Fabrique des Lumières in Amsterdam: Exploring the Enchanting Digital Art

This immersive digital art center offers visitors a unique experience.

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One of Amsterdam’s unique exhibitions, the Fabrique des Lumières takes you to experience art from an interactive and exciting perspective. Spread all over the world, Des Lumières exhibitions are already famous in New York, Seoul, Paris, and of course Amsterdam. Here you have the possibility to experience the works of Dali and Gaudi up close with lots of technology and lights. 

Loving Travel shows you the marvels of the Fabrique des Lumières, offering detailed insights into the venue, ticket prices, notable features, ongoing exhibition, historical background, location within Amsterdam, and nearby points of interest. Ready?

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Fabrique des Lumières in Amsterdam

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The most important facts about the Fabrique des Lumières in Amsterdam.

  • The Fabrique des Lumières in Amsterdam is an exhibition venue for art and technology.
  • The exhibitions at the Fabrique des Lumières are interactive and perfect for adults, teenagers, and children.
  • Although not a traditional must-see attraction in Amsterdam, Fabrique des Lumières is worth a visit and is great for rainy days and for families looking for ideal activities to enjoy with children.
  • The theme of the exhibitions at the Fabrique des Lumières changes from time to time.
  • In 2023, the Fabrique des Lumières offers two exhibitions: Dalí & Gaudí and Gustav Limit in Gold in Motion
  • Tickets for the Fabrique des Lumières must be purchased online and you are required to choose a time slot for your entry.
  • You have 30 minutes from the chosen time to enter the museum, but there is no maximum length of stay.
  • Although it is not 100% included in any Amsterdam City Card, I Amsterdam Card holders get a 4€ discount.

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What is Fabrique des Lumières?

The Fabrique des Lumières is a state-of-the-art digital art center located in Amsterdam. It offers visitors a captivating journey through immersive exhibitions that combine traditional and contemporary art forms with cutting-edge technology. Through large-scale projections, dynamic visual effects, and synchronized music, the Fabrique des Lumières brings artworks to life, creating an enchanting and interactive experience. The themes and exhibitions at the Fabrique des Lumières in Amsterdam change from season to season. Until December 2023 you can be enchanted by the works of Dali & Gaudi reinterpreted on the screens of the Fabrique des Lumières.

Fabrique des Lumières in Amsterdam

Where to buy Fabrique des Lumières tickets?

To explore the wonders of the Fabrique des Lumières, visitors can buy tickets online and book a time slot. The official website does not offer any cancellation or refund policy. Through Get Your Guide you have the SAME price as the official website and you can cancel your ticket up to 24 hours in advance. To avoid headaches with any change of plans during your trip, we strongly recommend purchasing tickets through Get Your Guide for flexibility and because they are official tickets.

  • Adult:  16 EUR
  • Youth (Age 5 -17): 12 EUR
  • Children (Age 0 -4): free
  • Student (with ID): 13 EUR
  • With I Amsterdam Card: 12 EUR

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Amsterdam-City-Cards-4Tickets for the Fabrique des Lumières in Amsterdam are not 100% included in any Amsterdam City Card. The only one that offers some advantage in this attraction is the I Amsterdam Card that offers a discount of 4 euros. Instead of €16, you pay €12. In this case, the ticket purchase must be made through the official website and with your I Amsterdam Card number in hand. As mentioned, tickets through the official website cannot be canceled.

Read more about the I Amsterdam Card

Is it Worth Visiting the Fabrique des Lumières?

It depends! I wouldn’t classify the Fabrique des Lumières as a must-see attraction in Amsterdam. Since similar exhibitions take place in other cities around the world as well. However, I can’t help but confess that it is really impressive the form and experience that the Fabrique des Lumières exhibitions offer. Not only for adults but also for families with children.

Fabrique des Lumières

So if you only have a few days in Amsterdam and want to visit the essentials, maybe the Fabrique des Lumières can be left for another opportunity. However, if you have more time or a few days of cold or rain, the Fabrique des Lumières is a great option for your trip.

Not a must see, but worth a visit.

To parents of babies: This is a beautiful and calm attraction to enjoy not only with small kids but even with babies.

