18 Most Magical Harry Potter Locations in London

Follow the steps of Harry Potter throw London with this guide

The enchanting realm of Harry Potter has left its mark on numerous locations throughout the British capital. Many scenes from the films were filmed in London. Some are quite obvious, while others are more hidden. But fear not! There’s no need to run into train station walls to unearth these magical spots. We’re here to guide you to 18 captivating Harry Potter filming locations in London. So, let’s get started. Aparecium!


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The Most Magical Harry Potter Filming Locations in London

Put on your most comfortable shoes and get ready to discover the best of Harry Potter in London. These are the 18 must-visit spots that every Harry Potter fan should visit on a trip to London:

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    Platform 9 ¾ in King’s Cross Station

    Drehort in Kings Cross
    Gleis ¾
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    London boasts the most renowned setting in the history of Harry Potter: King’s Cross Station. It stands as the ultimate destination for Harry Potter fans visiting the city. Here, you’ll find the one-of-a-kind, enchanting Platform 9 3/4.

    Some time ago, this magical trolley was halfway between the Hogwarts Express and the Muggle world. Best of all, it was located on Platform 9 of King’s Cross Station.

    However, after the station’s renovation, in part due to the large number of tourists visiting the site, this area is now unfortunately only accessible to people with a valid train ticket. But there’s a solution! The iconic Harry Potter scene has been relocated a few meters away to a more accessible location in the station’s main hall. If you’re planning to visit this spot, be prepared for the crowds. But with a little patience, everyone manages to capture their coveted photograph.

    Note: You will find the trolley next to the official Harry Potter store. There, a member of the store’s staff will provide you with a scarf and toss it in the air to create the illusion of you running through the wall while another staff member takes a photograph. You can purchase a professional photo at the store if desired, but it’s entirely optional. Otherwise, you are more than welcome to take your own photo for free.

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    The Reptile House at London Zoo

    Zoo & Aquarium in The Regent's Park
    Harry Potter Locations London
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    In the first Harry Potter movie, the young wizard talks to a snake for the first time and discovers his magical abilities. If you want to visit this filming location from the Harry Potter movie, you’ll have to take a trip to the London Zoo’s Reptile House. Finding the enclosure that Dudley fell into in the movie scene after an altercation with Harry will be easy, thanks to a sign. A visit to the London Zoo is highly recommended, especially if you’re in London with children.

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    St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel at the Entrance to King's Cross Station

    Hotel in Kings Cross
    Hotel St Pancras Renaissance, Harry Potter Locations in London
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    You can see the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, which served as the King’s Cross Station entrance. In the real world, the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel is and remains a hotel. That means you can spend the night there, dear Harry Potter fans! However, the location overnight adventure comes with a steep price. The St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel is awarded five stars and is correspondingly high-priced, so not all Muggles will have the pleasure of bedding down in the precious feathers.

    Fun Fact: Not only were scenes for Harry Potter shot at the Hotel St. Pancras Renaissance but also scenes for Batman and 102 Dalmatians films. Even the Spice Girls’ Wannabe music video happened here.

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    The Leaky Cauldron in Leadenhall Market

    Market in City of London
    Leadenhall Market London
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    One of the most beautiful places in the city of London is the covered Leadenhall Market. Harry Potter fans will immediately see the resemblance to Diagon Alley. There’s a store in the Bull’s Head Passage, which was the entrance of the pub “Leaky Cauldron” in the first Harry Potter movie. Still, Leadenhall Market served primarily as a model for the film set at Warner Bros Film Studios, not as the actual filming location. Most of the filming occurred at the Warner Bros. studio lot.

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    The Shops in Cecil Court in Covent Garden

    Street in Covent Garden
    Cecil Court London Harry Potter Locations
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    Diagon Alley of Harry Potter was inspired by various streets in central London. However, the series took much inspiration from Cecil Court in Covent Garden. If you walk through Cecil Court, you’ll quickly realize why! Colorful shop windows full of books and curious objects immediately make you feel like you’re in the famous shopping street from the magical world of Harry Potter. But that’s not all! In these stores, you will see many extraordinary fan items you would hardly find elsewhere.

    Cecil Court is also a great place to look for curious objects and fan items related to other British institutions, such as Sherlock Holmes, Paddington Bear, and Alice in Wonderland.

  6. 06

    Goodwin’s Court inspired the Diagon Alley

    Street in Covent Garden
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    When I first walked into Goodwin’s Court, I couldn’t help but be amazed by its striking resemblance to Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley! This small narrow alley in central London is a bit difficult to find if you don’t know exactly where to look. But you can reach it from St Martins Lane or Bedfordbury.

    If you’ve been to Warner Bros. Studios, where the films were shot, you’ll notice the resemblance especially quickly! There, as you know, you can walk through the actual Diagon Alley used as a backdrop!

