Where to Enjoy the Most DELICIOUS Breakfast in Paris?

Breakfast doesn’t get a lot of love in France. Outside Paris, restaurants rarely open before lunch. And early-rising cafés are all about caffeine and tartines. In the cosmopolitan capital, petit-déj fans get a better deal.

Aside from a wealth of dreamy boulangeries leading the world in moreish pastries, restauranteurs know there is demand for something more sustaining to morning creatures. If you want to find your way to the best breakfast in Paris, a little inside knowledge goes a long way.

What’s on the Parisian breakfast menu?

You could summarize an everyday French breakfast in four words. Bread (AKA tartine). Jam. Butter. Coffee. Maybe Nutella for a frisky Friday. It might appear strange for the country that fell in love with the croissant, but buttery viennoiserie is meant for weekend treats or breakfast on the fly.

In hotels and guesthouses, expectations are higher. Expect cheeses, charcuterie, yogurt, and eggs in various forms to enrich the everyday breakfast.

The most enticing breakfasts in Paris look abroad to complete the culinary jigsaw, cherrypicking beloved breakfast foods with a receptive audience in Paris. Pancakes, avocado toasts, and English-style cooked breakfasts are very popular.

Why should you breakfast in Paris?

Of course, you might have a world-class buffet to wake up to in your hotel. But you rarely get the timeless joy of watching the city of light stir into life from the comfort of a charming old café. It’s a must for many visitors.

You also won’t get to sample the gastronomic diversity that increasingly enlivens breakfast in Paris. Dinner may be the showstopper, but you’ll find plenty of creative energy on morning menus. What’s more, a café breakfast is often cheaper. And often less overwhelming than a buffet breakfast that baits you to eat more than you should.

These are the most delicious breakfast spots in Paris

Choices are endless to start the day with a croissant and coffee. But if you want something more substantial before pounding the tourist trails of Paris, you could do worse than our 10 favorites.

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    Jozi Café

    Café in Quartier Latin
    Jozi Café in Paris
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    Third-wave cafés, with their traceable beans and artisanal brews, are ascendant in Paris. Jozi Café adds delicious breakfast for the mix for one of the better breakfasts in Paris.

    Handily located in the itinerary-topping Latin Quarter in a sea of inviting cafés, their brunch selection is concise and very much in tune with modern tastes.

    The ubiquitous avocado toasts are there. Smoked salmon too. Pancakes, tartines, pastries, and granola complete the tempting medley.

    A well-priced fixed menu covers the highlights and delivers a satisfying and balanced start to the day. With many of the most visited landmarks in walking distance, you couldn’t ask for more.

    • Prices:
    • Breakfast hours: weekdays: 8am to 3pm, weekends: 9am to 3pm
    • Address: 3 Rue Valette, 75005 (Latin Quarter)
    • Nearest Metro: Maubert – Mutualité (10)
  2. 02

    Le Café de Paris

    Restaurant in Quartier des Champs-Élysées
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    What could be better for breakfast in Paris than an iconic café and bustling terrace overlooking the soaring Arc de Triomphe? Le Café de Paris is the picture-perfect stop for breakfast the Parisian way.

    Everything gleams in this renowned venue in the upscale 8th. It retains all the characteristics of a traditional café yet exudes sophistication.

    That personality spills onto a menu that gleefully mines global cuisine. Fixed menus cater to appetites big and small, local and international. Go light with tartines or a plate of eggs your way. Go big with the Deluxe that leaves nothing off the plate; scrambled eggs, bacon, pancakes, tartines, and a glass of champagne for a heady start to the day.

    Prices are surprisingly reasonable, and quality is consistently high. Service suffers a little due to popularity. But otherwise, it’s a gorgeous café dripping in character, with stunning views and a terrace to linger on. Bon appétit!

    • Prices: €€-€€€
    • Breakfast hours: all week: 8am to 12am
    • Address: 45 Av. de Friedland, 75008 (Elysées)
    • Nearest Metro: George V (1)
  3. 03

    The Hardware Société

    Café in Montmartre
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    The Hardware Société traveled from down under and landed with a splash. Judging by the glowing reviews, their unique Aussie take on breakfast in Paris has succeeded.

    Their branch in boho central, Montmartre, embraces the local village vibe but with breakfasts only modern gourmands could dream of.

