gives that extra kick. Dive into the history of Britain and discover its darkest secrets.

    We find that it is especially worthwhile in London’s October, because the partly also dark stories go in the dark a little more under the skin!

  8. 08

    Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in London

    Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in London
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    Since July 2016, Harry Potter fans have had yet another reason to visit London. Since then, the play about the latest adventure of Harry, Hermione, and Ron has been staged at the magnificent Palace Theatre in Soho!

    The story takes place around 19 years after “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”, “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” tells the story of Harry son Albus Severus, whose first school year at Hogwarts is coming up. With breathtaking magic and one of the best practical effects of the whole theatreworld is the play maybe even the best in London!

  9. 09

    Jack The Ripper Museum

    Museum in Whitechapel
    Jack the Ripper Museum in London
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    Of course, the ultimate Jack the Ripper Museum is not missing from the list, the best activities for London in October. After all, it is the scariest month of the year. Get mesmerized by the fascinating story of London’s most famous serial killer.

    Since 2015 there is the museum, which brings you on six floors the horror of the bestial murders of five prostitutes in 1888 closer.

  10. 10

    London Shuffle Club

    Bar & Pub in Shoreditch
    Shuffle Club in London
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    We’re always open to indoor activities when it gets cold outside. And one of the discoveries in London in October is definitely the London Shuffle Club in Shoreditch.If you now have associations with rich men on cruise ships, you are not wrong. That’s where the shuffle game was really in vogue for a while. And people knew what was good. On six lanes inside and two outside you can test your shuffle skills yourself.Our tip: The fun can also be combined wonderfully with a brunch.

  11. 11

    Ballie Ballerson

    Bar & Pub in Shoreditch
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    We don’t want to hear about Peter Pan syndrome, just because sometimes we can take a little time out from adulthood and enjoy it to the fullest. And in London, there’s one place that couldn’t be better suited for a little adult fun and games – the bar Ballie Ballerson.It is – brace yourselves – an oversized ball pool with more than a million balls. But what should we do here many words, you have to look at it with your own eyes. For us, the Ballie Ballerson is one of the most creative and coolest bars in London!

  12. 12

    Hyde Park in London

    Park in Kensington Gardens & Hyde Park
    Hyde Park in London
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    Hyde Park is the green lung of London. Well, in October rather a colorful dazzling…In the past, Hyde Park served as a private hunting ground for kings, but today it is the most important public park of the city. Whether relaxing and enjoying a picnic or simply strolling through the park, you could easily forget that with one of the largest metroplaces in the world.

    It is a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of the lively city in October. Our favorite spot in Hyde Park is the circular Princess Diana Memorial Fountain. This memorial to “Lady Di” is located in the southwestern part of Hyde Park.

    By the way: What you understand all under Hyde Park are actually three different parks: Kensington Gardens, Palace Green and Hyde Park together form a large green oasis in the middle of London.

  13. 13

    Sky Garden

    Building in City of London
    Skygarden London
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    The Sky Garden is the highest garden in London and a biotope above the rooftops of the city. On three floors extends the small indoor park, from which you have a fantastic view – 360 degrees!

    On the upper floors of the office tower, the Sky Garden is an urban jungle that lives up to its name.
    On floors 35 to 38, landscape gardeners have created London’s highest garden with several richly planted terraces. All year round it is green and blooming there and the smell of lavender and rosemary is in the air.

    But that’s not all: the Sky Garden is glazed all around! So while you walk through the green idyll, you also have one of the best panoramic views ever of London in October. A real highlight, especially since the visit of the Sky Garden with its “Francis Golding” open-air viewing terrace is free.

    Admission is free – but must be reserved in advance.

  14. 14

    The National Gallery London

    Museum in Westminster
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    The National Gallery is probably the most extensive art museum in London. It is located at the northern end of Trafalgar Square, in the heart of London. The state collection of paintings exhibited here includes around 2500 works from the 13th to the 19th century and is invaluable.

    In London, however, the permanent exhibition of The National Gallery is really free! You only have to pay for the temporary exhibitions.

    Especially on a rainy day, which there may well be in October in London, a visit to the gallery is always inspiring. Be sure to check out the official website beforehand and check out the latest exhibitions.

Halloween in London: It’s getting spooky!