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    Tacos El Pastor - Borough Market

    Restaurant in Bankside
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    This is one of my favorite Harry Potter-related places! In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry escapes from his home and boards the Knight Bus, which transports him to a spot in the Borough Market. The destination is The Leaky Cauldron, which serves as a pub and gateway between the wizarding and Muggle worlds. Interestingly, the front door that acts as the entrance to this enchanting place in the film actually leads to a fantastic Mexican taco restaurant known as Tacos El Pastor!

    I’m sure that regardless of whether you’re a fan of the movies or not, you’ll love these tacos! Plus, you may need to grab a bite to eat after a day of running around London, looking for film locations.

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    The South Africa House as Gringotts

    Building in Westminster
    Harry Potter Locations in London, Gringotts
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    The South African Embassy in London is located right on Trafalgar Square and served as a backdrop in the Harry Potter films. The embassy is one of the most eye-catching buildings in this area. Fans of the Harry Potter movies will find the shape of the facade made of columns very familiar: In the movies, it’s the entrance to Gringotts’ magical bank!

  9. 09

    The Australian Embassy → Gringotts Interior

    Building in Covent Garden
    Australia House in London
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    This building, located in Temple, between Covent Garden and the City, was used as the base to bring the famous magical bank Gringotts to life in the Harry Potter movies. The scenes inside the banking institution were mainly filmed here. However, its monumental exterior reminds us of the magical bank and is undoubtedly worth a photo.

    Unfortunately, entry to the building is only possible with a visa. If you want to take photos with the real facade and interior of Gringotts, you should visit the Warner Bros. Studios exhibition.

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    Piccadilly Circus

    Square in Westminster
    210301133310001 Piccadilly Circus London
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    Few places in London are as famous as Piccadilly Circus. In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, this was the filming location for the outdoor scenes where Harry, Ron, and Hermione escape through London’s West End.

    Our Expert Tip: Just a 5- to 10-minute walk from Piccadilly Circus is the House of MinaLima museum in Soho. The small store includes an exhibition of graphic objects and art inspired by the Harry Potter film series. The extensive collection of maps, newspapers, and movie props is unique and appreciated by die-hard fans. Many parts are faithfully reproduced and offered for sale in limited editions. Whether you want to buy a souvenir or just browse the design pieces, this spot is a must for Harry Potter fans!

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    Claremont Square

    Square in Kings Cross
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    Claremont Square’s Houses was a filming location for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It served as an exterior view of Grimmauld Square. In the movie, the house at number 12 Grimmauld Place belongs to Harry’s godfather, Sirius Black. It is also the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix. After you’ve been to Platform 9 ¾ in King’s Cross, it’s not far to get here.

    Claremont Square is located not far from the famous King’s Cross Station. You only need a few minutes‘ walk from the Tube Station Angel.

  12. 12

    Millennium Bridge

    Bridge in South Bank
    Millennium Bridge, London
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    The Millennium Bridge connects London with the district of Southwark and ensures that pedestrians can cross the Thames dry-footed. It also offers fabulous views of the Tate Modern and St. Paul’s Cathedral. In the sixth part of the film series, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, the Millennium Bridge is one of the most important filming locations and can be seen in some significant scenes.

  13. 13

    London City Hall

    Building in Bankside
    London City Hall
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    London’s City Hall is the seat of the central county council and is featured in one of the first scenes of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, even though the modern and beautiful landmark is not even mentioned in the books. In the film, City Hall employees witness the Dementor attack on the Millennium Bridge.

  14. 14

    Westminster Station

    Train Station in Westminster
    Westminster London
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    All London visitors will sooner or later pass Westminster Station. After all, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey are also located in the immediate vicinity. But that’s not the only reason a stop at Westminster Station is worthwhile. Perhaps you remember the scene in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince where Harry and Mr. Weasley pass through a train station on their way to the Ministry of Magic? Right. This is Westminster Station.

  15. 15

    The Ministry of Magic at Great Scotland Yard

    Street in Westminster
    Great Scotland Yard
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    The Ministry of Magic could not have been better housed than on this street. As you head toward Scotland Place, you can already see the visitors’ entrance that Harry and Mr. Weasley took in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince to get into the Ministry of Magic.

    While it’s a shame, what you can’t see is the phone booth from the movie. Oh, how nice it would be if the whole Harry Potter world would coincide with reality!

  16. 16

    Lambeth Bridge

    Bridge in Westminster
    Lambeth Bridge London
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    You know the scene from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban when the Noctambul bus is stuck on Lambeth Bridge between two other buses? Here’s your spot! Whether to your disappointment or relief, there are no mythical buses here. If you want to see those, then head to the Warner Bros Studios in London, where it is on display.

  17. 17

    Charms at the Harrow School

    Building in Wembley
    Harrod School, London & Harry Potter
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    In the real world, the magic classroom where the diminutive Professor Flitwick teaches is the Fourth Form Room at Harrow Boarding School. This stunning facility is a historic boys’ school dating back to the 16th century. Not only can you see the classroom you know from the movies on a guided tour, but you can also experience the atmosphere of a first-class boarding school in the UK. Just be sure to not get in the way of any magic happening—even if it’s just kids learning.

