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How to get from Gatwick to London?

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How do you get from Gatwick to London? Here’s some information about the fastest and cheapest way of getting from London Gatwick Airport to Central London.

Cheapest ways from Gatwick to London

London Gatwick is one of the busiest airports in the world with only one runway. It is the second-largest airport in London, ahead of Stansted, but smaller than London’s main hub Heathrow, and handles large numbers of passengers. Below you’ll find a map of all the terminals to help you find your bearings at the airport.

Gatwick Airport

  • Private transfers definitely need to be booked in advance. You’ll be taken directly to the place where you’re staying. This is the most convenient way of traveling and costs much less than we expected.
  • The train is more expensive than the bus but avoids traffic jams. The Gatwick Express goes to London non-stop!
  • Travelling by bus is a cheap way of getting from Gatwick to London. However, it’s important to bear in mind – especially on the return journey – that the speed at which the buses travel is heavily dependent on the amount of traffic in and around London. Thus, it’S a good idea to take an earlier bus if you want to be sure of catching your flight.
  • Taking a cab is one of the most expensive options and least advisable. If you choose on nonetheless, you should definitely agree on a fixed price with the driver before getting in.

Train from Gatwick to London

The simplest way of getting from Gatwick Airport to Central London is to take the train. Trains run at short intervals and provide a convenient service. There are a number of train services operating from Gatwick Airport; they differ in terms of fare, journey time and terminus. The Gatwick Express and Gatwick Train Transfer are easy options if you’re heading for Central London. Below we’ve compiled an overview of all the relevant information, including fares.

Train with Luggage

1. Gatwick Express

  • Price: starting at £17.80
  • Journey time: approx. 30 minutes

The Gatwick Express is the fastest way of getting to Central London. As this is a non-stop train service, the journey only takes around 30 minutes. The Express departs every 15 minutes, ending at London Victoria Station in Central London. From there you have direct access to various subway lines and bus routes. The train fare costs £17.80 (approx. 22.24 €) per person. The Gatwick Express is accessible from both the North and the South Terminal of the airport.

Tickets for the Gatwick Express

2. The Gatwick train transfer

You can get to London in around 40 minutes by taking the Gatwick train transfer. As the train stops at a few stations on the way, the journey takes a little longer. The train fare generally costs £11.00 (approx. 13.73 €). Trains end at the following stations: London Bridge, London St. Pancras, City Thameslink, London Blackfriars, and Elephant & Castle. You can of course return to the airport from the same stations.

Gatwick train tickets

The most convenient way of getting to London is to take the Gatwick Express.

My tip: It’s best to buy your ticket online in advance to avoid long a long wait at the airport. Below you can see the advantages of this service at a glance:

Getting from Gatwick to London by bus

Naional Express London

There are lots of coach services between Gatwick Airport and Central London. We recommend the National Express coaches, which are reliable and cheaper than some of the others. To be sure of getting the cheapest fare, you should book your ticket online in plenty of time.

Taking the Bus from Gatwick to London

  • Price: starting at £8
  • Journey time: approx. 70 minutes, depending on traffic

If you don’t buy your coach ticket until you arrive, you may find it costs a little more or there are no seats available at the time you wish to travel. Tickets for the National Express cost around £11 (approx. 12 €). The journey takes around 70 minutes, depending on the traffic situation. There is also a National Express coach service from London Gatwick to London Victoria Coach Station. Coaches depart from both the North and the South Terminal of the airport.

Tickets for the National Express

Airport Transfer by Gatwick Shuttle


Did you know that you can book a car transfer online in advance and that this is a reliable, fast and even low-cost way of getting to your hotel? Private transfers are becoming increasingly popular for obvious reasons:

  • Bookable in advance
  • No waiting
  • Fixed price
  • Transfer to overnight accommodation/hotel
  • Door-to-door service – no need to hump heavy bags around

We’ve taken a look at a number of London to Gatwick transfers on your behalf.

The airport shuttle service is a popular means of getting from London Gatwick Airport to the hotels in Central London. This door-to-door service makes things easy for you: simply hop aboard the shuttle bus at the airport and your vacation can begin! Book your transfer ticket online in advance if you want to be sure of getting a seat at the time you want to travel.

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Gatwick Airport cab

London Taxi

  • Price: starting at £60
  • Journey time: up to an hour or more

Taking a cab directly from Gatwick Airport to Central London is undoubtedly the most convenient means of transport. However, a cab ride can make a big hole in your budget, especially if the roads are congested, and you haven’t negotiated a fixed price with the driver. A black cab ride can take up to one hour and costs between £60 and £100 on average. That’s equivalent to around 74-125 €. The cab drivers use taximeters, but it’s best to try and negotiate a fixed price. Otherwise, the journey can turn out very expensive, depending on the traffic situation.

Our tip: Ignore any shady characters who offer you a “cheap” cab at the airport exit. If you accept their offer, you’re likely to pay far more than you would for a licensed cab.

The exclusive options to go from Gatwick to London

Private minivan to London for added convenience

You can also arrange for a private minivan to take you to your destination in London. The driver will be waiting for you in the arrival’s hall at London Gatwick Airport and drive you directly to your final destination. You simply hop aboard and enjoy a comfortable, relaxing journey to London. Each minivan takes up to six passengers. This is the perfect solution if you’re traveling in a group. The fare costs around £20 per person, which is approx. 26 €. However, the price also depends on the number of passengers. This type of transfer has to be booked online in advance.

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Want to travel to the British metropolis in grand style? If so, we can recommend a luxury ride with the wow factor:

The Gatwick Chauffeur Service: exclusive two-way journey

If you want to be treated like royalty, there’s no better option than this: you’ll be met at Gatwick Airport by a professional chauffeur, who’ll drive you to your accommodation. At the end of your trip to London, he’ll pick you up again at your hotel and take you directly to the airport. This means you don’t need to worry about how you’re going to get from the airport to the city and vice versa. The round-trip transfer has to be booked in advance and costs around 214 €.

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Gatwick Transfer FAQs

How to get from Gatwick to London?

There are various options of how to get from Gatwick Airport to London City: You can take the train for example Gatwick Express or the Thames link Railway, the Bus National Express or even a private transfer to your accommodation. Always available are cabs in front of the airport which we recommend if your flight arrives at night.

How far is Gatwick from London?

The drive from Gatwick to London is 27.6 miles (ca. 44 km) and takes approximately 1 1/2 hours with the bus, cab, or Car. But be always aware that the 1 1/2 hours drive there is vibrant traffic in London especially in the rush hour. Much shorter is the trainride with the Gatwick Express which will take you to the city center in half an hour.

Is Heathrow or Gatwick closer to London?

Heathrow is located in the west of London approximately 17.5 miles (ca. 28 km), which is with the Heathrow Express 20 minutes to Peddington. In comparison to Heathrow, Gatwick is with 27.6 miles (ca. 44 km) a bit further outside of London and takes witch the Gatwick Express about 30 minutes to reach. Both airports are good connected to London!

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