    Here you can pick from vegetarian and meaty breakfasts with a culinary twist. Baked tofu, eggs with chorizo, tuna millefeuille, salmon blinis, and twice-baked souffle are just a handful of the wild and wonderful breakfast creations, all finished with a chef’s kiss. Breakfast, but not as Paris has ever known it.

    The immediate backdrop is all contemporary café stylings. Just outside is magical Montmartre, with the soaring Sacré-Cœur Basilica moments away. No better way to start an unforgettable tour of the neighborhood.

    • Prices: €€
    • Breakfast hours: 9.30am to 3.30/4pm (7 days)
    • Address: 10 Rue Lamarck, 75018 (Montmartre)
    • Nearest Metro: Château Rouge (4)
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    Café in Louvre & Les Halles
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    For a magical breakfast in Paris experience, head to the Seine or a picturesque park with a bag of freshly baked treats.

    We could name a dozen amazing boulangeries in every quartier. But one that stands out for a gourmet breakfast to go is BO&MIE.

    Miniature works of art disguised as pasties and other baked marvels will leave you drooling with desire. You might enter for a perfect croissant, but you’ll probably depart with a sack full of sugary delectations. Try the signature New York Roll, a sticky, buttery confection dipped in chocolate. It looks and tastes incredible.

    There are 4 branches of BO&MIE in prime locations. Our favorite is just outside the Louvre, with the Seine and Tuileries Garden so close you won’t have to wait long to scoff their moreish treats.

    • Prices: €€
    • Breakfast hours: all week: 7.30am (8am Sunday) to 8pm
    • Address: Louvre-Rivoli branch on 18 R. de Turbigo, 75002 (Louvre)
    • Nearest Metro: Palais Royal – Musée du Louvre (1, 7)
  5. 05

    Le Saint Régis

    Restaurant in Île de la Cité
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    Cafés and boulangeries are the lifeblood of breakfast in Paris. But a good brasserie has a timeless charm. And you can often count on consummate attention to detail across the board. Le Saint Regis on tiny Île Saint-Louis is a textbook example that opens with the cockerel.

    The setting is unmistakably French brasserie, with mirrors and tiles sparkling like the efficient service. The set breakfast menus here are nothing to get excited about, although you can save a couple of Euros on a classic juice, coffee, croissant, and tartine combo. A boiled egg is thrown in for good measure.

    But the big draw for early risers with an appetite is their immaculate egg’s benedict, which has been winning fans for years. Add crispy bacon or smoked salmon for a glorious pick-me-up before heading across Pont Saint-Louis to explore neighboring Île de la Cité.

    • Prices: €-€€
    • Breakfast hours: all week: from 7.30am
    • Address: 6 Rue Jean du Bellay, 75004 (Île Saint-Louis)
    • Nearest Metro: Pont Marie (7)
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    Café Francoeur

    Café in Montmartre
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    It pays to be firing on all cylinders as the morning mist clears in Montmartre. You can fill a busy day in the effervescent “village.” Café Francoeur will set you up with a satisfying breakfast in a setting straight out of Amélie Poulain’s fabulous world.

    The breakfast selection is decidedly old Paris, and the fixed menu lacks spark. But the eggs shine. Fried, scrambled or flipped into an omelet, you get a trio of protein bombs cooked just right. Salmon or bacon can add some glitz, perhaps not on the same plate. Pastries, fruit, and tartine complete the continental medley.

    It’s nothing flash. But the eggs are organic, impeccably cooked, and inexpensive for the neighborhood. And has a charm that’s all Montmartre.

    • Prices: €€
    • Breakfast hours: all week: 7am to 2am
    • Address: 129 Rue Caulaincourt, 75018 (Montmartre)
    • Nearest Metro: Lamarck – Caulaincourt (12)
  7. 07

    Violetta et Alfredo

    Café in Montmartre
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    Violetta et Alfredo took the salon de thé model and polished it to perfection. You get the Victorian setting, platters loaded with mouthwatering cakes, and all the impeccably brewed infusions you’d expect. But there’s something extra-special about the plush furnishings and extravagantly sweet treats.

    Petit déjeuner (pastries or omelets) is served until midday during the week. Brunch is served until late afternoon, so there’s no rush for breakfast.
    You are invited to build a breakfast from a broad selection of dazzling pâtisserie delights with a distinctly English sensibility. Fluffy pancakes and homemade brioche star on wickedly seductive set menus.

    The dainty façade at Violetta et Alfredo is eye-catching. As are the cakes and drinks (milkshakes and hot chocolates look incredible). If tearooms continue to raise the bar like this, they’ll thrive more in Paris than in London!