  18. 18

    Surbiton Railway Station

    Train Station in Kingston upon Thames
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    In Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Harry sits in the station café at Surbiton Railway Station and reads about the attacks on the Millennium Bridge. This is exactly the place where Harry was once picked up by Dumbledore. Lucky for you, muggle: The station is located just a little farther from the city center, southwest of London.

Guided Harry Potter Tours in London

Want to see as many locations of Harry Potter movies as possible in one day and as stress-free as possible? Take a walking tour of the filming locations! There are many options, whether on foot, in small groups, or in private tours. Here is a small overview of the different tickets for Harry Potter tours in London:

Warner Bros. Studios: Original Sets from the Harry Potter Saga

Another way to see Harry Potter filming locations is to visit the Harry Potter Studios. The lots are like the hallowed halls for Harry Potter fans. Whether it’s the original sets, costumes, props, or a glimpse of the special effects, in the studios, die-hard fans’ hearts swell at the sight of the many gems from the film. You’ll also have the chance to learn how the most magical special effects in the film series were created.

Harry Potter Studio Tour in London

The pleasure is bittersweet, though, because the price of admission is steep. In this case, however, the bite into the sour apple is still worth it for every Potter fan, especially those traveling from outside the country. Frankly, you may never know when you can get the chance to visit again!

Of course, you’ll also find the Hogwarts location here. The scenes from inside the magic school were also shot in this studio. You can see the original backdrops on the tour, walk around, and take photos!

The studios are located outside London, so it’s best to plan a whole day for the visit. Both admission and transfer to the studios are convenient and can be managed through their website.

Check Availability 

The Cauldron: the Harry Potter Bar in London

Okay, the Cauldron Pub is not a Harry Potter filming location, strictly speaking. Still, I don’t take that too seriously because it definitely could be! If you want an atmosphere in London like in the Harry Potter movies, this is the place to be. It feels so authentic that I think it must be on this list.

This Harry Potter-esque bar in London combines magic with technology to give visitors a wizardly experience. Enter this mysterious place that’s a cool mix of the Leaky Cauldron, the Forbidden Forest, and a Three Wizards Tournament Tent. Here, you can make your own potion with the help of a cauldron and a wand!

Harry Potter Bar London

More Harry Potter filming locations in England

Are you in London and dying to see where the exterior shots of Hogwarts were filmed? As you probably know, Hogwarts Castle doesn’t exist in reality—only in the Harry Potter world. But the Alnwick Castle was used for many shots. Unfortunately, this beautiful castle is not near London. Instead, it’s north of Newcastle on the Scottish border. Still, if you have the time for a trip to the area, you really won’t want to miss out.

What you see in the movies is a mix of special effects and a miniature version of Hogwarts, which you can check out at Warner Bros. Studios in London! Otherwise, many schools in Edinburgh are said to have inspired Hogwarts, including George Heriot’s School and Fettes College. Why Edinburgh? Well, that’s the hometown of the Harry Potter series author, J.K. Rowling.

What you can visit, however, is the Hogwarts library. This is the oldest reading room in the Bodleian Library at Oxford University. Next door is Divinity School, whose building was used as the wizard school’s hospital wing, where curses and Quidditch injuries were cured.

At Durham Cathedral in Durham, the young wizards learned how to turn animals into water goblets.

Other filming locations are also in Scotland (Glenfinnan Viaduct and Lochaber) and Wales (Freshwater West and Pembrokeshire). So, it’s actually already decided where your next trip should be!

hogwarts filming location in england

Frequently asked questions about Harry Potter filming locations in London

Where in London was Harry Potter filmed?

In the city you will find 18 locations of the famous films, including:

  • Kings Cross Station
  • Reptile House at London Zoo
  • St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel
  • Diagon Alley in Leadenhall Market
  • Entrance to the Leaky Cauldron at Borough Market
  • The South Africa House as a magic bank
  • Piccadilly Circus
  • Millennium Bridge

Where is the Diagon Alley in London?

Leadenhall Market in The City and Goodwin’s Court and Cecil Court in Covent Garden served as inspiration for the Diagon Alley. If you you want to walk through the actual Alley, you will need to visit the Warner Bros. Studios.

Where is the bridge of Harry Potter?

This refers to the Millennium Bridge, which connects the City of London with the borough of Southwark. In the movie “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” the bridge is destroyed by the followers of Voldemort. Hundreds of Muggles run across the bridge while Death Eaters fly over and under it, magically loosening the bridge’s bolts.

Where is the Leaky Cauldron in London?

For the first film, a blue store, which is now an optician, in Bull’s Head Passage in Leadenhall Market serves as the Leaky Cauldron. From the third film, the entrance to the Mexican taco restaurant Tacos el Pastor at Borough Market is the entrance to the pub.

Does Platform 9 ¾ exist in London?

Yes, it does. You can visit the fictional Platform 9 ¾ at Kings Cross Station. The film location was between tracks 4 and 5, but today they are only accessible to travelers. However, you will find the luggage trolley in the main hall of the station, where you will be able to take photos crossing to the platform 9 ¾.

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