Our TOP 17 Events in London in November

Is London in November worth a visit?

London in November is the pre-Christmas season: the streets are festively decorated, the department stores are decorated, and the Christmas markets are opened. When it gets darker and darker outside and the wind gets fresher and fresher, London gets cozy and people go to the pubs.

Some of London’s biggest and most important events, such as the traditional Guy Fawkes Night and Lord Mayor’s Show celebrations, are coming up this month – these are our picks!

London’s weather in November

Admittedly: London can’t exactly advertise the weather in November. Temperatures range from 7 to 12 degrees, about 7 rainy days a month and sunshine hours are drastically reduced.

BUT that doesn’t mean it’s not worth traveling to the city. If you’re looking for a time to travel to London that’s cheap and uncrowded, there’s no better month than November!

The 17 best events in London in November

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    Enjoy the Fireworks of The Bonfire Night (3 - 5 November 2023)

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    You know the story about Guy Fawkes surely still from school times, nevertheless here again a short outline: At the beginning of November, London commemorates the failed putsch attempt of a group of Catholics, who planned in the 17th century to blow up the parliament including the king. The plan failed, the king had been warned, Guy Fawkes, who was charged with blowing up, was caught in the act.

    That same day, fires of joy were lit all over London over the failed attempt and homage was paid to the king. A tradition that continues to this day. Jevery year on November 5, the day is commemorated with fireworks, bonfires and torch processions. So if you’re in town, check it out! It’s a piece of living British history and an absolute highlight in London in November!

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    Diwali Streetfair in London (29th of October 2023)

    Street Fair in Covent Garden
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    Let there be light! At the end of October, it becomes colorful at Trafalgar Square, when the light festival Diwali is celebrated. At the street festival, thousands of Hindus, Sikh, Jain, Buddhists and guests celebrate the tradition.Diwali represents reflecting on one’s life and making changes for the coming year. Be part of the thoroughly positive vibe at Diwali, watch the dance performances, sample the giant range of Indian food and join in the program (also for children).

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    Celebrate the Lord Mayor's Show (11th of November 2023)

    Street Fair in City of London
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    This is one of the BEST events in London par excellence! Not only does the event have a long tradition – more than 800 years – but also a immense parade.What is it all about? About the mayor of the City of London, who is elected every autumn and has the title of Lord Mayor. The ceremony is part of the celebration of the election of the office. More than 6000 people walk in the parade – including marching bands, dance groups, carriages and ceremonial performances.

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    A classical dream at the Candlelight Concert (11th of November 2023)

    Concert in Covent Garden
    Candlelight Concert Vivaldis Four Seasons in London
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    Get ready for a musical feast for the senses in the majestic, gilded setting of The Grand Temple at Freemasons’ Hall, in the heart of Covent Garden. Enjoy the breathtaking atmosphere of the Candlelight Concert and sit back.You can expect a fantastic group of the best musicians* who will teleport you to another world for a short time with the sounds of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. Especially in the cold seasons, the plush armchair and the soulful music is really just what you need to just switch off!

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    Skate at the Ice rinks of London!

    Street Fair in London
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    Uh, skating is one of Londoners’ favorite pastimes. Some rinks are in operation all year round. But it gets really crazy in the wintertime, with rinks popping up all over the city, skating laps and pirouettes! You have to try it for yourselves. It’s simply wonderful to glide over the ice and have such a magnificent backdrop as that of the National History Museum.By the way, it’s especially romantic at the ice rink in the inner courtyard of Somerset House. The house alone is already spectacular, but in winter, when the giant Christmas tree is set up there and the many lights create a pre-Christmas atmosphere, the grounds are simply overwhelming and one of the most winter activities in London in November!

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    Immerse yourself at the Jazz Festival EFG (10th of Friday, 2023)

    Music Festival in London
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    London is calling and the big names are coming. For almost three decades, the EFG Jazz Festival has been doing its thing in the city and is definitely one of the events in London in November.Just to give you the dimensions of the scene meeting before the eyes: 2500 artists strike at the ten-day event in London. More than 250 concerts will be seen on these days and that at London’s best concert venues.