    • Prices: €€
    • Breakfast hours: all week: open from 10am (10.30am weekends)
    • Address: 30 Rue de Trévise, 75009 (Faubourg-Montmartre)
    • Nearest Metro: Cadet (7)
  8. 08

    Kozy Bosquet

    Café in Quartier du Gros-Caillou
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    Directly opposite Violetta et Alfredo is an outlet of the boutique brunch maestros, Kozy. Well worth a stop. But they have an even better-placed venue on Avenue Bosquet, moments from the Eiffel Tower.

    Their trademark bright and breezy environments are always busy. No surprise. The food is spellbinding.
    Kozy hasn’t reinvented the culinary wheel. Eggs Benedict (Sexy Benny, as they call them), loaded pancakes, granola, and avocado toast. Sweet or savory, plates are embellished with trimmings elevating them to next-level scrumptiousness.

    Don’t be put off by the brunch marketing. Early opening times mean Kozy is good for breakfast or lunch. Or both when in the mood for a blowout feast.

    • Prices: €€
    • Breakfast hours: weekdays: 8am to 3.30pm, weekends: 9am to 4pm
    • Address: 79 Av. Bosquet, 75007 (Gros-Caillou)
    • Nearest Metro: École Militaire (8)
  9. 09

    Le Valentin Jouffroy

    Café in Quartier du Faubourg Montmartre
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    Le Valentin sits in the magnificent Passage Jouffroy. Opened in 1836, the radiant glass and iron walkway is emblematic of its era. A lingering pause at the fabled tea house is worth the eyewatering prices.

    You’ll be even more forgiving when you see their delectable pâtisseries. It’s almost criminal devouring their towering creamy, nutty Mont Blanc. Like destroying an objet d’art, then wanting to do it again.

    In addition to the incredible pastries and irresistible confections, you can choose breakfast fixed menus during the week. On weekends, it’s brunch only. Eggs, bacon, and bread from the bakery feature all week.

    Outdoor terraces are a hard pass for breakfast in Paris on a shivering winter day. Le Valentin is the perfect solution, with a cozy upstairs and passageway seating where you watch it hum with life as it has done for nearly two centuries.

    • Prices: €€-€€€
    • Breakfast hours: all week: 8.30am to 6.30pm
    • Address: 30 Pass. Jouffroy, 75009 (Faubourg-Montmartre)
    • Nearest Metro: Grands Boulevards (8, 9)
  10. 10


    Restaurant in Quartier Sainte-Marguerite
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    Time to dust off the croissant crumbs and end our gastronomic odyssey around the best breakfast in Paris at Mokonuts in the happening 11th.

    Mokonuts exemplifies what Paris excels at; cozy spaces, sublime food. There are no bells and whistles at Mokonuts. Just a bright, homely backdrop and a focus on leaving customers smiling.

    The concise breakfast menu (like their lunch offering) adapts to seasons and availability. Sweet and savory waffles (gaufre) get the limelight for a change. Offbeat ingredients like labneh (strained yogurt) and chorizo co-star. And you know the cake du jour (cake of the day) will be a treat.

    The wonderful Marché d’Aligre is a few minutes away. You might not want to spoil your appetite before poking around its gourmet pleasures. But if you do, Mokonuts is the right solution.

    • Prices: €-€€
    • Breakfast hours: Monday to Friday: 9am to 10.30pm
    • Address: 5 Rue Saint-Bernard, 75011 (Ste Marguerite)
    • Nearest Metro: Faidherbe – Chaligny (8)

Breakfast in Paris FAQ:

How much does breakfast typically cost in Paris?

You could sit down for a coffee and croissant for less than €5.00. A basic fixed menu of juice, hot drink, and pastry or tartines with confiture can cost €7-9.

In short, prices are highly variable. And location can play a big part, with the most evocative settings layering in a premium.

How much for a croissant?

No breakfast in Paris is better value in Paris than a perfectly flaky croissant, typically costing €1-€1.30. Although you might pay a little more in feted boulangeries.

When is breakfast served in Parisian eateries?

Breakfast hours are variable. But most places that open in the morning will switch to lunch menus at midday. Opening hours can be anywhere between 7 am and 10 am.

Brunch and breakfast diners often carry in serving through the afternoon, especially at weekends.

Are free coffee refills offered in Paris?

As a rule, no. Unlimited coffee refills are rarely available with breakfasts in Paris but are typically included in all fixed menus.

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