  1. 01

    The Halloween special at the Warner Bros. Studios

    Movie Location in London
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    From September 23 to November 6, the Warner Bros. studio in London is really tuning up for Halloween and from 19:30 to midnight, all would-be wizards and witches are involved in a Death Eater raid!Take part in an adrenaline-filled adventure and don’t miss the lovingly decorated Great Hall: decorated with Jack Lanterns, umpteen candies and wide Halloween decorations, it’s perfect to get into the spooky mood.

  2. 02

    The ULTIMATE Halloween Party at Sky Garden

    Building in City of London
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    The Skygarden in London is not only one of our absolute favorite views of London, but also a mega cool location for unique party.

    Who is looking for an exclusive and absolutely unique Halloween party in London in October, which should mark the “LONDONS BEST HALLOWEEN PARTY” quite thick in the calendar. On Friday, October 27, you are invited to the scariest party of the year!

    The only thing you have to provide is: good mood, a suitable costume (extra scary please!) and your ticket! The whole evening a DJ will give his best and with devilishly good music bring you to dance.

  3. 03

    Natural History Museum London

    Museum in South Kensington
    Natural History Museum, London
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    Explore the Natural History Museum off the beaten track and get to know the misunderstood creatures of nature in the scariest way.

    Slip into your coolest costume, dance in the Silent Disco, see strange yet wondrous creatures and take part in one of the grandiose guided tours – if you dare….

    During the Tank Room Tour, a behind-the-scenes look awaits you. The preserved giant squid is the absolute highlight!

  4. 04

    London Dungeon

    Museum in Waterloo
    Besuch im London Dungeon
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    So if there is a ABSOLUTES Must See in London in October, then it is probably please the London Dungeon! But watch out: The Dungeon is not for the faint-hearted and it is packed with the scariest, but also the most exciting stories of London’s dark side.

    Dare you this Halloween to the attic of the most haunted mansion in England50 Berkley Square. Mystery, murder, and madness surround the terrifying legend of this house where countless people have lost their lives. As the stories of these fateful souls play out before your eyes, only one question remains – will you survive the night?

    This show is only for a short time at the Dungeon and included in your standard admission to the London Dungeon.

    We strongly advise you to book your tickets in advance, to guarantee your entry!

  5. 05

    The best Halloween Boat Party

    Boat tour and water activity in City of London
    Halloween Party in London
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    Ahoy pirates! Come aboard the “Thame’s Halloween Boat Party” and get involved in a mysterious and fun-filled boat trip on the Thames. This party is perfect for all Escape the Caribbean fans who want to experience the pirate lifestyle! good music is provided, only your good mood is missing to make the party an absolute highlight of your London trip.


Is London in Ocotber worth a visit?

Yes of course! Even if you have to miss out on some great outdoor activities – especially Halloween is a really fun time to visit London. The best thing about it: you can wander the streets in a relaxed way without being disturbed by large crowds of tourists.

Don’t let rainy weather spoil your London vacation, because there’s plenty to experience away from the umbrella.

Frequently asked questions about London in October

How's the weather in London in October?

It can be quite changeable in London in October, so if you expect a golden autumn here, you will be rather disappointed most of the time (of course, we still keep our fingers crossed that the sun will show up in between). With a maximum temperature of 16°C it is still quite mild, but you should take a somewhat thicker rain jacket with you.

What events are taking place in London in October?

Quite big in October in London the Oktoberfest is actually celebrated. Even though the tradition comes from Germany, it has long since captivated the rest of the world. Not to be missed is the Halloween Harry Potter Special, which gets you in the perfect mood for the spooky holidays.

What sights and activities are recommended in London in October?

What is never missing on our agenda is the London Eye: It is always great to see London from above. But if the altitude makes you anxious, an autumnal stroll along the Thames will do just as well.

For me, Harry Potter just belongs London and in the fall, so the Warner Bros. Studio Tour is a must-see in London in October.

What sights and activities are recommended in London in October?

What is never missing on our agenda is the London Eye: It is always great to see London from above. But if the altitude makes you anxious, an autumnal stroll along the Thames will do just as well.

For me, Harry Potter just belongs London and in the fall, so the Warner Bros. Studio Tour is a must-see in London in October.

What to wear in London in October?

For your trip to london in october you should definitely think of a waterproof rain jacket, because even if we don’t wish it, it is quite rainy. Otherwise, October in London is quite mild, and you can still leave your gloves at home. A scarf, however, could not only be helpful in wind and weather, but also serve as a fashion accessory!

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