The Fabrique des Lumières caters to a diverse audience, including art enthusiasts, families, and curious travelers. Art lovers will appreciate the unique combination of art and technology, while families and children will be captivated by the interactive and engaging nature of the exhibitions. The Fabrique des Lumières welcomes anyone seeking a sensory journey into the realm of digital art.

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Highlights of Fabrique des Lumières

The Fabrique des Lumières offers a multitude of highlights that make it a truly exceptional attraction. Visitors can expect awe-inspiring projections, vibrant colors, and meticulously curated soundtracks that enhance each exhibition. The immersive nature of the experience allows you to feel fully immersed in the art, creating a captivating atmosphere that stirs emotions and sparks imagination. From famous paintings to contemporary creations, the Fabrique des Lumières breathes life into the world of art.

Fabrique des Lumières in Amsterdam: Exploring the Enchanting Digital Art

Current Exhibition

The current exhibition at the Fabrique des Lumières is “Dalí & Gaudí”.

Salvador Dali’s works come to life at the Fabrique des Lumières. If the canvases are already considered psychedelic, imagine seeing his most famous works in motion, on giant screens and to the sound of Pink Floyd.

Antoni Gaudí’s exhibition gets a whole new version in Amsterdam. Known for his architecture, here the exhibitions are as provocative as his buildings, gaining colors, movement and even a soundtrack. See how the world of the Catalan Antoni Gaudí can be experienced even far from Parc Güel, Casa Batlló, Casa Milà and the Sagrada Familia.

Summer evenings await you as Jimmy Nelson, Hundertwasser, and even Gustav Klimt espouse.

History of Fabrique des Lumières

The Fabrique des Lumières in Amsterdam is located in the Westergasfabriek, an old and historic coal factory. After years of operation, in the 1980s the whole area was transformed into a park, the Westerpark. Some of the historic buildings have been preserved and turned into cultural attractions such as event venues, cinemas, restaurants, and of course The Fabrique des Lumières.

The Fabrique des Lumières in Amsterdam opened its doors in 2019, quickly becoming a prominent cultural attraction in the city. The concept of digital art exhibitions originated in France, with the renowned Atelier des Lumières in Paris serving as the inspiration. Building upon its success, the Fabrique des Lumières was established to provide visitors with a unique and immersive artistic experience in the heart of Amsterdam.

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What to do near the Fabrique des Lumières ?

The Fabrique des Lumières is conveniently well located in Amsterdam, making it easily accessible for visitors. Situated inside the Westerpark in Amsterdam, the area is considered modern, hipster, and full of attractions. After your visit to the Fabrique des Lumières, you can explore the surrounding attractions.  In addition to the Westerpark itself, which is one of the main parks in the city, here you are close to the Museum Het Schip, AMAZE Amsterdam and even the Anne Frank House is nearby.

If you get hungry, the Brouwerij Troost Westergas is only a few steps away. Here you have great beer and meals. Pacific Amsterdam is a more upscale option offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Fabrique des Lumières

How long does a visit to Fabrique des Lumières usually last?

A typical visit to the Fabrique des Lumières lasts around 60 to 90 minutes, allowing ample time to explore the immersive exhibitions and fully experience the art. Although it is mandatory to reserve a time slot for your entry, there is no maximum length of stay. You can stay as long as you like.

Are there any age restrictions for visiting Fabrique des Lumières?

No, the Fabrique des Lumières welcomes visitors of all ages, including families with children. It offers a captivating and family-friendly experience. Strollers are not allowed in the exhibition spaces, the museum recommends using a baby carrier.

Can I take photographs inside Fabrique des Lumières?

Yes, photography is generally permitted inside the venue. Not only allowed but even recommended as it is part of the experience. However, the use of flash or tripods may be restricted to maintain the immersive experience for all visitors.

Are there any dining options available at Fabrique des Lumières?

The Fabrique des Lumières does not have its own dining facilities. However, there are several restaurants and cafes in the surrounding area where you can enjoy a meal or snack before or after your visit. In the Westerpark you will find numerous options for cafes and restaurants. I recommend Brouwerij Troost Westergas with great beers, meals and snacks.

Is Fabrique des Lumières accessible for people with disabilities?

Yes, the venue is wheelchair accessible, and provisions are in place to accommodate visitors with disabilities. For any specific requirements, it is advisable to contact the venue in advance. However the seating hall does not allow wheelchair entry, but this does not affect the experience.

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