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    Celebrate Thanksgiving at Duck & Waffle (24th of November 2023)

    Restaurant in Spitalfields
    Duck & Waffle London
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    November is traditionally the time of the American Thanksgiving, which is known above all for one thing: food, food and again food! If you want to indulge yourself in London, you should make a reservation at Duck & Waffle, because there it will be really delicious.

    While you get fantastic food served up in good company, a first-class view of London extends from the all-round windows. Reservations are possible 2 months in advance and also recommended, then it’s no secret that Duck & Waffle is a favorite in London in November.

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    The Little Big Things

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    For me, there’s almost nothing better in London in November than the really great West End shows. There’s just a special charm to dropping into one of the comfy seats and forgetting about reality for an evening.

    For those who haven’t made it before, I now present The Little Big Things, a truly captivating musical from London’s West End! With the heart-touching characters and just the little special moments, it is an absolutely unique musical in the English capital!

    But what is the play about: It tells about different people from different circumstances and how the small moments of life are also the most important.

    If you visit the musical, then get ready for a roller coaster of emotions. From hearty laughter to the one or other tear is really everything here!

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    Start Christmas early at the Winter Wonderland (17. November 2023 - 1. January 2024)

    Holiday Markets in Knightsbridge
    Christimas Market in Hyde Park London
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    There is no way around the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park if you are in London with children at Christmas.

    The Christmas market is one of the most beautiful in the city. This is also due to the fact that it is not only decorated extremely lovingly and with great attention to detail, but also to the mix of classic Christmas market and fair. In addition to the rides, there is also an ice skating rink on the grounds, where regular shows take place.

    While the adults feast on delicious mulled wine, the little ones can look forward to meeting Santa Claus! Winter Wonderland is one of the best things to do in London as a family this Christmas. This year, Winter Wonderland will be open until the 1st of January.

    Only on Christmas Day, December 25, the Christmas market is closed.

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    Play in Westminster
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    The cool and (unfortunately) often wet London November weather does not spoil our mood, because there is nothing better than enjoying a fantastic musical!

    For a full 14-weeks, Royal Shakespeare Company’s “Hamnet” will be staged at London’s Garrick Theatre, and after its resounding success at Stratford-upon-Avon, all of London is expecting a huge rush for tickets!

    What is Hamnet about? We travel to the year 1582, where Agnes Hathaway meets William Shakespeare, and they fall in love. However, the plague takes away their common child Hamnet, but the parents continue to learn to deal positively with this loss.

    Not only is this London play a masterpiece from a scenic point of view, but the theme of passion, grief, loss, and hope is also taken up with love in the play.

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    Party with the Pub Crawl in London

    Walking Tour in West End
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    This goes out to the party people among you: Pub Crawls are just always the best – no matter where you are. But London is better than any other party city. You will have the time of your life!

    In the price you have 5 shots, VIP admission to the clubs and pubs and a lot of cool people included. If you want to get to know the real nightlife of London in November, you should definitely do a pub crawl!

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    Take a seat and cherish the London Christmas Lights Bus Tour!

    Theme bus in Westminster
    London Christmas Lights Tour by Vintage Bus Open Top
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    Basically, we always recommend London bus tours: firstly, because you have a excellent view of the sights of the city from the buses and secondly, because it is totally comfortable. After all, there’s a lot of walking going on, and it’s good to take breaks when sightseeing in London.

    So if you’re spending late November in London and want to see the famous Christmas lights at your leisure, the bus tour is a great option. You will be driven 90 minutes to the most important places of the city like Piccadilly Circus and Big Ben and also see the fulminant Christmas decorations of Harrods and Oxford Street. Accompanying the tour, Christmas music is played according to the occasion.

This must not be missed in any case!

Pubs in London

No London trip without a pub visit! That’s just the way it should be. And when is the dim atmosphere more enchanting than in winter, when it’s dark outside and cold anyway! Exactly. The pub scene is as diverse as Londoners’ love of beer. We’ve already written about it in great detail, including listing our favorite pubs in London.

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